Klipsch R12SW Review: Pissing The Neighbors Off

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Perhaps you want to build a home theater sound system, and you already have a set of speakers connected, but one thing is lacking.

It doesn’t matter if you plan on using your home theater system for gaming, movies, or music, sooner or later you will need a subwoofer to complement your speakers.

A subwoofer is a speaker that reproduces lower frequencies (20-200 Hz) that a standard two-channel or surround sound configuration cannot. Instruments like the kick drum, bass guitar, and, as well as cinematic sound effects like explosions, all contribute to the low frequencies.

So in other words, it’s all about the bass.

What happens when bass and Klipsch are mixed?

You’ll most likely get the Klipsch R 12SW.

Klipsch’s vast speaker portfolio includes multiple subwoofers of various sizes, including the 12-inch R 12SW. Though the newer version R-112SW has replaced it, the original R 12SW remains one of the best-selling and most popular subwoofers on the market, hence why I chose to review it.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the Klipsch R 12SW subwoofer.
So, without further ado, let’s dive into its design.

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer
9.4/10Our Score
  • Well Built
  • Stylish Design
  • Great Bass/Sound Quality
  • No distortion even at high volumes
  • It isn't wireless
  • Attached Power Cable
  • There are hum noises from time to time

Keeping it Sleek Like Always, Design

You’ll notice the recognizable Klipsch exterior design as soon as you take it out of the box.

It is not Klipsch if it does not feature the distinctive copper spun cone that gives this subwoofer a classy and simple feel.

I’ve always admired Klipsch’s ability to fit their products into any home setup.

The Klipsch R 12SW looks like a huge cube, as do most subwoofers. It is 14 x 18.5 x 16 inches in size and weighs a little over 30 pounds.

The Klipsch isn’t the easiest subwoofer to move around because of its size.  That’s a way of Klipsch telling us that they are serious about their products, being well-built and solid.

The Klipsch R 12SW’s build quality is excellent for the price. Especially if you were to compare it with rivals at this range.


The R12SW is built of normal density fiber wood and has a glossy black polymer veneer on top. The brushed surface provides a little more texture to the design than the usual flat black wrap, giving it a more premium touch.

It also comes with a grille that may be installed or left off the front.

The grille also hides the LED indicator, softening the light when listening to music in a dark room.

Klipsch’s favorite copper diaphragm is used in both the 12-inch driver and the 400W amplifier. So yeah, 400 watts of dynamic power are delivered by an all digital amplifier, equally.

While most speakers are composed of paper or plastic, Klipsch employs copper because it is more flexible and reduces distortion.

There are also the four thick rubber feet, which keep the speaker from shaking or sliding due to the powerful bass it produces.

Connectivity and Functionality

Turning the R 12SW backward or looking at its rear reveals a set of RCA audio inputs, with the left input also serving as a low-frequency input.

Aside from that, there are various knobs and switches to deal with, including an on/auto/off switch, a phase switch, a gain knob, and an adjustable low-pass filter.

Klipsch sells a wireless kit if wireless communication is important to your setup.

The kit plugs into a WA-2 connector on the rear panel to add wireless capabilities right away.

Klipsch Tier Quality Sound, Outstanding Performance

Klipsch grade sound quality refers to speakers that are believed to deliver good bass and sound good. In a nutshell, they do; the bass is smooth and precise.

Subwoofers in the same price range are more likely to produce a harsh rumble, especially when the volume is turned up.

On the R 12SW case, low frequencies are played without distortion. Every deep bass note is brought out in a clear way.

These 10 and 12 copper woofers can produce very low frequencies ranging from 29Hz to 120Hz frequency response without distortion.

They might be prone to hum there and then, but we would be greedy to ask more from an affordable speaker.

Final Words

We’ve reached the conclusion, and I believe you’ve decided whether or not to purchase this speaker.

If you’re still unsure, allow me to give you one last push.

Performance-wise, the sound quality is superior to other options in the same price range,also to not forget the great frequency response. When using the LFE input to connect the sub, you get clean, deep bass. It does, however, lack WiFi connectivity and comes with a power cable.

Design-wise, because of its brushed polymer body, the Klipsch R 12SW has a sturdy design with a stylish appearance. It also has a detachable grille that reveals the stunning 12-inch copper driver.

So, if you’re looking for a subwoofer to match your home theater setup, whether you’ll be using the R12SW for movies, gaming, or everything else, it’ll do the job that it is sent out to do.

It will sure reward with powerful bass, that at the same time won’t cause distortion.

I don’t wanna come out like a paid reviewer but the value this subwoofer provides at this pricing point is just unbeatable.

So don’t be hesitant, close your eyes to the little flaws, and go get yourself an R12SW.

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Until next time, enjoy.



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