Sennheiser Pro E906 vs E609: Which Is Better?

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Welcome Back to another comparison article. Today’s topic is about comparing two microphones from the worldly-known brand Sennheiser.

Sennheiser is a German-engineered brand that encompasses exceptional sound quality for professional use with no compromise.

Sennheiser has spent over 70 years researching, producing, and improving audio equipment. To be explicit, these are high-quality audio items.

Any piece of music, any sound, and anything else related to audio that you’ve ever heard have gone through Sennheiser technology during its development.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the sound of a Star Wars lightsaber? A Sennheiser shotgun and a ventilator were used to create it.

It’s a fantastic brand that specializes the audio devices. Best of all, it’s subjective, but Sennheiser is one of the best competitors for achieving amazing audio quality.

Sennheiser Pro e906 vs. e609: What Do they Bring to the Table

Sennheiser Pro Audio E906 Mic

Sennheiser Pro Audio E906 Mic is the existing proof of “Old but Gold” that even though decades have passed, still can be used in live concerts mainly targeted on the guitar.

The first release date is back on April 13, 2004, and left us a legacy in the audio world.

The rugged metal grille is covered in black color and shows a slight sleek design. Excellent durability that can handle harsh drops very well, or throw it away if you want to, it’s a real survivor.

Why Should You Buy It?
Great Power for being a stage mic
Great for Guitar Amp and Guitar Cabs
Highly Dynamic and good for Live Sound
Wider Frequency


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Sennheiser e609 Silver Drum Mic

Not long after Pro e906, the e609 version was released. The first date was back on May 22, 2008.

Sennheiser e609 has a solid built quality with a silver (silver version) metal body. The rugged grille is designed flat in shape and allows easy placement basically anywhere.

The durability is unquestionable as well, it can withstand rigorous attacks on the long roads.

Both mics seem to have pretty much the same design but come in different colors.

Why Should You Buy It?
Defined Sound For Drums
Dynamic Transducer
Rich Details
Great Presence Boost


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Sennheiser Pro e906 vs. e609: Sound & Recording

When it comes to sound and recording, to be honest, both of these mics are doing an amazing job. Let’s see a little bit deeper.

Having said that, these mics have a sound profile that is extremely similar, although the 906 is obviously more full-bodied.

In general, the e906 will require less EQ and adjusting than the e609. Nevertheless, it sure contains an EQ switch that gives you the freedom for a flat response.

Many of the same instruments, such as Toms, guitars, snare drums, the high male tenor vocals, and vocal harmonies in general. Both perform exceptionally.

  • Mid-range and Treble- Sennheiser Pro e906 offers extra details and articulation specifically in the midrange tones that follow the treble. The e609 version is still rich, but with fewer details.
  • The Sound Boosting-The e609 incorporates a presence enhancement that helps to cut through mixes by dragging up guitar tones. The e906, on the other hand, has flatter response and is ideal for guitar tones that don’t require any additional processing.

They will sound like what is expected from Sennheiser. The differences aren’t that visible. 

Sennheiser Pro e906 vs. e609 Comparison Table: Similarities & Differences



Sennheiser Pro e906

Sennheiser e609




Polar Pattern




350 ohms

350 ohms

 Peak Frequency 4kHz. 4kHz.




2.2 mV/Pa

2.2 mV/Pa



 10.4 x 4.5 x 3 inches

4.9 Oz

10 x 5 x 3 inches

4.9 Oz



Sennheiser Pro e906

Sennheiser e609


Wired, Wireless


Frequency Response


40 Hz – 15kHz


Roll-off switch


Settings High-end Boost/3 Built-in EQ curves

Mid-range Boost

Built Quality

Metal body

Neodymium ferrous magnet


Can Withstand Harsh Drops

Can Withstand Rigorous Weather

Price Range




Features of Sennheiser Pro e906 Microphone

It’s quite simple to use because it’s very good at dealing with sound pressure levels. The three-position switch on this microphone, however, is by far the most unusual and crucial feature. This is a fantastic mic choice for cutting, boosting, or neutralizing the mic’s effect.

As a nutshell, the user is treated to an extremely vibrant and enjoyable recording experience with a high level of vitality. It’s simple to change the tone with the three-position EQ control, for a greater recording experience.

I’m happy with the vocals in this microphone because it has a small pick-up space, which would be useful for other things like voiceover work, podcasts, and so on.

What is EQ in Music?

EQ stands for equalization which is a process of operation where the frequency response is balanced.

The typical recognizable frequency for a human being is between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In this scenario, EQ manipulates the frequency signals and everything is well-balanced and clear.

Features of Sennheiser e609 Microphone

The Sennheiser e609 is a far superior mic for capturing guitar or other acoustic instrumentals than any other microphone, even the e906 variant. So, if you’re mainly focused on the guitar, go for it.

The e609 Microphone is a guitar amplifier that needs to be placed somewhere close to the sound source for a desirable sound outcome. Sennheiser e609 has no distortion in the recording process. 

The response at high frequencies in e609 is less at 15kHz than in Pro e906 which is 18kHz. This results in higher ultrasonic frequency and obviously a greater welding precision.

Final Thought

I must say that both of these microphones have exceptional sound quality. The ridiculous part is that their competitors since to this cannot produce such premium audio production and Sennheiser e609 and Pro e906 together were released before a decade, actually more than a decade. 

Our pick is from Sennheiser Pro Audio E906 Microphone side because of the higher frequency ranges, better boosting sound, and elegant design. The mid-ranges and trebles in Pro e906 are way more detailed in comparison with e609.

Are you on a low budget? if so, then go for the Sennheiser e609 because is cut-priced and most of the features are similar to the Pro e906. 

Hopefully, the article was understandable and I contributed to you picking the right one. 

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