4 Reasons Why Your Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out

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Because of the quality and elegance they offer, sound bars have gained a lot of popularity.  Sound bars are now a great alternative to home theater setups as a result of their widespread growth.

Not only they offer quality sound, but your house won’t look disorganized because you’ll get rid of the extra speakers, power cord, and other components that go with a home theater setup.

Most importantly you won’t hurt your bank since they come really reasonably priced.

But as you are listening to music or watching a movie on your sound bar, it keeps cutting out for unknown reasons, which is sort of annoying, not only that but also it has a poor audio quality.

Don’t worry, though, as I will explain why your sound bar keep cutting off in this blog.

Reasons Why Your Sound bar Is Cutting Out

A number of factors can cause your sound bar to lose audio. It might be Bluetooth interference, outdated software, worn-out hardware, incorrect wire gauges, or even improperly connected cables.

But as I usually say, everything has a solution, so don’t worry.

You can easily get a new sound bar if the old one is just broken and useless, right? Be optimistic because there is a solution for everything.

Conflict with Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity

As we know, most modern sound bars come with a Bluetooth connection for that great cable-free experience that we all seek.

Long gone are the days when Bluetooth connectivity used to have tons of problems and wasn’t as widely used as it is now.

Still, it remains a “technology” and there will always be problems. Although Bluetooth keeps releasing new versions of it each year, it is still limited in its range. Not only that but just as with soundbars, most devices you have in your home come with Bluetooth.

At least, all smart devices do.

What I mean by this is that all of your devices try to compete with one another, and that’s what puts a strain on Bluetooth, making your sound bar lose connection and the loss of connection results in your sound bar cutting out or interrupting the sound. So yeah bluetooth interference is a thing.

Luckily, there are many different ways to connect a sound bar to an audio source today. In addition to other ports, they have an HDMI port for HDMI cable, a coaxial port, and a 3.5mm audio port.

If you encounter this problem a lot, just switch off the Bluetooth.

It’s Time To Update The Software

Bluetooth connectivity is the primary cause of sound interruption on sound bars, but your sound bar might also be cutting out due to your outdated software.

Modern soundbars are really feature-packed and well built. They have a bunch of integrated speakers, so for all speakers to work properly, the software is required to process the data.

With that being said, we conclude that outdated software will struggle to process enough data for your sound bar, and that’s what results in “conflict” that cuts out the sound of your sound bar.

Ineffective or Aged Components

By getting to this specific section, I am forced to retract what I said earlier about everything having a solution.

It appears that there isn’t one for aging or death.

Like any other device, your sound bar will eventually lose some of its functionality as it ages. The sound bar’s parts will age more quickly the more you use it; your sound bar’s components are most prone to deteriorate with time.

Age is a problem that cannot be fixed, thus the only option is to replace the parts but I also strongly suggest just replacing the sound bar.

Faulty Cable Connection

While wireless connectivity played a role in the cutting-out sound bar, the wired connection does play one too.

If you have your soundbar connected via wires, you have to check the cable connection. Poorly connected cables will result in a bad-sounding or interrupted soundbar.

Just make sure that both ends of your cable work properly and are placed correctly, it can either be a HDMI cable or even an aux cable.

Avoid any cheap cables with thin wires since they just lead to poor power and that is bad for sound signals, poor quality cables are a big no.

Is the sound on your JBL, Vizio, or LG Sound bar Cutting Out?

I discussed soundbars in general above —, this time I’ll focus on a few notable soundbars that could cut out when you stream music.

LG Sound bar Cutting Out?

LG is not a new brand by any means when it comes to soundbars or even all devices in general. This well-known manufacturer can be found in a wide range of devices, including televisions, smartphones, and laptop computers.

What’s important is that they keep the same value across all fields.

Anyway, their soundbars are sure good and there are a bunch of them in the market.

If your soundbar keeps cutting out, the chances are high that it is due to the abovementioned problems.

Check your Bluetooth connectivity or cable management to see if it is working properly, and you should be good to go.

It wouldn’t be bad to check its audio settings and also the LG music flow app.

Vizio Sound bar Cutting Out?

Vizio is another brand that is known for providing great technological devices. When it comes to soundbars, they are well known for offering cost-effective soundbars.

As they have their huge benefits, they might have drawbacks from time to time, and one of them might be their overheating issue, especially some old versions of Vizio soundbars.

If you own an old version of Vizio, chances are high for it to cause cutting out sounds due to being overheated.

The input connection and the Vizio firmware also play a role in this, so make sure you check all that.

JBL Sound bar Cutting Out?

JBL, well, these bad guys really know their way around speakers, so I don’t think this manufacturer even needs an introduction.

They completely rule the market for Bluetooth speakers, but they also perform as expected in the soundbars spectrum.

Your JBL sound may be interrupted for a variety of reasons. For instance, the level may have been lowered or it may have simply been muted, which is a possibility.

However, a hardware breakdown or a problem with the source device is more likely to be to blame.

Keep in mind that the power source is still the usual suspect.

Final Words

Everything has been said; hopefully, I was helpful and you were able to fix your soundbar.

Soundbars are extremely useful gadgets that will benefit you in many ways, so even if you can’t fix your old ones, I would strongly advise you to buy a new one.


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