Wearing Headphones Over Hoodie: Is It A Good Idea?

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Headphones are one of the first choices by many people, and it doesn’t matter whether it is raining, snowing, or on the sunniest days, music lovers love music all the time, without any doubt. However, there are some things that should be mentioned about wearing headphones in the best way possible.

Today’s topic or today’s article is completely related to wearing headphones over a hoodie! Is it okay to wear them over? Are there disadvantages of wearing headphones over a hoodie? Well, I think you are about to find out everything that you need to know about this specific topic. In this article, I will be completely dedicated to telling you guys about the issue of wearing headphones over a hoodie, so stick until the end to find out what should be done! By the way, I will be dividing this article into some main questions, and answering them. It may look like a FAQ article, but I think that it is the best way to understand something.

Without losing your time, let us get this article started!

Wearing Headphones Over Hoodie (Questions and Answers)

Is it okay to wear headphones over a hoodie?

There is not a specific definition or a fact that says that you shouldn’t wear headphones over your hoodies, so without any doubt, you can wear your favorite headphones over your favorite hoodies however you want.
You are more than free to wear your headphones over a hoodie.

Are there any advantages of wearing headphones over a hoodie?

While doing some research on the internet, you guys may have noticed that there are some advantages of using headphones over a hoodie, and I would like to mention them as well. 

Many people wear headphones over hoodies for warmth, and it does the job pretty fine. During the cold days of winter, you will see many people wearing headphones over hoodies and beanies as well, so their ears can be warm enough. 

Another advantage of wearing headphones over your hoodies is the comfortable fit. If the headphones that you are using are either tight or loose, a hoodie will allow you to wear them more comfortably, especially when they are too loose. 

The last reason that wearing headphones over a hoodie is considered a good one is a fashionable choice for many people. For them, wearing headphones over makes them feel cool enough. However, you may have seen many YouTubers and gamers wear them this way all for aesthetic purposes. 

What I like mostly must be how it helps with loud volumes, due to the thick fabric the sound tend to get weaker, which benefits our ears in many ways, so yeah get yourself a pair of “hoodie headphones”

What about any disadvantages of wearing headphones over a hoodie?

Just like there are advantages to anything, you should always think that there are disadvantages, and you should be more concerned about the disadvantages even more.

As the main disadvantage of wearing headphones over a hoodie is considered the affection that it has in the sound quality, and it is for the bad meaning of the word. When you choose to wear your headphones over your hoodie, you should have in mind that there is a layer in between your ears and the music that you are listening to. The sound won’t be as clear as you want it to be, and sometimes the sound may come completely muffled.

Another essential disadvantage that should be mentioned is that noise bleeding can occur easier if you wear your headphones over your hoodie. It happens because the ear cups aren’t in direct contact with your ears, so the noise cannot be isolated as it should be.

Note: Interestingly enough, wearing headphones over a hoodie means that you don’t want to socialize with anyone that you may have around so it can be considered a bit rude. 

Things to Do If the Sound Quality is Destroyed (DIY Version)

As I mentioned above, wearing headphones over a hoodie can have a completely bad effect when it comes to the sound quality of the music or whatever that you will be listening to. Still, many people have given a choice in order to not have that effect on the sound quality. It is a DIY that you can do, and even though it is weird, for some people it has been the main choice and the main solution.

Take the things that you need

Besides having the hoodie and the headphones in your hands, you should know that you need some other “tools” in order to start the DIY process. Those tools are paper, marker, or any kind of pencil, scissors, a sewing machine, or a simple needle, and most importantly you need a material that is kind of a grill.

Make some “drawings”

After you have everything that you need, the first thing that you should do is to mark the piece of the hoodie which are touching your ears. After that, you should use the earpads of your headphones and draw them on paper, with the exact measurements that they have. If the earpads can be removed from the headphones it is even better and easier.

Do the cuttings

If everything mentioned above is going pretty well, the time has come to take the scissors and cut the paper part in which you drew the ear pads of your headphones. Put those papers on the hoodie, at the parts which are already marked. I would advise you to be super careful with the cutting parts if you don’t want to see your hoodie completely destroyed.

Sew Everything

If the hole that you just made on your hoodie is exact and well made, take the material that I mentioned, the grille one, and sew it on the hoodie parts that are missing. In order to do so, you can use a sewing machine or whatever thing that you use to sew clothes, and this is the last thing that you should do.

This way, the sound quality of your headphones won’t be affected or destroyed either way as the sound passes through the grille (imagine it as in speakers).

Even though the DIY hoodies seem easy to be made, you guys should know that they aren’t the simplest DIY processes to do. Still, the world’s geniuses have come to a conclusion that there should be found hoodies completely made for wearing headphones over them. So if you are not crafty enough to create a hoodie for your headphones in order to wear them over, I think that you should spend some money on headphone hoodies.

Final Words, Conclusion

Moving along and coming through the end of this article, you can see that the disadvantages of wearing headphones over a hoodie are simpler, meanwhile, the disadvantage is quite important having in mind the sound quality. However, everything has its “cure” and you can try the DIY process that I mentioned above.

Anyways, the problem may not be only a hoodie, as I’ve seen that beanies make people ask some questions as well. Well, I have the solution for that too! I would like to mention that I have also written an article regarding wearing headphones over a beanie. Check it out!

What I really hope here at the end is this article to be your biggest helper and your biggest support if you ever ask yourself about wearing headphones over your hoodies! Have fun!

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