Sleeping with AirPods: Is It Safe?

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If you have a talk with most adult people nowadays, you will notice that a high percentage have their own problems when it comes to sleeping. Speaking personally, it is hard to fall asleep for me even though I could be working all day long and feel super tired.

Asking those people what they do with insomnia (a sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling, and/or staying asleep) and how they cope with it, some of them may answer that they use earbuds and listen to any calming music or audiobooks.

However, there are many questions regarding the use of earbuds while sleeping, and basically, that is the reason why you found this article.

When it comes to AirPods, we all know that they are one of the main and the best overall earbuds that a person can purchase, but are they safe to be used when sleeping? Well, you are about to find out in this article!

Right now, without losing your time, let’s get straight to the topic!

Can I Sleep with AirPods? Is it Bad or Good?

The main definition and an answer to the question written above would be that AirPod is neither good nor bad when you are sleeping. How is that possible?

Now, I know that mentioning “bad” anywhere would make you more interested, because it is always better when you find out about the bad news first, right?

Let me be straightforward, I will be mentioning the bad parts and the good parts of sleeping with AirPods in a simpler way.

Drawbacks of Sleeping with AirPods Regularly

Drawbacks or cons of a particular device, in my opinion, are the most important things that should be considered before trying to do something. The main example would be the use of AirPods while sleeping. Here go the main drawbacks that the AirPods include:

Pain and Ear Infections

Based on the fact that AirPods are in-ear headphones, it is most likely that they can cause ear pain. That’s especially coming for the people that sleep on the side like right or left. While sleeping, your body is fully relaxed, and having AirPods on your ears may be a bit uncomfortable for you because of the pressure that is between the pillow and your ears.

Besides the pain, the pressure can also cause different ear infections. Being made entirely out of plastic infections are possible to happen in your ear canal. The most possible ear infections that can happen to your ears are Otitis Externa (redness and swelling of the ear canal) and Necrosis (death of body tissue).

There’s also Ear Wax build up, you should not wear AirPods for extended periods of time or inserted deeper than is recommended. This could result in an extensive ear wax buildup in the ear canals, make sure to clean ears regularly

Cause of Deafness

A bad thing that can happen to you if you use AirPods while sleeping would be the cause of hearing loss. The main factor in hearing loss is the volume level of anything that you will be listening to. If you keep the volume too high then deafness is super likely to happen. 

This problem is avoidable and a bit of advice would be to keep the volume level under 50%.

What about Radiation and Cancer?!

One of the main things that most people are concerned about is the part between radiation and cancer. Do AirPods give off radiation that may cause cancer? 

There is not a specific scientific answer that AirPods can cause cancer! AirPods do not own any dangerous electromagnetic or radiofrequency waves that can cause cancer!

Benefits of Sleeping with AirPods

Here comes the fun part that makes AirPods usable even while sleeping. There are many reasons that people choose to use AirPods while sleeping, and I’ve chosen the three most important ones. These are the benefits or the pros of sleeping with AirPods:


When a person goes to sleep, he or she wants to be fully relaxed, right? Well, starting your sleep journey with some super calm music or say white noise, would be the best thing that one can do, and using AirPods Pro would be a great thing since based on their sound quality, they will bring the best music ever.

Relaxation Through White Noise sounds is one of the finest methods to relax after a hectic day is to listen to some quiet music or podcasts and it will also help to fall asleep faster.

When you wear headphones to sleep, I would advise avoiding loud music.


Wires are the most annoying thing that headphones can own, and while sleeping, they would be one of the main bothering things. That’s why using AirPods while sleeping is a benefit. No wires are tangling around your neck or your whole body.

Noise Canceling

Some people have problems falling asleep when there’s too much noise that surrounds them. Well, you may have heard about the famous noise-canceling technologies that are added to most modern headphones, and the AirPods are one of them. There’s no noise of any kind, and that’s the best way to fall asleep.

Important to Know
A thing that I would like to mention is that when it comes to noise-canceling technology, you should be very careful! You should definitely consider that you will not be aware of what may happen around you.

If You Were to Sleep with AirPods What Could Go Wrong?

Apparently yes! Besides causing a bit of trouble to you, AirPods can be damaged as well. Some things that definitely should be mentioned are:

Breakdown of the Battery

Here goes another con that is mostly related to the AirPods. When using these earphones while sleeping you don’t have control over them, and they can play all night long. Being used nonstop the battery goes down, and besides that, the battery (lithium-ion) can be broken down.

No IP Rating

AirPods can be the coolest earphones that one can buy, but a thing that should definitely be considered is that they are neither water-resistant nor waterproof. That is related to the sweating part. While sleeping, many people seem to sweat, and that can cause definite damage to you and the AirPods as well.

Final Words, Conclusion

Coming to the end of this article, I would highly recommend you to always research deeper when it comes to topics like this “Sleeping with AirPods”. It is the best thing to know what are the bad and the good things that any device you are about to purchase may cause to you!

I tried to explain this topic in the simplest way possible, and I really hope that it is clear enough to be understood.

Have fun!

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