UE Boom 3 vs JBL Flip 5: Which Is Better?

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Welcome to the vicious war between the two uppermost brands. First of all, I have to clarify that JBL and UE are both fantastic brands, and because of that, doubts arise when you have to choose between the two.

After the comparison, you will hopefully know which one wins the battle.

Key Takeaways

  • · JBL Flip 5 and UE Boom 3 have a lot in common. However, it seems like Boom 3 ended up winning the battle with its sound quality, battery life, and durability.
  • · The price of JBL Flip 5 is more economical, packs a few features such as Sleep Timer for battery saving, and handles low frequencies much better. 
  • · I adore the JBL’s design and colors, and Boom 3 doesn’t even come close in this area.  

Meet 2 Soda Can Speakers: What are the JBL and UE known for?

JBL Flip 5

JBL Flip 5 is one of the brand’s most famous audio piece launches. Their durability is always on point among other competitors. JBL puts first the portability and punchy bass reproduction that is enough to rumble a small to medium size rooms. I would identify JBL as a cheap and cheerful competitor.

UE Boom 3

UE, as a brand, concentrates on outdoor use too. They simply bring convenience to the table and try to meet the customers’ expectations at the maximum point. However, their price ranges are higher in comparison with JBL in general, and Boom 3 is no different.

How does it feel to use the JBL Flip 5 and UE Boom 3?

The design part doesn’t leave room for drastic differences. They both have rugged body construction and come cylindrical. Flip 5 seems more compact and weighs less when you hold it, and Boom 3 is slightly heavier. When you look at them from a few feet, the portability and compactness rule all over them. Both speakers sound amazing with clear vocals, booming bass signature, and great practical features. I’m about to talk in detail later.

Design & Durability

The aesthetic part may not interest many users, especially audiophiles, but JBL Flip 5 shines like a diamond for those who do. They offer 17 different colors to show off your personal style, whereas; the Boom 3 offers only four colors. 

When the durability comes into question is exactly where the Boom 3 stands out. It is drop-proof, dustproof, and waterproof at an IP67 rating, where it can withstand water for half an hour. Flip 5, on the other hand, can withstand water up to three feet. The difference between IP67 and IPX7 stands only in dust protection. This feature is quite helpful for outdoor activities, and the rugged design is prone to collect dust.  

Sound Quality

JBL is known for its booming bass sound signature, which results in hidden treble ranges. The mid frequencies are ok and balanced between instruments and vocals, but it wrestles with resounding thump and rumble in the low bass frequencies. Overall, the sound quality seems precise and pure clear. The bright side of Flip 5 has a wide soundstage, and the songs are more audible. However, the only downside is not having the EQ customize option. 

On the contrary, the Boom 3 overpowers with sound profile, and the bass is slightly punchier than JBL. Vocals and other instruments are neutral in mid-tones, but it lacks excitement. The soundstage performance is impressive, especially outdoors. Music is highly audible and gets incredibly loud for its small shape. The bright side of Boom 3 has EQ customization, allowing you to choose presets to meet your listening style. 

Battery Life

Even though Flip 5 and Boom 3 perform great in the battery area, there’s still room for improvement. It doesn’t matter which one you choose; the juicy battery life is present in Flip 5 where the company claims to give 12 hours of playtime with 2.5 hours of charging time. On the other hand, Boom 3 delivers 15 hours of playtime, and it charges 2.75 hours. Besides, an LED indicator tells you how much battery has left.

Again both speakers are great for everyday use, and it will take a full day before they need to charge. Because Flip 5 and Boom 3 are outdoor speakers, you can climb mountains, take on pool parties, and travel with them.  

Which one is the Winner: JBL Flip 5 vs. UE Boom 3? 

Let’s give a round of applause for the winner of this battle, the UE Boom3 speaker.

Why UE Boom 3 is Better than JBL Flip 5?

· Boom 3 has stereo speakers. Stereo speakers create a more generous sound profile, and two drivers (left and right) help greatly. JBL Flip 5 has only one speaker. 

· If you want to listen to podcasts or audiobooks, Boom 3 delivers clear and precise dialogues. It employs a 360-degree design that opens the doors to more spacious sounds. 

· The wireless range is far better in Boom 3 is 131 feet, whereas in Flip 5 is 33 feet.

· Boom 3 delivers 15 hours of playtime, and Flip 5 provides 12 hours. The extra 3 hours make a difference.  

What I Liked about JBL Flip 5

· Flip 5 occupies 5.75% less space and appears more compact for portability.

· Lower frequencies in JBL Flip 5 are rated at 65 Hz, whereas UE Boom 3 is 90 Hz. Low-frequency ranges indicate strong and punchier bass production.

· The charging time in Flip 5 lasts 2.5 hours, whereas in Boom 3 is 2.75 hours.

· Flip 5 employs the Sleep Timer feature to save battery after you haven’t touched it in an extended period.

· The price tag in Flip 5 is more economical than in the Boom 3 speaker.

Final Words

Finally, the bloodbath between the JBL Flip 5 and UE Boom 3 ended, and the winner was declared. Boom 3 performs better at the 360-degree spacious sound because of its stereo drivers.

The wireless range and the battery life are way better, but I can’t tell the same about the price tag. I think Boom 3 is better, but Flip 5 is more compact and has deep bass and colorful design options at a lower price. The decision is still up to you, but know that both speakers will meet your expectations.    

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