Polk T300 Review – An Amazing Bookshelf Speaker!

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If you have any information about Polk Audio as a brand, then you already know that it is a very well-known brand when it comes to speakers in general!

When it comes to bookshelf speakers it doesn’t make an expectation.

In this article, you will be able to find Polk Audio T300 Review, so that you can have clearer and more detailed information about this bookshelf speaker!

Polk T300 as mentioned is a bookshelf speaker that is with us for two decades now, and still, it is one of the more favorite and one of the first choices when it comes to the bookshelf speakers category. The Polk T300 in this case comes as a pair, meaning that when ordering, two speakers will be brought to you, the two of them at a very reasonable price tag!

Let’s dive into deeper details about the Polk Audio T300 Review!

Polk T300 Bookshelf Speaker

Both the build quality and sound quality of those speakers are excellent. The strong bass is a fantastic addition with no distortion at all, and it is also noise-free. Even if it is too little for someone, it is still a fantastic choice.

Polk Audio T300 Review: An Amazing Bookshelf Speaker.

If you want to improve your home theater experience well Polk Audio T300, will be there for you, by giving you a three dimensional sound feeling that you won’t be able to experience with other bookshelf speakers.

So without wasting time further, let’s dive deep into the Polk Audio T300.

Design, Build, and Mounting

Design-wise, the Polk Audio  T300 has a high efficiency design. Moreover, it is a very good-looking speaker that fits anywhere you want. With fitting, I mean that it has a compact body! The measurements of the Polk T300 are 12 x 12 x 14 inches, and each one of the speakers has a weight of 20 pounds. The color that the Polk T300 speakers come in is a matte black one that makes the speakers look good on any place.

Being good-looking doesn’t tell everything! Polk Audio T300 also owns a very compact built as well! It is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) which is a material that is used on many objects and speakers as well. On its sides, the speakers include a wood grain finish, and let me say that it makes them look very cool!

Being a bookshelf speaker the mounting of the speaker is more than obvious. It is a bookshelf speaker or to be more specific and precise, it is a floor standing speaker that can stay anywhere you want to put it around your room. An important detail about the Polk Audio T300 is that it is also magnetically shielded, which protects your devices against video distortion. Also, there is no audio distortion in any way as well, meaning that the sound or tones coming out of the speakers won’t be heard fuzzy.

All in all, based on the design, built, and mounting of this bookshelf speaker or speakers since they come in pairs, Polk T300 is a great fit for any room, big or small doesn’t matter, and the amazing black finish makes them look good anywhere.

Sound Quality and Features

The Polk Audio T300 is a two-way speaker, meaning that it owns a tweeter that is 1 inch and it is made of fabric/polymer composite, and a 5.25 inches Bi-Laminate Dynamic Balance driver. Even though it’s cheaper than its competitors (such as the Klipsch RB 61 II), it outperforms them in many ways.

The sound quality, in general, is something that Polk as an audio brand is very proud of, simply put it offers classic Polk Audio sound, an open, spacious, and clear soundstage.

When using Polk T300 bookshelf speakers, you will notice that they have a very clear sound and amazing bass accuracy. The sound is brought on with a very high frequency and the bass, on the other hand, is brought with a low frequency just as it should be, plus, there is noise-free bass meaning that the bass is very clear too!

The audio or sound that comes out of these speakers is called 3D audio, which is the use of binaural sound systems that capture amazing audio waves. The Polk Audio T300 pair of speakers bring to the listener an audio experience that is fully lifelike. It has a sensitivity rating of 84 dB and is a 100-watt speaker that produces a sound level of up to 104 dB. The all in all frequency response of the Polk Audio T300 works from 55 Hz up to 25 kHz which is a high number and a very accurate one. As per the amplifiers, the Polk Audio T300 can be used with amplifiers that work from 20 watts to 100 watts and that is for a channel.

In general, the audio quality of the speaker is related to its driver, tweeter, and the built itself! The sound as said is crystal clear, and with the 3D feature included on it, the sound will come to you just as if you are in the studio while anything is being recorded. Just put on your favorite music and you will notice a very detailed audio!


On the Polk Audio T300, connectivity is also an important thing and a very easy one. On the back of the speakers, you will find a 5-way binding post that allows many types of connections, bi-wire which is the way of connecting a speaker to an audio amplifier, and bi-amp which is a practice of using two or three audio amplifiers, in order to amplify different audio frequency ranges.

The magnetic shielding of these Polk Audio speakers, which allows for safe placement close to TVs without the possibility of video distortion, is what I enjoy most about them and this is a great addition that you don’t find on a lot of speakers.

Even though the names may sound difficult to remember, let me say that these speakers can be very easily connected, to anything that you want.

Pros & Cons


  • High efficiency design
  • No Distortion at all
  • Powerful Bass and Noise-Free Bass
  • Modestly Powered Amplifiers
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Dynamic Balance Driver
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnet Structure


  • May be Small for Someone
  • For a Bigger Room you May Need Two

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Final Thoughts, Wrap Up

Already experiencing the Polk Audio PSW10 (Polk Audio PSW10 Review), there are not too many differences between these two speakers. To be honest, there is not much difference between all polk speakers.

Polk Audio T300 as a pair of speakers are great bookshelf speakers when it comes to audio quality, bass accuracy, and also the built and design.

They are great bookshelf speakers for medium sized rooms, but if you need bookshelf speakers for a bigger room, I would recommend bigger ones, or buying two or more speakers would do the job better. At the price tag that the speaker or the pair of speakers come in it is most likely to have some disappointments but as tested, the Polk Audio T300 brings to you great features just what a bookshelf speaker should bring!

One place where it falls short is its outdoor use. It doesn’t perform that well outdoors and i wouldn’t recommend these bookshelf speakers if you are planning on using it in the balcony or the patio. If you are planning on using a speaker outdoors, then i recommend you get something like the Klipsch KHO-7 instead.

It is, without doubt, a bookshelf speaker that definitely should be purchased because it fully fills all the needs that you may have, it is great for any thing that you might use it for.

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