What To Do With Broken Headphones? Recycle Or Throw Away?

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Well, we as people, relying on our human nature, don’t like to keep broken things, we tend to throw them away as soon as they don’t serve us. We are selfish by birth and that’s a fact. We like to use, but not to be used.

But, what do we do when some of our most loved items break? Well, I know a few obsessed people who just keep their broken stuff, until their house looks like a huge container of used stuff.

I don’t know what you can do with your broken heart, but I can think of a lot of stuff that you can do with your broken items, and the first thing that pumps into my mind is recycling, but also DIY is something that jumps in here. But, when it comes to DIY, you will need a creative person to give you tips and tricks about how to continue using your broken stuff, and I’m not one of them!

As I said, I may not be the right person to tell you what to do with your broken heart, but in this article, I’ll write about what you can do with your broken headphone.

If you happen to have had a pair of headphones for years, but now they are broken, in this article you will be reading about how you can make the best out of your broken headphone and what you can possibly do with them.

Don’t expect creativity, because creativity has never been my strongest suit, I can only mention a few creative things and you can proceed to do them, but you can expect accurate things that you actually can do with your broken headphones and maybe soften the fact that they are broken.

But let me just say, before you start thinking about what to do with your broken headphone, maybe you can try to fix them and if they turn out not to be fixable, then you can just continue reading this article.

Broken Headphones – What To Do?

Recycling Programs

If you don’t know where to begin, recycling a broken headphone isn’t always simple. For your benefit, there are those who can recycle them. There are many methods for recycling, which is a fantastic way to cut waste.

Donate your headphones to the recycling centers. There are frequently recycling schemes offered by manufacturers that enable you to properly dispose of your headphones. Most of the time, all you have to do is drop them off at one of their participating sites or send them in.

For instance, JLab Audio provides a recycling program that enables you to mail them your damaged headphones for safe disposal. They collaborate directly with a recycling facility that is experienced in dealing with such electronics. Even better, they’ll give you a coupon good for 30% off your subsequent online purchase.

Although headphones do include components that cannot be recycled, those that can be recycled can be dropped off at nearby recycling facilities using tools like Earth 911, which lets you search for recycling centers near you by zip code.

So yeah recycling headphones is something that you should definitely consider.

Trade Your Headphones In

Now, this one is important, just imagine, I’m advising you to try to earn some money by giving out your broken headphones, and that’s the coolest thing you can do, besides recycling, of course.

If you decide to trade your headphones in, then that would be beneficial to you in two ways, you will get rid of your broken headphones so they won’t be sticking around occupying space unnecessarily, and you will be getting some money selling something that is already broken.

Consider exchanging your headphones with companies that will accept them. You can filter your search by product category and headphone quality. You might be able to get some money back for their trade-in value even if they are of poor quality but still function somewhat.

They won’t have any trade-in value in terms of money if you just want to recycle them, but you won’t have to worry about keeping them around forever or disposing of them improperly.

DIY Projects for Your Broken Headphones

As I mentioned above, I might not be a creative person, but I will mention a few things that you can do with your broken headphones if you are feeling crafty, so you can repurpose them.

Turn your old headphones into speakers

You can create a stereo speaker out of your broken headphones if you’re good at technical DIY. A broken pair of headphones, Bluetooth speakers, a soldering iron, and possibly some scissors are required for this.

To convert your damaged headphones into speakers, first, remove the headphone case so that the circuit board and speakers are the only components left.

To detach the headphone speakers from the headphone circuit board, desolder them.

Test it out after you’ve soldered the Bluetooth speakers to the headphone circuit board! Keep the rest of the parts for replacements.

This is another method of protecting the environment.

Make cute accessories out of broken headphones

You can create some cool accessories, like bracelets, using the cord from your headphones. The cord from your headphones, a few little decorative rings, and some pliers are all you’ll need to finish it off.

DIY lavalier microphone

Small collar-mounted microphones called lavalier microphones are frequently used in interviews and presentations. They are discreet and aid in a sound recording without the obstruction of a large microphone. A set of headphones, scissors, black electrical tape, a black sharpie, and a tie clip are required for this.

This is only possible if the in-line microphone on your headphones still works.

Chop up broken headphones for reserved parts

You can rescue any parts of your headphones that are still functional and keep them for future repairs. You can use these parts to repair other headphones if they break, which will save you some money.

Final Words

See, you don’t have to throw everything that gets broken. You always have the possibility to make something else out of it, or just fix it. I hope you find this article hopeful, and if you happen to be a creative human being, then I strongly advise you to try the DIY tips, I’m pretty sure those tips will turn out to be quite cool, and you can thank me later if they do.

There is always a good side to everything that’s bad, and this article is the “living” proof of that. The bad thing is your broken headphones, the good thing, is the fact that you came across this article. 

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