Can You Wear Headphones Over A Beanie?

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I was born during really cold times, and my mum always says, you have been doomed since birth, and I always reply, if I have been doomed by being born in December, then you have been doomed just by giving birth to me, and that’s how I start a heated discussion with my mum, and I guess you can imagine how that discussion goes on, but somehow we always manage to laugh in the end.

Cold times require radical measures, even if that radical measure would mean you wearing headphones over your beanie!

Can you see yourself with headphones over your beanie, because one thing is for sure, yes, you can totally wear headphones over your beanie, but would that be a pleasant view of yourself if you see yourself in a mirror. So, it’s basically a fashion matter.

In the winter, you must wear comfy headphones because regular cups may lose heat and beanie hats may allow sound to escape, degrading the sound, and if you are already asking yourself if you can wear headphones in cold weather, guess what, I got you covered!

Finding comfy headphones is crucial because the extra space they add to your head may cause it to compress more on the sides, so make sure you can wear them without feeling too uncomfortable!

Beanie & Over-Ear Headphones

The beanie can easily fit under the headphones to keep your head warm, making this pairing of headphones and beanie almost ideal for keeping ears toasty.

The over-ear headphones are also more likely to be pleasant to wear for extended periods of time without causing undue discomfort, especially if you can get extra padding for the ear cups. They can also block out outside noise so it won’t interfere with your thoughts or enjoyment.

If you want complete silence while listening to music, the over-ear headphone designs can provide you with a lot of noise isolation. They also have long battery life.

Beanie & Earbuds

It is simple to wear earbuds with a beanie since the earbuds fit in the ear and the beanie may easily be worn outside while giving heat to the head as needed.

Additionally, a beanie can disguise earbuds, making them fashionable-sounding and enabling you to appear as though you may not even have anything in your ears!

The main problem with this setup is that earbuds must comfortably fit in order to give high-quality sound, and wearing a beanie on top can eventually cause too much heat in the ears, which can be uncomfortable.

Beanie & Bone Conduction Headphones

Since bone conduction headphones are designed for these types of applications, they have significant advantages when worn in cold weather or beneath garments.

A beanie fits almost all of the AfterShokz brand headphones perfectly because they are simple to use underneath other items like glasses.

This is a good alternative if you can find a pair of bone conduction headphones that fit well because they will transmit music through your cheekbones while leaving your ears open to hear sounds around you.

It will be challenging to appreciate music in this way due to the absence of bass and generally flat sound profile that characterize these headphones.

How Does Wearing Headphones Over Beanie Affect Sound Quality

Wearing your headphones over your beanie is one method to remain warm when the weather outside begins to get chilly while enjoying music. No matter how great your headphones are, the audio will be muffled if you do this.

Conversely, wearing headphones underneath could give off an odd and clumsy head profile. Additionally, it makes a hole for chilly air to enter the hoodie, making your ears uncomfortable.

When worn correctly, headphones can cup your ears to block out undesirable background noise. Unfortunately, this acoustic seal is broken when you wear something heavy (like a beanie) over your ears.

This increases the likelihood of sound leakage and lets in ambient noise, potentially letting people around to hear what you’re listening to.

This cloth barrier also lowers the level you hear by a few decibels, depending on its thickness (dB). Additionally, it muffles the frequencies you can hear, resulting in the loss of the treble (above 2 kHz), midrange (250 Hz – 2 kHz), and sub-bass (16 Hz – 60 Hz) frequencies.

As a result, the audio won’t sound as detailed or rich as it could, which will make listening less immersive overall.

Bluetooth Beanies

Since I felt like I have said almost everything about wearing headphones over your beanie, I just wanted to emphasize the fact that out there there are also such things called Bluetooth Beanies! Doesn’t that sound cool?

There’s no need to dig around for your headphones or be concerned that your hat will knock them out of your ears because Bluetooth beanies come with built-in headphones. Because you can fully concentrate on your Bluetooth beanie during the colder months rather than a lot of accessories, this all-in-one strategy works well in snowier places.

Final Words

You can see that there are several different methods to wear headphones with a beanie. Not all of these choices, though, will be cozy or offer the finest sound for your requirements.

Consider using over-ear headphones with muffled noises if you want to make sure you have the ideal set of headgear and earbuds while it’s cold outside. This will help you stay warm while making sure you don’t miss anything around you.

And, at the end of this article, I just want to say that I feel like I have repeated myself many times in this article, and if that’s the case, I sincerely apologize, I was just trying to make sure that I include and mention everything that you need to know related to wearing headphones over your beanie. 

Okay, I’ll say one more thing and I’ll just shut up because I have already said so many things. I think that when it comes to cold, you just have to forget about anything else and just keep yourself warm. Remember, you can not fully enjoy your music if you are sick all the time! 

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