Can You Wear Headphones Over A Beanie?

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Confusion, confusion, confusion! As the winter season is arriving, music and beanie lovers tend to be somehow confused about what they should do. Should you choose beanies or headphones? What if I say that you can use them both? Consider the possibility of wearing headphones over your beanie!

This article has the complete aim of wearing headphones over a beanie, and I would like to share some ways you can do so! Let’s figure it out!

Key Takeaways

  • You can easily wear headphones over your beanies if you have some essential things in mind!
  • The more comfortable and flexible your headphones are, the better.
  • Over-Ear and Bone-Conduction headphones should be your first choice when you want to wear them over your beanies.
  • You should know that the beanie will affect the sound quality in many ways.
  • If you don’t know, on the market, you can find Bluetooth Beanies that will help in this case!

Wearing Headphones Over Beanie: How To Do It?

There are different headphones just as there are beanies too, but you should know in this case how to make a combination in between them, as there are a few that you can manage! Now, let’s check out some aspects of doing this.

There are different headphones just as there are beanies too, but you should know in this case how to make a combination in between them, as there are a few that you can manage! Now, let’s check out some aspects of doing this.

Put Comfort First

As I say, put comfort first, you should remember that it goes when you choose any pair of headphones to purchase. Comfort is one of the main things you should have in mind when you are buying headphones, and as you have the right to choose, you should know that headphones that provide comfort will also bring the best out of wearing them over a beanie.

Flexibility is a Key

A pair of headphones with a fully flexible and adjustable headband is the best thing one can own, and it is one of the easiest manners of wearing headphones over beanies in general. You should adjust the headband to be bigger, and you are more than ready to put them over the beanie you chose for the day.

Use of Over-Ear Headphones

The two things I mentioned above, comfort and flexibility, also refer to a specific pair of headphones: over-ear headphones!

As you know, over-ear headphones are the most flexible and most comfortable pairs of headphones that you can use, and you can easily use them over your beanie without any problem. I have heard many people referring to over-ear headphones as the ones to use during winter because they will keep your ears warm.

Use of In-Ear Headphones

It is not precisely the best way to wear headphones over a beanie, but using in-ear headphones can help you greatly if you love beanies and don’t want to destroy their look. Just put the earbuds in your ears, and you are ready to do whatever you want and hit the road with your favorite in-ear headphones and beanie.

Use of Bone-Conduction Headphones

I am sure you have heard about bone-conduction headphones and how they should be placed. Bone conduction headphones are specially made with these applications in mind. You wear beanies and put headphones on the back of your head without any pressure.

You shouldn’t worry whether the bone-conduction headphones will fit because they are made to fit any type of head and are adjustable.

Wireless Headphones Do It Better

Cables tangling around are the worst thing, especially during winter times when you don’t quite have control over them! If you have chosen to wear any of the headphones I mentioned above, you should make sure that they are wireless, as they don’t bother you in any way. Also, wireless headphones are more flexible and comfortable and allow more adjustments.

Important: Will Headphones Over a Beanie Sound the Same?

The primary purpose of wearing headphones over a beanie is because you don’t want to squeeze them while they are on or over your ears and because you want to stay warm during the cold days of winter and want to wear a beanie. Now that you know the methods and some ways you can wear headphones over a beanie, the time has come to tell you something regarding the sound quality and whether there is an effect.

Just as you can imagine, the beanie is a strong piece of cloth that stands between the headphones and your ears, and the sound won’t be the same as it is when there is a direct connection between them. I feel sad to say that wearing headphones over a beanie will enormously damage the sound quality, and you won’t be listening to the same music in the same way.

The beanie will keep you warm, but it is also in charge of making some differences in the sound that will come out of the headphones. Also, you should know that it also affects the volume level because it tends to make it lower.

Another Choice: Bluetooth Headphone Beanies

Some of you may have heard about some Bluetooth devices that will help you listen to music in a manner that I am sure some of you never expected! What if I say that some Bluetooth beanies offer both warmth and music at the same time? Some of you are surprised right now, and I can sense that. 

Bluetooth beanies come with built-in headphones, so don’t think of them as headphone types. As said, they will keep you warm and offer you the experience of listening to your favorite music wherever you go!

Final Words

Here we are at the end of this article! Wearing headphones over a beanie its quite an easy thing to do, but sometimes we end up sacrificing comfort for that.

If you check out in a detailed manner what I mentioned above, you will notice the ways and some types of headphones that you can use, but always make sure to know that there may be an effect on the sound quality!

Anyway, I hope that in this article, I have added everything you need to know regarding the main topic of wearing headphones over a beanie!

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