The Best Microphones For Noisy Offices (Detailed Buying Guide)

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I am a super fan of noise-canceling devices in general, and it starts with headphones, while it moves and finishes with microphones! Again, I think that the noise-canceling feature is one of the greatest things that has ever been added to audio devices in general. I am well aware that I am wasting your time right now, but I really wanted to state how much I love this technology or this feature!

Anyways, let me get to the topic. We all know how bad it is to work in a noisy environment, especially when, for example, you have a meeting where you should be heard super clearly. Well, that’s the part where microphones become the main character and the ones that people are in search of!

In this article, you will find out which are the best microphones for a noisy office, if you work in one. I’ve chosen some famous names in the world of microphones and sound devices in general, and just with a look at the name of the brand, you will find out and notice how that microphone will do the job!

If you are getting bored of reading, let me go straight to the best microphones for noisy offices!

The Keenly Priced


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The Extravagantly Priced
Neumann TLM 103

Neumann TLM 103

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The Great Deal
Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B

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The Most Familiar


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The Master
AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII

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The Top 5 Best Microphones for Noisy Office

5. TONOR TC30 – The Keenly Priced

Start this article with a budget microphone that will look interesting and great in your office. This microphone isn’t the one that we are used to seeing and when it comes to the design, it comes in black color. It is small, has a strong body, and most importantly it is known ad a durable and portable microphone.

This microphone is made for your computer and your laptop, and that’s because it can be connected via a USB cable. When it comes to compatibility, it works with any type of device that you may be working with such as Windows, Microsoft, or macOS.

The amazing feature that makes this microphone gain a place on my list is the ability to pick up the voice nicely and the reduction of the noise. In case you touch the microphone, the keyboard, the mouse, or even if your colleagues at work are having a conversation, they won’t be heard in any way. You will sound definitely great!

Key Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • SPL: 100 dB
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 4.13 x 5.59 inches

Why Should You Buy It?
Budget devices are always a plus, and this microphone from Tonor knows how to deal with people that don’t want to spend a lot of money!

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4. Neumann TLM 103 – The Extravagantly Priced

The Neuman TLM103 microphone has a very extravagant design (just as I listed it), and it is very good-looking. It comes in two different colors which are black and nickel. Its whole body is compact, but still, I would like to mention that it is a bit heavy when it comes to portability. If you consider a microphone that is supposed to stay in your office, it goes well.

In order to get connected, this highly-priced microphone works with an XLR connector which is one of the most commonly found types of connector in microphones. The cable is 30ft long, and it can be connected with any device that of course owns a port for it.

This microphone is a condenser one, which means that it is better when it comes to different sound waves, and it is able to follow them quite precisely. Anyways, the voice is picked up unidirectional, based on its polar pattern, and it can capture voices in noisy environments super easily. It is able to reduce, or better to say, prevent the noise wherever you may be working at.

Key Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • SPL: 138 dB
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.2 x 11.5 inches

Why Should You Buy It?
From a budget price, I moved on to a super highly-priced microphone, and this one from Neuman is for those people that want quality over quantity, for those that don’t mind the price too much!

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3. Shure SM7B – The Great Deal

Even though Shure SM7B is a very famous microphone that is found as the best overall in different articles, we have it here, but in a different form. As for the design, I think that this microphone is quite cool, and interestingly enough it will fit and look good in any office.

Just like the Neuman microphone that I mentioned above, the Shure SM7B also uses an XLR connector which will do a great job with different computers or laptops that you may be using to work in your workplace or office.

Again, this Shure microphone is a unidirectional one, and it is able to catch the voice precisely and clearly but only in one direction, which in this case is from the front part. There is an electromagnetic shielding that doesn’t allow any type of noise to enter through the microphone so that you can sound super clear.

Key Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • SPL: 180 dB
  • Weight: 2.03 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches

Why Should You Buy It?
If the Neuman microphone is quality over quantity, the Shure SM7B brings both of them combined together. It is one of the microphones with the best value on the market.

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2. SAMSON C01U Pro – The Most Familiar

The next microphone of this article comes from Samson, and it has a super simple design. What is important to be mentioned is that it comes fully made of metal, and it is one of the most durable microphones that you can find. It is lightweight and based on that this microphone is portable as well.

The Samson C01U Pro is also a microphone that works via a USB, just as the first one mentioned, but in this case, we deal with a USB type A. There is amazing compatibility with any device, and it performs great at this part. It can also work with headphones since it owns the 3.5mm audio jack on its front part.

The polar pattern of this microphone is unidirectional, which picks up the voice at only one side, but still, once you have found the right way to use it, it is able to capture or pick up your voice in a clear way. You shouldn’t worry about the noise that may surround you in any way because it fully reduces it and also, it minimizes vibrations of any kind.

Key Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 18 kHz
  • SPL: 130 dB
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.12 x 7.08 x 2.12 inches

Why Should You Buy It?
Samson C01U Pro is a microphone that is used by many people and they highly suggest it. There are many artists, singers mostly, that are in love with it and you will notice them using it for different purposes!

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1. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII – The Master

Coming at the end of this article, we deal with the famous AKG C414 microphone, which is definitely amazing! Coming in black color and a golden grille, this microphone will give a super professional look at just a first sight, and it does it in the best way possible. It has a well-made body, and it is compact and light enough to accompany you wherever you may go and whenever you need it.

Being a professional microphone, it uses an XLR connector (which we all know what it does), and what deserves to be mentioned here is that the connection is quite sturdy and there is no interference of any kind.

Now, I have already mentioned in one of my articles that this microphone can work or perform perfectly when it comes to picking up different types of voices. It owns nine polar patterns, which are related to the picking up of voice, and you can choose those patterns based on the way that you want your voice to be captured.

Key Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • SPL: 140 dB
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 11.3 x 9.6 x 5.5 inches

Why Should You Buy It?
“You will be watching a master at work” – you probably have heard this saying! Well, that is who C414 is! The AKG brand is a beast and their C414 is the best overall microphone from many different points of view and for many needs that you might have. It will work amazingly in your noisy office.

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Buying Guide

A buying guide is the most crucial and the most important thing that a person should have in front of their eyes whenever they need to choose any device that they may need. At least that is my opinion, I love to know what should I consider when choosing anything, just like the best microphone for noisy offices. Here goes the buying guide for the main topic of this article, the microphones for noisy offices:

Frequency Response

We all know that the frequency response is one of the most important things that should be noticed in different devices and in microphones it is essential as well. Whatever the frequency range of a microphone is, it shows how the microphone performs in all of them.

Noise Reduction Feature

Considering the name of this article and what you guys are looking for, a microphone for noisy offices, you should always have in mind the ability of that particular microphone when it comes to noises that may surround you. If a microphone can reduce the noise and also can minimize the vibrations that may occur, it is definitely a great one.


With abilities, I always mean the performance of the microphone when it comes to picking up voice. If a microphone is able to pick up your voice clearly, then it is a big plus because that is the most important thing, to sound clear to the people that you are talking to.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern in microphones has only one job. It shows us how the microphone picks up the voice, in fact from what directions t does it. There are unidirectional microphones that work in only one direction meanwhile there are some others that can be adjusted. It is definitely one of the most important things that you should look for!

Design (if you mind it)

There are many people that are in love with looks, and the design is one of the most important things to them. If you are one of those people, then before buying a microphone you should always consider its design. If the design is your concern, I would advise you to check out if it goes well with the design of your office.

Final Words

Coming to the end of this article, there is only one thing that I hope and it is you guys find the best microphone for a noisy office, and I hope that this article will be your biggest supporter when it comes to choosing.

I tried to mention things simply while mentioning some of the most prominent names of microphone brands in general. Anyways, you should always know that the choices that you do are all based on your preferences!

Have fun!

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