Sony MDR V6 vs. MDR 7506: Which Is Better?

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Sony is a super famous name, and it is known as the perfect brand for whatever you need. In this case, it is important to mention that Sony has some amazing headphones that are brought to the market for the people that need them.

In this article, I will be staring at the professionals in the world of sound, since here I will try to make a decent comparison between the two headphones, Sony V6 vs MDR7506. As you may already know, they are the greatest headphones that one can choose in order to do whatever they want in their studio recordings; meaning they are quite professional.

These two headphones come in the classic form you have seen before from Sony. They are two entry-level over-ear headphones that are still requested from the customers even though Sony MDR V6 was released back in 2001 and MDR 7506 was released back in 2003.

However, one of them is better than the other, but which one. Are you ready to find out? Let’s directly go to the main topic, and compare these beasts!

Introducing The Prominent Siblings: Sony V6 vs. Sony 7506

First thing first, without comparing them in deeper detail, let us go deeper into the headphones that we will be talking about and find out some general things about them.

Sony MDR V6 in General

Sony MDR V6 is intended for studio monitoring. I guess this model is going nowhere since many years have passed, and still is included in the best list.

The sounds are very pleasing to the ear. Every pitch shows perfect stability. You won’t notice any noise distortion or hiss that is pretty annoying.

Sony MDR V6 has the capacity to reduce all the background noises to give you crisp and clear music joy.

Sony 7506 in General

Sony 7506 is a newer version of studio monitor headphones. It produces a little less bass where the sounds come out more lively and the voice of the singer is emphasized accordingly.

Sony 7506 manages to isolate the sound so you can fully concentrate on the sounds without getting disturbed by background noises.

These over-ear headphones respond strongly to low and high pitch notes as well as sensitivity which we will talk about it later.

In-Depth Review

Design & Features

Even though both models are over-ear headphones they have distinctions. MDR V6 is a more open-ear headphone where you can see both sides are not closing tightly to touch one another. This is not the case with Sony 7506 where the design is closed back.

MDR V6 is wired foldable featured headphones made of Neodymium magnet. The sleek leather materials are added to spice up the overall look of the headphones.

Sony 7506 has the same wired foldable characteristic, and also is made out of Neodymium material. Both are built from metal that is magnetic and also to mention the metal plug that it comes with.

The wires of both MDR V6 (10-foot cord) and Sony 7506 (9.8-foot cord) are truly built to last because of curly wrappings. This design won’t allow the wire to get damaged over years.


Sometimes comfort has very much to do with the weight of the item. This makes sense because if it’s not comfortable after a long time of wearing them, you can’t enjoy the music or gaming to the fullest.

Sony MDR V6 weights 10.6 ounces. It’s quite comfortable to use for long sessions. It allows you to adjust the tightness according to your head.

Sony 7506 is lighter and weighs only 8 ounces. This doesn’t make a huge difference but is noticeable over time after you put them both on your ears for longer. Also with MDR 7506 too, you can adjust the tightness to fit your head perfectly.

Still both are great portable devices, that is easy to take around with you.

Ear pads

To add more comfort, Sony made both of the headphones adjustable to 180 degrees. Easily replaceable velour ear pads are made of soft leather to ensure full comfort and withstand for longer periods. Plus, you have tons of ear pads that you can exchange with because over time, no matter how durable they are, it’s going to break off.


Sony V6 and Sony 7506 are professional studio headphones. Because of that, it’s ideal in many blending, combining, and editing the sounds. A big thanks to their noise isolation feature, this will help a lot to hear low-pitched sounds. You have left to enjoy the rest.

It’s important to note that the MDR-V6 headphones offer decent outside sound isolation and virtually no sound leakage.

Connectivity and Compatibility

We all know how important is connectivity in different headphones. Even though Sony is known for the newest models and the amazing wireless connectivity in these headphones we deal with a total wired connection.

In both headphones, the connection and the compatibility work with an oxygen-free copper cord that at the end owns a 3.5mm plug. Again, in both headphones, Sony has added a 1/4 inch adapter.

The only difference in the connectivity is on the coiled cable that these headphones use. On Sony

V6 the coiled cable is 10 feet long meanwhile on Sony 7506 is 9.8 feet long.

Something to know is that a coiled cord always beats a long straight cord when it comes to portability

Professional Sound

Another “similarity” that these headphones have is the audio quality in general. Considering their frequency responses (mentioned above), you can see a difference, but when it comes to sound, there is a definite similarity.

Both of these Sony headphones know how to bring amazing sound! Every little sound and note that you may be listening to will be brought to you in the clearest way possible and the sound will come well-balanced in every frequency range. Everything is very but very powerful, and that’s the reason why these headphones are used by many professionals worldwide in different studio recordings.

There is an amazing reduction of noise in both the headphones and that’s because of the earcups that they own (closed-back).

Both of these headphones have excellent audio quality. To many bass lovers, it’s recommended the MDR V6 model because the bass is punchier and dominant. The audio quality in Sony 7506 creates a great balance between bass and vocals. The treble range is sharper, and you can tell the difference between vocals and instruments easily.

The audio quality depends on the frequency range. If you want more bass dominancy, go for MDR V6 with the frequency range 5Hz-30Hz. If you want the vocals to pop up and have great balanced sounds, go for Sony 7506 where the frequency range is 10Hz-20Khz.

Comparison Table: Sony MDR V6 vs. Sony MDR 7506

There are also some main specifications that you should know about the Sony V6 and Sony 7506.



MDR 7506




Frequency Response

5Hz – 30kHz



63 Ohms

63 Ohms


106 dB/W/m

106 dB/W/m

Power Handling







 Wide, adjustable, single, folding ear-cups

 Wide, adjustable, single, folding ear-cups

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes MDR V6 and MDR 7506 Admired by Many People?

The sound quality and sound signature in both of these Sony headphones is way better than most of the newly released products. Professionals praise these headphones to this day because of their premium built quality, the full comfort they provide, and most importantly their affordable price point.

Do MDR V6 and MDR 7506 Need an AMP?

It’s not necessary to add an amplifier, but if you ask for a better music experience, you can get one that is compatible with these models. 

The amplifiers are useful when the signal is too weak. The impedance on the Sony 7506 and V6 is 63ohm. 

Final Words

In the beginning, I already told you that it has been almost two decades since MDR V6 and Sony 7506 were first released. Their unbeatable value seems like it isn’t going to go down by any means as they are used nowadays as well. 

The sound quality and comfort on the top will always stay premium. But still, there is a slight change when it comes to the sound quality. The MDR v6 model is more for bass lovers since it provides more bass, whereas the MDR 7506 is more for balance between bass response and vocals.

Both are professional studio headphones with eye-catching designs and affordable price points, and I think that their professionalism is what keeps them the greatest headphones that any professional in the world of sound can use and feel super proud of!

I hope that after reading this article you can distinguish and find out more about these two great headphones. Have fun!

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