Logitech G935 vs G933: Which Is Better?

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Perhaps you’re looking for a new pair of gaming headphones and enjoy what Logitech has to offer; I can’t deny that they’ve recently introduced some fantastic gaming gear, ranging from mice to headsets.

When it comes to competitive gaming, there is no room for error. That is why selecting the finest option is critical.

The G933 and the G935, two of Logitech’s top offerings, are both excellent, but you may be wondering which is better.

That’s why I’m here: to compare the two headphones and show you which one is the better option.

Without wasting time further, let’s introduce those headsets.

Introducing the Logitech Gaming Headphones

Before we move to the comparison part let me introduce both headphones in short words.

The Logitech G935

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum are excellent headphones that will come in handy in a variety of situations.

It makes little difference if they want to use them for console, PC, or even Smart Phone/Tablet gaming.

In many ways, their design screams gaming headphones, and although many people may love the aggressive look, others may not.

However, as a gamer, I believe that their futuristic design is pretty cool.

Moreover, they are really incredible in terms of sound.

The Logitech G933

This is a great wireless gaming headset.

When the G933 was first announced, it wreaked havoc in the gaming world; I guess Logitech knows how to win gamers’ hearts.

At first glance, they look almost identical to the G935; however, we shall go over this in further depth later.

Nonetheless, they are still attractive and comfy, which will appeal to a wide range of players.

This is true not only because of their appearance but also because of their revolutionary features and sound quality.

G935 vs. G933: A Comparison

Although they look pretty much the same to the naked eye it’s time to get into more details and see how they hold to one another.

Diving Into Their Design

As I previously stated, these are both gaming headphones, and they look to be so.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing them outside or in the office because you’ll attract some unwanted attention.

Both are big and aggressive in appearance due to their status as gaming headphones.
The earcups are big and shaped in a squarish shape. That’s a good thing because they’ll be able to fit most ears, including large ones.

After turning it on, you’ll also notice RGB lights on the logo and a line at the rear of the earcups. ( you can configure the led lights via the Logitech Gaming Software)

While they are nearly identical in most ways, the headband is slightly different. The G933 sports a modern headband, whilst the G935 has a more traditional one.

The main structure is plastic, with a boom mic buried in the earcup.

I’d say they’re both made similarly and are rather sturdy; by this, I don’t mean you should put them through a lot of abuse.

It will be largely subjective in terms of comfort, as various people have different preferences and different head/ear sizes.

The G933 has good breathable earpads that are also removable, and they don’t clamp your head down too tightly.

The ear cushions are comprised of foam materials that will provide excellent comfort throughout long gaming sessions.

The G935, on the other hand, has a different cushioning.

The earpads and headbands contain leather coatings instead of mesh cloth for a more luxurious feel.

The headband on this model is also adjustable, allowing it to fit even larger headsets.

Both headphones are comfortable enough; it is mostly a matter of personal preference; I cannot pick a winner.

Which One Has The Better Sound Quality?

Things take a turn here when it comes to the most critical department which is sound quality.

While both headphones sound good since they come from a renowned brand there are differences in their features and set-ups.

For example, the G935 features a built-in 7.1 surround sound system that will completely immerse you in the gaming world, which is a fantastic feature.

The G935 also includes larger 50mm drivers and a steady frequency response that focuses on strong bass.

Bass is useful in gaming since it allows you to hear blasting sounds and explosions in greater detail, therefore it’s not just for EDM music.

But on the other side, the G933 has a 40mm driver that is adequate but not exceptional. It has to surround sound, but the sound isn’t as detailed as it could be.

While it falls short of its counterpart, it outperforms several competitors in the market and should not be overlooked.

You can still enjoy your games and track down your foes or be aware of the explosions coming your way.

As a result, both headphones sound nice, with the G935 having the upper hand.

Microphone Quality

Another key aspect of gaming is the microphone; you use it to make calls and interact with your teammates, so having a good microphone is necessary.

Your teammates won’t be able to hear your mom vacuuming or the dog barking because both headphones have a fantastic mic with revolutionary noise-canceling functions.

However, once again, I have to give this one to the G935 because it has a slightly superior microphone.

While we’re on the subject of noise cancellation, none of them has ANC capabilities, however, they do have excellent passive noise cancellation.

Because the earpads are tailored to fit the ears perfectly, ambient noise is reduced to a minimum, allowing you to focus on your gaming.

Final Words, Conclusion

So here we are at the end of the blog; I tried my hardest not to make things too confusing and to explain things in clear and concise terms.

So we got to the conclusion that both headphones are nearly comparable in terms of form and functionality, but the G935 has an advantage in terms of sound quality and microphone quality.

Regardless of your choice, both headphones will provide a good gaming experience, however, if you have the funds, I would recommend the G935.


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