Sennheiser HD 600 vs Sennheiser HD 650 – A Head To Head Comparison

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Sennheiser is a leading-industry brand when it comes to headphones.

The flagships we are compering today, the HD 600 and HD 650, justify the reputation of Sennheiser perfectly.

HD 600 made its debut back in 1997 and completely stomped the competition back then, topping all the charts.

While the HD 650 entered the market as the successor in 2003 and pretty much did the same.

Indeed, they are showing their old age but they are not planning to lose against newer models, they keep giving the competition a hard time.

Think about this, It’s 2022 and I am talking/writing about them, no doubt, that the HD 600-series lineup is one of the most successful headphone lineups in history.


Being brothers, or say, twins, both of them pretty much sport the same design. They both have a dynamic and open-back design and surprisingly enough, identical weight at 260 grams.

HD 600 is a mix of black and blue that rewards in a marble finish. It sure screams, “90’s headphones” since the marble look is considered outdated. On the outer side of the headband, you will be greeted by the Sennheiser logo, which makes the headphones stand out in a way. To be honest, even though many people dislike their “outdated design”, I find it pleasing and vintage. As for the quality, It is a product that lives up to its age, it is solid and can take a beating.

While it’s brother, the HD 650 comes in a greyish metal headband with black padding on the inner side. People find this color combination more subtle and the metal borders on the outer side of the ear cups make it more elegant.

Comfortability and earcups are pretty much the same in both headphones. The headbands are adjustable, and they can suit all head sizes. Ear cups are equally large, making them ideal for any size ear and they clamp down perfectly, while the good quality padding ensures that the ears won’t interfere with the drivers, and at the same time, they provide great comfortability.

Design Verdict:

As you noticed the comfortability and build quality are pretty much the same, color is only what differs them.

In my opinion, I opt for the HD 600 design, since I am a nostalgic person, and I like vintage stuff, the marble look, and the Sennheiser lettering – take me through a nostalgic trip.

But most people opt for the 650 HD, based on my research and what I’ve heard.

HD 650 is the winner design-wise, it has a modern and elegant look that can blend anywhere.


Both headphones, the HD 600 and 650 come well-packaged and in a high-quality foam hinged box.

Both headphones come with a proprietary cable that fits at the end of the right and left ear cups. What I liked here, is that the 600 HD includes one of the cables in red and the other one is black, so you can easily tell which end of the cable should go to which cup.

That said, the cables come in great quality and are thin straight, and made to last.

Both headphones come sporting a 3.5mm adapter that has a termination of ¼. While the cable length on both devices is 3 meters.

As I mentioned above the red cable found in 600 HD, sadly is not found in the 650. The HD 650 has both ends in black and you might struggle sometimes finding the right cable for the right ear cup.

With this being said, in this aspect, this gives the 600 slightly an edge over its successor.

Sound quality

The sound quality aspect is what separates them, while none of them are better than the other, they exceed more in some specific frequencies.

The HD 600 sounds more natural without any kind of coloration. Meaning that it gives the music a natural feel, just as it is without boosting a specific range.

The sound from the HD 650 is definitely brighter, and it is a little bit clearer in the 650 than in 600.

Besides that the 650 also has better imaging, meaning it offers better surrounding sound quality.

While you listen to vocals, you will be more than satisfied with the HD 600. The vocals on 600 sound better and emphasized, it even isolates the vocals so you can enjoy them at maximum.


Both headphones perform decently in Bass, but I don’t recommend them for bass heads. Neither of them has sub-bass, which is crucial.

Nevertheless, the mid-bass is quite nice and you can hear the drums and reverberations clearly and smoothly.

Sound Verdict?

Well, I am hard-pressed to find a difference here but I can separate them.

For example, if you like listening to vocals like Adele, 600 is the way to go. Also, its natural sound nature, makes the 600 ideal for studio use, if you monitor sounds or do professional work in general.

While 650 is ideal for audiophiles who like listening to music while doing daily tasks. Also if you listen to a lot of EDM/Techno, I mean electronic music in general, 650 is a splendid choice. If EDM is all you listen to, you can get a pair of headphones for edm music instead.


Before I wrap up the article, I’ll touch on the price aspect too, both headphones come at a heavy price while not having a big costage gap between each other.

The high price somehow is understandable since they live up to that thanks to their design, comfort, and sound quality.

After all, they didn’t dominate the market for anything all these years.There’s a saying that I think will suit this Sennheiser lineup a lot:

“Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young”

Both headphones are equally good but In the end, it all boils down to your preferences and the type of music you are listening to.

Sennheiser is a very versatile brand, offering headphones in any price range and category. For example, the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro made it as the best option in our studio headphones under $100 list.

As mentioned before, the HD 600 has a vintage/old design while offering great comfort, and natural sound without any enhancing. While the HD650 offers the same comfort but in a modern and elegant way and performs better in the electronic music field.

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