Why Do Headphones Have Magnets?

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We all love a good pair of headphones.

In the modern world due to advanced technology, they become better and better, and that’s in all kinds of aspects, from construction to sound quality and features.

I bet that you have wondered, at least once, how do headphones work?

The answer is through a magnet, a bit weird, I guess.

To clear some thoughts, I wrote this article regarding why do headphones have magnets.

What is a Magnet?

Before we start with the main topic, I’d like to throw a few words for the magnet itself.

Magnet is all around us and not just in our headphones.

Magnet is a material that provides an invisible magnetic field.

The magnetic field is the force that attracts or say pulls other materials like iron, steel, and much more.

Simply put, a magnet is something that attracts certain types of metals.

What Is a Headphone?

Headphones are just tiny speakers that we wear on our ears to listen to tones.

Headphones turn electrical energy into sound with the help of a magnet that vibrates the air.

Why Do Headphones Have Magnets?

After explaining what a magnet is along with headphones, we came to the conclusion that a magnet sure plays an important role on headphones.

The driver is the key component that turns electrical energy into sound, and for the driver to function properly, a magnetic field is a must.

What makes the magnet so crucial in headphones, is that it is needed to permanently deliver a magnetic field that will pull those energy waves; the same energy waves will result in sounds.

The Type of Magnets You Will Find on Headphones

On a pair of headphones, you will find magnet types like Aluminum, Ceramic, Ferrite. etc.

But the most prominent one would be the Neodymium magnet.

Most headphones, especially the high-quality dynamic ones operate on Neodymium magnets.

If not the best one, the neodymium magnet is definitely among the best type of magnets you can find.

Since their invention, they have been present in most devices that we use even today.

What makes the Neodymium magnet much better than its peers, would be the combination of different materials like iron, and obviously the main factor, neodymium; which is capable of producing a really strong magnetic force/field.

As I said, a Neodymium magnet is something that you will find on a premium pair of headphones, not all of them contain it.

Final Words:

Do not put outer magnets too close to your headphones!

Since we are talking about magnets, this is something worth mentioning.

We all have seen a magnetic force being altered by another magnet right?

This can clearly also happen with the magnets found inside your headphones. This might cause some damage to headphones since the outer magnet will put reverse polarity to the magnet that is inside the speaker.

Indeed, the effect is quite minimal on the headphones, but if the outer magnet is very strong it will surely damage the headphones.

That’s all regarding why headphones have magnets.

I could have gone and explained even in more detail, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible. It is a hard subject to understand for some people, and hopefully, I was clear and you managed to learn something out of it.

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