Shure SE425 vs Shure SE215 Pro: Which Is The Best?

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Not many technology lovers know that Shure is one of the most famous brands worldwide. The intention of the brand is to create professional sound isolation and to provide comfort at any given moment.

The portability is unquestionable and the design is pretty minimalist and hard to notice. This is why many singers pick Shure for its suitable built construction.

Shure has everything that an artist can ask for, reliability, sound quality, and on top of all durability. Not only earphones but also Shure’s microphones as well are dripping from quality.

Shure has been around for a very long time, therefore vocalists and singers appreciate them more. Every rhythm, treble, and beat is just in the right amount. Also, instrumentalists will appreciate these earphone types because of their frequency range.

Now, we move into the general knowledge about Shure SE425 and Shure SE215 Pro and then jump straightly to the comparison.

Buckle up cause we’re about to start.

Shure SE425-CL

Shure SE425-CL was first released on first June 2010 and seems to be a bit later model than SE215 Pro. 

Shure SE425-CL comes in silver and clear colors. You can use these in-ear style earbuds in either wired or wireless form. Inside the box, you will see a 3.5mm cable, a fit kit with a variety of sleeves for better fit, 1/4 inches of adapter, and a carrying case.

Providing full comfortable wear all day long. The durable and removable cable can handle too much pressure without getting damaged and most importantly is tangle-free in a carrying case. It also has 3 sizes of silicones and a gold-plated MMCX connector with a lock-snap mechanism that allows you to rotate 360-degree.

Why Should You Buy It?
Better Technical Specification (Impedance, Frequency Range, Sensitivity)
Durable Construction
Perfect Fit and Portable design
Better Noise Isolation

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Shure SE215 Pro

Shure SE215 Pro was released a year after Shure SE425-CL back on February 26, 2011. It comes in black, blue, clear and white colors. SE215 Pro is also the in-ear type of earbuds.

The full comfort is ensured by being able to place the wires however you want, thanks to 360 degrees rotatable feature for professional wear and tear. The long-lasting life can handle harsh movements and is meant to last for ages. 

Inside the box, the earbuds have a 3.5mm cable, a fit kit with a variety of sleeves for better fit, 1/4 inches of adapter, and a carrying case.

Why Should You Buy It?
Affordable Price Range.
Durable Construction
Stable and Portable design.
Passive Playback

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Shure SE425-CL vs SE215 Pro: Sound Profile

Both models, Shure SE425-CL and SE215 Pro have outstanding frequency ranges. If the artist manages to get a perfect ear fit, the bass production and trebles deliver sealed sounds from ambient, so the artists can catch the needed tone without getting distracted.

The passive soundstage is kind of poor. The reason why the poorness appears is having the closed-back design that activates the outer ear called the pinna. It passes the pinna wholly and closed-back earphones keep the heat around the ear.

The sound signature in Shure SE215 Pro is more detailed and has more bass enhancement whereas in the Shure SE425-CL the sounds come more precise and balanced.

Comparison Table of Technical Specifications


Shure SE215 Pro

Shure SE425-CL

Removable Cable

Sound Quality

Detailed with Bass Boost

Accurate and Balanced


107 dB SPL/mW

109 dB SPL/mW


17 Ω

20 Ω

Noise Attenuation

37 dB

37 dB

Frequency Range

22 Hz – 17.5 kHz

20Hz – 19kHz

Wired/Wireless Connectivity

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is how much can audio devices block or eliminate environmental noises. This feature is a must-have because both Shure SE425-CL and SE215 Pro it’s specifically designed to be used in louder ambient. The recording times use an equalizer and it’s not a real recording. Many headphones have ANC which stands for Active Noise Cancelling feature, but Shure hasn’t got that feature, so it isolates the noise by 37 dB with its 3-sized perfect fit silicones.

Shure SE425-CL reduces the mids and treble range between 13dB and 47dB. Shure SE215 Pro does an impressive job in isolation, with bass, rumble, and speeches at 23dB or vehicles (plane, car, and other engines) at 15dB. 


Speaking of heat, the breathability is nicely done. Shure SE425-CL average temp is 35.6°F and in SE215 Pro 32°F. Both models are not going to make your ears sweat even during hot weather. The hooked design is thin and the wires don’t make too many contacts with the ears.

Shure SE425 vs Shure SE215 Pro: Which one to Pick?

  • Shure SE425 and Shure SE215 Pro have pretty much the same design and features. However, the sound profile is completely different. 
  • If you want accurate and balanced sounds, go for Shure SE425-CL and if you want a detailed sound with bass boost, then go for Shure SE215 Pro. 
  • The Noise Isolation is great in both models, but Shure SE425-CL blocks better the unnecessary speeches. 
  •  The Shure SE215 Pro has many color options to choose between black, blue, clear, and white, whereas Shure SE425-CL has only two, clear and silver.
  • The impedance and sensitivity are better in Shure SE425-CL than in Shure SE215.
  • Shure SE425-CL has a hybrid transducer while Shure SE215 has a dynamic transducer. Dynamic transducers are better and provide more room for vibration.
  • Pick Shure SE215 Pro if you are on a low budget because the Shure SE425-CL price range is tripled. 
  • Shure vs SE215 Pro has Passive Playback. So, in case you wonder what is it, the passive playback in when in active earphones can still work even after all active features are turned off or out of the power source. Shure SE425-CL earphones don’t have that feature.

Closing Statement

No matter which model you choose, the sound quality, reliability, and durability will follow. Not many casual users or artists know that Shure is an award-winning brand and till now, still continues to provide the best comfort and quality in every electronic device they produce.

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