Why Do My Headphones Keep Pausing?

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Just when you are mentally and physically prepared for your favorite part of the music which is about to kick in, the music pauses. It’s really frustrating and annoying. You can’t stop wondering what the heck is the problem and say I paid for this thing too much, this shouldn’t happen.

I’m always at your service to provide the solution you need. There are many factors behind the reason why you’re getting pausing music. We will go over that in detail down below in the article and hopefully, I can help you on avoiding pausing music.

The typical and ordinary reason why your headphones keep pausing is the cable problem. The main reasons can be either a 3.5mm headphone jack isn’t inserted completely or the action of interfering between other electronic devices is happening.

Many quality headphones have a dedicated app. Inside the app, some features can cause the music to play and pause. The smart app detects while you aren’t wearing headphones and can pause the music unintentionally. Checking the app would be such a relief if you disable the pause-related features.

Sony electronics on their official website explained that built-in sensor activation. It occurs when you remove or put on the headphones. That feature gives headphones permission to pause or resume the music when it recognizes any movement. Maybe smart technology and smart features aren’t always fun.

Why Do My Headphones Keep Pausing?

1. The Connector is Loose

The headphone jack connectivity can cause pausing. If it’s loose, wiggling, or broken, it loses connectivity. To confirm whether a 3.5mm headphone jack is the problem, use another pair of headphones.

How to Fix?
You can move to Bluetooth headphones where you don’t have to deal either with wires or pausing problems.

2. Ear wax & Dust, Debris,Dirt

It is typical for earbuds to gather ear wax and catch dirt. Despite how disgusting it may sound, most earbuds consistently have this issue and tend to break due to this.

Just like a normal human being, ear wax is a natural human process, but not cleaning the ears is not. So over time, ear wax leaves its marks on the headphone. Alternatively, we leave headphones anywhere (try to keep them in the carrying case) and that is the dust and dirt collection. This can cause the music to lose quality and pause out of the blue.

How to Fix?
Clean the headphones at least three times a week by rubbing gently with alcohol and cotton pads. For the places that are challenging to reach, you can use ear cleaning pieces of cotton.

3. Auto Pause Feature is Activated

Some manufacturers created a dedicated app for headphones. They usually are more reliable and that is why constant auto pausing creates confusion. The headphones with built-in sensors automatically recognize when you put the headphones on or you take them off, so yeah that’s an auto pausing feature that can be quite annoying at times. 

How to Fix?
Go to the app setting and find where you see the auto pause feature. I feel like this is the most unnecessary feature since you can take them off and stop music yourself just like in old times.

4. Battery Life

If you are using wireless headphones, maybe battery life is the problem. Sometimes the manufacturer on a purpose to warn you employs assistants or pauses the music to inform you the battery is low. f you don’t check it will keep pausing.

How to Fix?
Make sure you have sufficient battery and plug-in if this is the case.

5. Wireless Range

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the best inventions in audio equipment, however, the downsides do exist though. Maybe you have passed the wireless range and the bluetooth headphones keep losing connectivity. This isn’t a fixable problem, it’s about the capacity of the headphones you own. The only thing you can do is stay closer to the phone.

How to Fix?
While moving around the house, try to keep the doors open, so the wireless range can infiltrate into the corner where you are. Stay closer to the phone for stronger connectivity.

6. Software Bug

If your music-playing device is currently running on a software bug, actually you can’t do anything about it. After the update has been installed, pausing issues may arise. When the update happens, it’s really hard to foresee possible issues. If your music or video started to pause after the update, the install and uninstall process can help

How to Fix?
You need to wait for the update, and while waiting, using another music player or pair of headphones will be the only solution. Alternatively, try to uninstall and install again the app.

7. Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes doesn’t matter whether your headphones use wired or Bluetooth connectivity, poor internet connection causes constant pausing. If you are streaming music or any audio that requires internet connectivity, this issue is most likely to occur.

Because you move back and forth with Bluetooth headphones on and the fact that we don’t look at the screen for long, it becomes the least of our concerns to check the internet connectivity. 

How to Fix?
In order to fix the poor internet connection, reset the router and restart it again. If the problem doesn’t seem to resolve itself, call the internet center for help.

Learn more about in the video

Famous Streaming Apps that Pause the Headphones

YouTube, Spotify, Chrome Browser, Netflix, and many other famous apps we use every day (without a doubt) cause the headphones to pause in an annoying way. Here is what you have to do to get rid of this problem

  • Uninstall and install the app a couple of times.
  • Open Google Play Store or App Store and check for an update.
  • If it’s not updating or the process is slow, sit near the router to catch better connectivity.
  • Spotify requires to press the “Play” button after some time. Go to settings, find Spotify and clear the cache. Try to launch again.

A Brief Summary

The article included all the necessary information you need regarding why headphones pause constantly. After you have checked all the possibilities and acted according, but the problem seems to continue happening, it would be better to replace headphones or let the professionals deal with it.

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