Shure SM7B Vs. AKG C214: Which Is Better?

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Every professional in the world of audio wants to choose the best microphone they can use, and you may know that there are some famous brand names in the market when it comes to microphones in general. I would like to mention two of them: Shure and AKG!

Well, as they have a lot of microphones, I would like to mention two which are probably the most popular: Shure SM7B and AKG C214! Here, you will find a deeper comparison to find the best one for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Shure SM7B and AKG C214 are the most famous and most used microphones one can find!
  • The first difference between these two microphones stands in the type.
  • The main similarity that these two microphones have is the connectivity part.
  • Shure SM7B and AKG C214 are great for picking up your voice clearly and precisely.
  • Based on the frequency ranges, you can find out which microphone will sound better!

Shure SM7B vs. AKG C214 – How Do They Differ?

Well, there are some things where these microphones differ, but there are also similarities that you will notice. I will make a comparison based on the main things and the specifications that you need to know about these two microphones.

What is the type?

The first difference that you will encounter between these two microphones is that they are different types regarding their category or genre per se. Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone; AKG C214 is a cardioid condenser microphone.

A dynamic microphone, in this case, Shure SM7B, is a microphone that converts the sound with the help of electromagnetism. On the other hand, we have the cardioid condenser microphone AKG C214 which works with a diaphragm.

How do they look? – Are they durable?

Another noticeable difference between these two microphones is their appearance and how much they can withstand durability-wise.

Shure SM7B comes covered in black, including a windscreen that helps while in use, and the AKG C214 microphone also comes covered in black, but it includes a gold grille on the top part.

I am pretty sure that based on the looks, you will love to use Shure SM7B, but if you are a fan of rugged devices, the AKG C214 is made mainly of metal. As for Shure, it is primarily made of plastic. As a matter of fact, AKG C214 has a whole scratch-resistant coating which makes it even more durable when compared to Shure SM7B.

How to connect them?

If you were expecting wireless connectivity in these microphones, I am sorry that none of them is wireless. Both of them are wired, and there is a huge similarity regarding the connection part.

If you have ever used a microphone, you probably know that the XLR cable is the main connection they offer, and both of the microphones you are here for own the XLR cable. However, on AKG C214, you have a more specific explanation, as the XLR cable is a 3-pin one.

How do they pick up voices?

When choosing a microphone, there is one crucial specification when it comes to voice detection. Again, we have a similarity here, as these microphones both have a unidirectional polar pattern, meaning that they pick up your voice in one direction and a specific part on their tops.

Shure SM7B works with Air Suspension Shock Isolation and a Pop Filter that is in charge of entirely eliminating the mechanical noise or unexpected breaths that you may have, as it is wholly aimed at what you say and not what you do.

AKG C214 reduces the mechanical noises and vibrations with an integrated suspension, but still, the breaths are inevitable.

Will they sound good?

Regarding the quality part, you should know that it is the most important thing to always consider every specification and small detail because that’s what makes a microphone worthy of your attention.

The immediate information you need is the frequency response, and we have a difference here on the low sound frequencies. Shure SM7B microphone brings them at 50Hz – 20kHz. Meanwhile, the AKG C214 microphone’s frequency range is from 20Hz to 20kHz. This can mean only one thing: AKG C214 is better at low frequencies as it has a lower range.

Overall, both these microphones sound great whenever in use, but if you are a fan or a specialist regarding the frequencies, you know how powerful AKG C214 can be.

Where should I use them?

Now that you know the main specifications regarding these two great microphones, you should also know that they differ in where they are used, as there is a massive difference in this part.

Shure SM7B, with its smooth and clear sound, is a microphone used by many podcasters, musicians in studios, speeches, broadcasters, and Youtubers. It is a versatile microphone for the whole usage as it is found in front of different people who need microphones for their job.

As we move on to AKG C214, you will find it on any professional’s hands! That means that AKG C214 is a microphone made for professional usage, and that includes the use of instruments as well. By the way, the AKG C214 microphone is perfect for use with drums.

Final Words

As we came to the end of this article, there is only one thing to say: they are both amazing for many people because otherwise, nobody would know them as some of the greatest microphones that one can use.

Still, if you are looking for the winner in the battle between Shure SM87B vs. AKG C214, I would like to say, as a professional, that AKG is very powerful. But still, if you need a microphone that will help you with your streams and videos to upload on the internet, Shure SM7B is there for you.

This concludes our article regarding Shure SM7B vs. AKG C214 while saying that they are the perfect choices one can make. I hope everything is understandable, and after reading this article, you are able to decide between Shure SM7B and AKG C214!

Final Words

It is true that I have just made a comparison between these two amazing microphones, but again, the final decision is up to you, because you know best what you need for your studio or for whatever you are looking for to purchase one of these microphones.

I made sure to include the same specifications for both of the microphones, so you can make a comparison yourself, as well.

I hope you enjoyed the article and I also hope that you will manage to come to a verdict and make the right purchase.

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