Kove Commuter 2 Review: Small But Loud

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Kove as a brand has its own motto which says “Small but Loud”, and we stand this forever! The brand knows how to bring some of the greatest small speakers, that are great travelers, and they quickly become your best friend.

Since you found yourself in this article, you are probably searching for Kove Commuter 2, and I would gladly say welcome! In this article, you will find some detailed information regarding the Kove Commuter 2, which is one of the greatest portable speakers that are on the market nowadays.

Without losing your time much further, let me get straight to the main topic, and let’s see what Kove Commuter 2 has to offer!

Let’s Meet the Kove Commuter 2

The Kove Commuter 2 is known as a dual speaker which was firstly released in 2020 so it can be considered the brand’s newest launch. It has many features included but the most important things that make this speaker a “celebrity” are the features that it owns. I will explain to you everything related to those features, starting right now!

What Does This Speaker Look Like? – Design, Appearance

The Kove Commuter 2 has a cooler look than you can ever imagine. Being a dual speaker, it is divided into two parts. Those parts can be split and put back together whenever you feel to do so!

It comes in four colors, and those colors are black, concrete (white), sand, and terracotta which is a kind of rose gold.

As a whole, the speaker looks good wherever you want to use it and wherever you put it. It is also known as a free-standing speaker, meaning that it can stay alone without being attached or supported by anything else.

Is This Kove Speaker a Real Commuter? – Portability

Whenever one has to tell whether a speaker is portable or not, the main things that should be mentioned are the size and the weight because based on them, everything becomes pretty clear.

Kove Commuter 2 measures 8 x 3 x 3 inches, and it weighs 2 pounds.

Based on them, this speaker is the best commuter and the best travel companion that doesn’t occupy too much place on your traveling bag, and it definitely deserves to come with you wherever you may go.

How Much Can This Speaker Handle? – Durability

I mention travelings and portability, and my mind goes directly to the beach! I think that most people think about that, or am I wrong? Can you take this great commuter to the beach? Of course, you can!

When it comes to the durability part, the Kove Commuter 2 is definitely a speaker that can withstand most things, and it can as well withstand water and any kind of splash. There’s the IP rating of IPX7, which makes this speaker usable even if submerged one meter underwater for about 30 minutes.

How to Connect The Kove Commuter 2? – Connectivity

Being durable and a great portable friend, it is more than obvious that this speaker works fully wirelessly, right? Well, yes it does!

The connectivity on this speaker is the part that shines mostly and makes it one of the most used speakers by many people worldwide. Kove Commuter 2 uses the Bluetooth version 5.0, which by the way, is the greatest and fastest working version. Via Bluetooth, the speaker can be connected to any device that you may own. Of course, if the devices have Bluetooth as the main connectivity technology.

Once this speaker is paired or connected to another device, you can move around 32 feet away, and the connection is quite sturdy without any interruption.

Is Kove Commuter 2 a Good Performer? – Sound Quality

The main reason that anyone purchases a speaker of any kind is for music or sound in general! That’s why, the main thing that should be reviewed and explained in more detail is the sound quality, even though talking about the sound quality of this speaker is the easiest thing to do because it can be explained with only one word: Excellent!

No, I am not leaving it like that! The Kove Commuter 2 is one of those Bluetooth speakers, that know how to deal with any sound frequency and knows how to bring them to you in the best way possible. Every tone and every melody that you will listen to with this speaker will be brought to you in the crispiest and clearest way possible.

Bass Accuracy

Since the sound quality is mentioned above in more detail, I would like to add a thing for those people that are all about that bass! Kove Commuter 2 is also all about that bass!

The bass accuracy in this speaker is better than you can imagine. Many people say that this speaker can also be called a subwoofer because of the bass, that it brings. The bass, in general, is deep and punchy, and it easily makes bass lovers fall in love with the bass all over again.

How Much Can Kove Commuter 2 Stay With You? – Battery Life

The Kove Commuter 2 uses two Lithium-Ion batteries, and for those that don’t know, these types of batteries are the most commonly used batteries in portable Bluetooth speakers. They are rechargeable and can be used for long periods of time.

In this speaker, the lithium-ion batteries do a great job while running for eight and a half hours without any interruption once fully charged. So, this speaker can stay with you that long.

In order to recharge this speaker, it will take up to two to three hours, of course, if you let it get charged fully.

Final Words, Conclusion

Coming at the end of this article/blog, I would like to mention that all in all this speaker does a great job, for the purposes that it is supposed to be used. As you can notice, it looks quite good, it is durable and portable, and most importantly, it can bring to you a great sound quality, which is the most important thing or feature that a speaker should own.

I really hope that after reading this article, you know more things related to Kove Commuter 2.


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