Sennheiser 598 Vs Audio-Technica M50X: Which Is The Best?

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Here I am with a brand new article. Headphones are the most popular audio devices that many of us use daily. There are different types of headphones for various purposes. Nowadays, many brands provide fabulous headphones, and one of the most well-known brands are Sennheiser and Audio-Technica; these two brands are amongst the best, without any doubt.

In this article, I will compare two fabulous headphones, the Sennheiser 598 and Audio-Technica M50X. It will be challenging because they are pretty similar, so it will be tough to distinguish their differences. Let’s not waste much time and move on to the article’s meat.

Key Takeaways

  • Sennheiser and Audio-Technica are the most popular brands that provide fabulous headphones.
  • The Sennheiser 598 and the Audio-Technica M50X are cutting-edge headphones with excellent audio quality.
  • The Sennheiser 598 has many features to offer, it has a great design, and the headphones are also very comfortable.
  • The Audio-Technica M50X is always my favorite; the headphones are stylish and provide fantastic sound.

Introducing The Headphones

Firstly, please let me introduce you to the headphones so you get to know them better. I will briefly review both headphones, and then I will continue with the comparison part. Wish me luck!

Sennheiser 598 – Brief Review

Since you are here reading this article, I am sure you know about Sennheiser. It is one of the greatest brands available. When we think of a fantastic pair of headphones, one of the first names that come to mind is Sennheiser. The headphones that come from Sennheiser are extraordinary.

Nothing different with the Sennheiser 598. They are open-back headphones that you can use for many purposes. They have all we need, fantastic design, great built quality, and excellent sound quality.

The Sennheiser 598 headphones are equipped with intriguing features that most of you will like. The Sennheiser 598 was launched on October 15, 2015, and still remains at the top of the list to this day. This is not all; I have many other things to mention, but as I have stated, this is only a short review. You can read everything in more detail in the comparison section below.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 8.1 x 9.4 inches
  • Weight:  9.4 ounces
  • Frequency Response: 12-50,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 111 dB
  • Impedance: 50 ohms

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Audio-Technica M50X – Brief Review

What about Audio-Technica, then? There aren’t really any negatives when it comes to their products. I can state that this brand offers some of the most well-packed and well-thought-out audio devices out there, especially headphones. How is it possible they always show up with the most innovative ideas? Audio-Technica M50X is an excellent example of what I mean.

The Audio-Technica M50X was launched on January 23, 2014, and since then, their popularity kept growing. The Audi-Technica M50X are closed-back headphones and are mainly used for recording vocals.

They are the first choice of any professional due to many reasons. The headphones are well-built and very comfortable and provide excellent sound quality. Worth mentioning is that the headphones also offer superior sound isolation, which is a unique feature of Audio-Technica M50X.

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 10 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight:  10.1 ounces
  • Frequency Response: 15-28,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Impedance: 38 ohms

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Sennheiser 598 Vs. Audio-Technica M50X – Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that you met the headphones and at least you have some essential information about them, I guess it is time to get more serious and start comparing these two headphones. It will be a challenging but friendly war. I am looking forward to who will be the winner.

Design and Built Quality

I will start with the design and build quality of the Sennheiser 598. The headphones have a great design, and they look stylish. They have a unique appearance and come in two different colors such as black and white. They are well-built, and the headband features a metal frame construction. I can state that they are sturdy enough, but some say that the built quality could be even better considering today’s innovations in 2022. Regarding comfort, the Sennheiser 598 headphones are very comfortable. The headband and the earcups are well-padded, so you won’t get any ear fatigue even if you wear them for long periods. The headphones are a bit bulky, and you can’t fold these headphones, so the portability sucks. However, considering all the facts, the design and the built quality are pretty good in general.

The Audio-Technica M50X headphones have a great design, and I love how they look. These headphones are well-built, and the material used in the construction of the headphones is plastic. The headphones are very durable and comfortable as well. The earcups are extensive so that they can fit any ear. On the other hand, the headband is well cushioned, and it is the same for the earcups. When it comes to comfort, these headphones are the ideal choice, which is what I think makes them stand out from the other competitors on the market. It’s important to note that you can fold these headphones, which means they are also portable. Honestly, I don’t have anything to complain about the design and the general build quality.


Connectivity is an essential factor that you should always consider. The Sennheiser 598 are wired headphones, meaning they do not support Bluetooth connection. So, let me elaborate a bit. The Sennheiser 598 uses a 3.5mm TRS cable to connect with the other devices. You can easily connect these headphones, which also support this type of connection.

What about the Audio-Technica M50X? Audio-Technica M50X are wired headphones. These headphones come with three cables which you can use for the connection. The cables do not have an in-line remote, unfortunately.

Sound Quality and Performance

Here we are at the most crucial part. I always state that when discussing audio devices, sound quality and performance matter. So, I am curious to know what these headphones offer regarding sound quality.

Let me start with the Sennheiser 598 sound quality. First and foremost, I want to mention that these headphones perform remarkably when it comes to sound. They provide a well-balanced sound, and what I have to point out is the accuracy of the mids and highs. They both are well expressed, so you will hear the instruments and the vocals as clearly as a bright day. Although the low-end or bass could be better. If you are a fan of bass, the Sennheiser 598 headphones are probably not your ideal pick. The Audio-Technica M50X’s overall sound quality is excellent. What I am going to point out is the bass accuracy. These headphones have a very accurate and deep bass. The mids are great, and you will also get a neutral sound while listening to any music genre. There is nothing I can complain about regarding the highs, either. These headphones will provide the sound that most professionals look for.

Final Words

Based on everything I have written above, it is hard to decide and determine who the winner is. Both of the headphones have great features and sound quality. But if you ask what my opinion is, my favorite headphones are the Audio-Technica M50X. In my perspective, they have a very stylish design and excellent sound quality. This is only an opinion of mine; the last decision is always yours.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and find value in it.

Stay tuned; many other articles are on the way!

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