Why Do Truckers Wear Headsets?

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Truck driving is difficult since truckers must sit in one position for long periods of time. When you add in long-distance driving, truckers don’t have much time for friends or relatives. Truckers, on the other hand, are frequently seen wearing headphones. When I asked a trucker guy why he always wears headphones, he responded as follows:

“Using headphones is way easier than trying to hold the phone between the shoulder and cheek.”

To keep their hands free for driving and completing other tasks, truckers use Bluetooth headsets connected to their smartphones. They can communicate with family members, and friends, and report how work is going to the fleet manager.

Just imagine spending the entire day in a closed vehicle and not being able to use your hands because it’s constantly on the move. We appreciate their hard work and carefulness.

This is only one truck driver’s opinion. Let’s find out the reason in general.

The Reasons Behind a Truckers Wearing Headphones

Headsets Make Trouble-Free Communication

Almost all folks who use a smartphone to communicate on the street know that hearing is basically a struggle. A smartphone necessitates you to lift the phone up to your ear for interaction, whereas a headphone allows you to keep your hands free while talking.

Truckers drive the vehicle with their arms on the sides or resting on an armrest obviously, which is doubling the struggle. 

Headsets provide you with greater freedom and don’t drain your battery as quickly as some cellphones do.

Constant Communication with the Fleet Management

Citizen’s Band (CB) a public service radio is the truck drivers’ communication with fleet management. CB radio is directly connected to their smartphone.

This way, they keep the contact throughout the day. Truckers also update the fleet management on how heavy the traffic is and describe the route they are about to use. Sometimes, they need instructions to reach the target destination.

To Give Weather Condition Updates to the Fleet Management

Weather conditions are another reason why truckers use headsets. They need to know beforehand if the roads are closed to take precautions.

Daily Communication with Family & Friends

Truckers’ lives go on the roads every day and seem like a luxury to stop the vehicle and call their beloved ones. Bluetooth or wireless headphones allow easy to answer or make phone calls. They are less worried and can continue the day without getting distracted.

Voiced Navigation

It’s impossible to expect a truck driver to know all the roads by heart. Using voice-over navigation to dictate the route is making their job much easier. So, they won’t be distracted by looking down at the phone which can cause any unexpected accident. 

Pure Entertainment 

We cannot expect the drivers not to entertain themselves while working hours. To make the work hours more exciting, truckers put a headset on and listen to the music. 

Noise Cancelling 

ANC which stands for Active Noise Cancellation is a feature where it blocks all the unwanted unnecessary sounds from the background, and you are left with full concentration on whatever you do. 

This is quite beneficial for truck drivers not to get distracted by what is going on near the vehicle, so they don’t end up with an unfortunate accident. 

However, in the cities, the ANC feature is not applied due to the government rules. 

What Makes a Perfect Pair of Headset for Truckers?

Well, of course, you cannot use any type of headphones while driving a truck. You need to look at some basic specifications that will fulfill the required features. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before deciding to buy one. 

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1. Ergonomic Design

Keep comfort above all while picking the right headset because it doesn’t matter how high-end they are, if they aren’t providing comfort, ditch the option.

2. Durability

Some headphones can operate at a certain temperature degree and can stop working. Make sure to check this feature beforehand.

Stay away from using cheap plastic build headphones, not only their battery can get hot after long use, but also their lifespan isn’t going to last long.

3. Battery Life

The Bluetooth or wireless headsets obviously have battery life, but some headsets’ lives unfortunately aren’t that long. Try to pick the battery life that will last up to 8 hours at least.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t always tell the true colors of battery life. Some unnecessary exaggeration is taking the lead at times.

4. Noise Cancelling  

It is more likely for truck drivers to get distracted during driving hours, for that reason, you might want to look for a pair of headphones that will keep your mind on the road and block the background noises. 

Look for the ANC feature while picking a headset for truckers.

5. Sound Clarity

What is the point of using a headset if the sounds aren’t coming clear? It will be struggling to hear voice navigation, you can’t hear the phone calls, and most importantly, you won’t be able to hear what the fleet management is saying. 

6. Extra Added Features

Additional features aren’t necessary, but why not benefit from extra features that the manufacturer offers. Some brands offer a dedicated app where you can adjust the sounds (bass, vocals, treble) for a better music experience, they also offer multiple device connectivity and offer virtual assistance for voice coordination.

Why Do Truckers Wear Headsets Instead of Earbuds?

Since it’s not against any law to use headsets or earbuds, it’s perfectly fine for truckers to make use of a pair.

Actually, only one earbud should be active while driving, and the other one should be silenced. The reason behind it is for truckers to be sensitive to their surroundings.

Final Thought

To sum up the article above, the reason why truckers use headsets during work hours covers the use of their smartphones hands-free. Not causing any sudden accident is the top reason.

The other reasons are to be updated about the weather, receive and give daily reports to the fleet management, use voice navigation, or just simply for pure entertainment. 

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