Things to Do While Listening to Music

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“What should I do when listening to music?” It sounds ridiculous when you think about it, but you’d be surprised at how many people actually ask Google that.

That’s why I’m here today to give you some tips on what you can do while jamming to your favorite music.

Countless studies and many people conclude that playing music has a wide range of good mental health effects. It can help you manage your emotions and bring enjoyment and relaxation into your daily routine and especially when you have a hectic day.

When you’re playing music that you like, your brain produces a neurotransmitter known as dopamine. Due to dopamine providing joy, music improves your overall mood, relieves stress, and aids you in dealing with anxiety. So always make sure that there’s music playing in your background.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some activities you can do while listening to music.

15 Things to Do While Listening to Music

Working Out

Music and Working Out are two things that go so well with each other

If you are planning on going out for some morning runs, don’t bother to go without your headphones.

Music can help you get a better workout!

Music will boost your motivation and endurance by elevating your mood.

If you listen to hardstyle music, you will definitely push yourself to do an additional rep or two, so don’t forget to check out some amazing headphones for listening to hardstyle music, or if you prefer a Bluetooth speaker, there are some excellent options.

Hardstyle, house, hip-hop,heavy metal, and other fast music with strong beats will be beneficial during workout sessions.

Waiting On Lines

We often have to wait our turn in our daily life when paying bills, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or taking the bus.

Make sure you play some music on your phone to pass the time because those are some boring minutes, if not hours.

While you wait, you can listen to pretty much anything; just keep the volume low enough so you don’t miss your name when it’s called.

Going out for a Walk

Walking is the simplest self-care and exercise you can do for yourself

Walking while listening to your favorite tunes is also beneficial since it helps to clear your head away from the physical exercise, which can be exhausting and challenging at times.

With that being said, If you don’t have a gym membership, make sure you take a few walks daily.

I would advise listening to soft and calm genres like soft rock, jazz, reggae, etc.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk

I know a lot of folks who would never walk themselves but will take their dog for a walk.

Isn’t that very much the same thing?

Does this mean I shouldn’t go for a walk if I don’t have a dog?

Listening to your favorite songs while walking your dog is a great way to relax, and the music will also keep you motivated to go for long walks.

Afterward, your dog will thank you.

Try some alternative or indie music, just don’t forget to pay attention to your dog he might alarm you of something.

Doing household Chores

Doing the dishes or folding the clothes are tasks that no one enjoys. Why not make these everyday tasks a little more exciting?

Put on a catchy tune and get to work! You’ll be shocked at how quickly you can complete your tasks.

Try something that uplifts your mood, since household chores sure did “down lift” it, like hip-hop, rock, EDM,upbeat music, etc.

During Work Hours

If someone says that they enjoy their work, they are lying.

However, if they say that they enjoy their work more while listening to music, they are telling the truth.

No offense, but we all know the feeling of waiting for the clock to hit the mark so we can leave the office, music is a great way to make those long hours a breeze.

As much as you hate your work, make sure you focus on it and do the job properly, meaning you should listen to songs that are calm and nothing loud, like ambient,chillstep, etc.

Playing Games

Doesn’t matter if it is console games or computer games, most gamers listen to their own soundtracks instead of in-game music.

When playing games we just like to have that background noise that accompanies us.

In my case, I put on some Dubstep for hours and play some League games, which definitely lifts my mood. (Especially if you’re aware of how toxic that game can get.)

However, this is true for RPG games and other games that do not require voice chat.

In some games, such as first-person shooters, you may also need to hear the game sound effects to understand what is going on around you.

Because you don’t have time to change the tune while playing your favorite game, I recommend listening to tracks that go from hour to hour. Genre doesn’t matter. It can be electronic music like dubstep or even metal.

Playing Board Games

Playing board games with your family or friends is often a nice time to listen to music.

Aside from rolling dice or moving your chess piece, many board games don’t involve any interaction.

It’ll be more fun to challenge others with some background music.

If it’s chess, I’d recommend playing something that allows you to concentrate, but I’d also suggest checking with the other side about what music to play; don’t just tweak what you prefer.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking at a restaurant will mostly get you accompanied by music, but the one at home no, unless you play a soundtrack for sure.

While to process of cooking is quite fun in general, it becomes even more fun if you were to cook while playing your favorite music.

As long as you don’t burn your cooking, anything will do.

Going for a Drive

Nothing beats a relaxing drive while listening to your favorite songs. It might be soothing and help you concentrate solely on the road.

Music has been proved in studies to have a good effect on your mood, and as a result, it can help you drive better. When drivers are listening to music, they are less likely to encounter road rage.

Your favorite Radio Station will do the work, or just use the aux cable to tune your own songs in.

While Studying

There are many who would disagree and tell you that listening to music while studying is not a good idea, while others will approve and even say that it helps them concentrate.

However, research has proven that listening to music has beneficial effects on your mind.

You activate both your left and right brains simultaneously and when both sides of your brain are stimulated, you maximize your learning potential while also increasing your memory.

So yeah music helps on the learning ability, you can add this to it’s health benefits.

There are music created particularly to help you study; ambient, classical music, and lo-fi are some of the best genres to listen to while preparing for your exams.

Feeding Creativity, Painting

Art requires a lot of concentration and patience; your head and hands must be stable and focused, which is why music and art are such a good match!

According to certain studies, music without lyrics may be the greatest choice for painting, because lyrics might be distracting.

Classical, Lo-fi, and post-rock, should do the job, as I mentioned having vocals might distract you from creative writing or drawing.

Surfing the web

If you’ve had a long day, what could be better than listening to a beautiful song while scrolling through your Facebook feed or responding to messages that your friends sent.

Alternatively, you may simply read my audio-related blogs. That’s also a great way to relax.

Open Youtube on a new tab and write in the first song that comes up to your mind.

Flower Care, Gardening

Gardening is a lot of effort, but it can also be very pleasant.

You can listen to some of your favorite tunes while watering your plants or trimming some bushes outside in the sun.

You will also notice that you are spending more time in your garden rather than rushing to finish the work.

Try playing some trance, chillstep, or music that is calm and uplifting in a way.

Yoga and Meditating

Try to name me a better duo than meditation and music.

Nope, you can’t.

There’s no better thing than waking up in the early morning with your yoga and meditation exercises while being accompanied by relaxing music.

Not only that but you can also use to aid you in having a better mood and sleep quality since all those things mix together.

Meditation pretty much has its own genre, relaxing music.

Taking a Shower

After a hard day, nothing beats a relaxing shower or bath, adding music will elevate the experience even more.

Music will help you relax and focus on relaxing rather than worrying about all of your troubles from the day.

Just make sure you play soft music, relaxing, loud electronic music will echo and won’t sound as it should. 

Final Thoughts

Everything is made so much better with music, music sure puts you in good mood.

In a way music makes you enjoy things even you dislike doing, yes “staring” right at studying and working.

Please don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t trying to tell you what to listen to; rather, I wanted to give you some general ideas about which genres would work best in different situations.

No one has to say anything if you just tune up your guilty pleasures in public. What matters is that there’s music playing on the background while you are doing your thing.

What’s important is that you relax and enjoy what you’re doing.

Tune up your favorite song or even your favorite playlist and enjoy some further reading below.

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