VIZIO Soundbar Not Turning On With TV? Here’s The Fix!

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Isn’t it annoying when you open the TV, you have to open the soundbar individually every single time? This issue with the vizio sound bar is really rare, but it can happen. 

The main problem with the vizio sound bar occurs when a soundbar isn’t turning on with your TV. What do you do now? Remember, there’s always a solution to every problem.

The problem may arise if you have a slow internet connection (if the subwoofer is connected wirelessly) or the device and soundbar are going through some connectivity issues.

To turn both the VIZIO soundbar and a TV on at the same time, take a look at the optical connection units which can be an HDMI cable or ARC cable. If the subwoofer is connected wirelessly, it is rare but it can cause a problem.

Let’s benefit from technology and not turn the soundbar manually every time you turn on the TV.

How to Turn the Vizio Sound Bar on with TV

VIZIO audio support on their official web page stated some solutions on how to fix Vizio sound bar if no audio or intermittent audio comes from it. Here are the main points of the manufacturer’s statement:

  1. Ensure that your VIZIO sound bar is turned on. A light will emerge on the left side, or the center of your sound bar when it turns on.
  • Confirm the power cable is firmly connected to the power strip and the sound bar if you don’t see any lights popping.
  • Make sure that the electric outlet is operational (by trying another device).
  • Ensure that your VIZIO soundbar is turned on. A light will emerge on the left side, or the center of your soundbar when it turns on.

     2. Verify that the Vizio soundbar connected to the TV’s ‘Audio Out’ connection on the rear.

     3. If the problem is still there, then without a second thought try “Factory Reset” on the soundbar.

4. Try connecting with another device. To do that, you have to connect a different device to the VIZIO soundbar.

Here is the video description from VIZIO support on Youtube about how to connect a soundbar.

Why VIZO Soundbar is not Turning on with the TV Automatically?

As you already know, soundbars are a separate component from the TV system. If everything goes accordingly, it should connect with your TV instinctively. Let’s see the common issues why this happens.

Connectivity Issue

When you connect with an HDMI ARC cable, it can end up causing the booting issue between the VIZIO soundbar and your TV.

Power Issue

The irregular rising and falling of power with your VIZIO soundbar and TV can cause an interruptive connection or fault at the power cord.

TV Issue

Maybe your VIZIO sound bar is doing fine, and the issue is about your TV. If you constantly have an issue with the Bluetooth connection, the reason might be the TV.

Check the Settings

Sometimes we miss some small details in the settings, and it’s really hard to figure out when everything about the devices seems all right. If the audio settings configuration is done wrongly, the soundbar will have trouble in connection.

If you have changed the audio settings, and still struggle with the same issue, it’s better to set the “Default Settings” or “Default Audio Device” and your soundbar will feel like a newborn baby.

Alternative Fixing Options For VIZIO Sound bar

1. Disconnect and Connect the Sound bar

A guide on how to do it:

  • Disconnect the HDMI cable on both TV and the VIZIO soundbar
  • Place the HDMI 1 input in the rear of the TV.
  • Put the other end of the HDMI cable to the “HDMI out” input in the soundbar.

2. Unplug the Power Source

Sometimes a new fresh start is what your device wanted. This will fix the issue temporarily not permanently. After you unplug the TV and soundbar from the power outlet wait a couple of minutes until it cools down. Try to turn them on together.

3. Break the Connection of Other Audio Devices

The manufacturer usually states whether other audio devices cause interference. This usually happens when you create a home cinema sound system and the device can’t support the extra speakers and subwoofers.
As if that is not enough, we connect other smart devices like phones, gaming consoles, PCs, laptops, and headphones. Try to cut them off when it’s not used.

4. Reset the VIZIO Sound bar

If you have tried all the approaches and methods above, I guess it’s time to reset the soundbar to the factory settings. To reset it you should follow 3 steps

  1. The soundbar should be turned on( via power button) or in a running process.
  2. Press and hold for a little bit the Bluetooth and the volume button.
  3. The power indicator light/LED should blink at least three times.
  4. Keep waiting for the soundbar to start.

5. Disable the “Digital Input” Mode

If the VIZIO soundbar still isn’t working despite the effort. To disable the Digital Input Mode, do this:

Go to the audio settings on your TV and you will see the disable button somewhere. Click on it and it will be disabled.

Why You Cannot Get Audio from VIZIO Soundbar?

Sometimes with an analog connection, it’s more likely for the volume to be turned down or maybe you have muted it for a specific reason. It’s better to activate Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). This setting option will let the TV take control of your VIZIO Soundbar’s volume.

At times, the Enhanced Audio Return Channel (or eARC) needs to be turned off in case your TV doesn’t feature an Atmos soundbar. The eARC is the newer version of HDMI 2.1 and lets the TV send higher quality signals from in an uncompressed way to a soundbar (if both TV and soundbars support the eARC).

If you leave the eARC turned on all the time, some connection troubles are likely to occur.

Final Thought

Connection units like an HDMI cable or ARC cable are the main reason why the VIZIO soundbar is not connecting automatically with your and you have to do it manually all the time.

It’s a rare occasion, but the problem source can be your TV or some setting change. VIZIO’s official web page gives some more information related to the topic. If you want to find out more, go to the VIZIO’s official support web page.

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