Why Musicians Wear Headphones While Recording

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Singing or recording a song in a perfect studio is an enjoyable and satisfying part of being a musician. I think that everybody has seen musicians wearing headphones while recording a particular song or whatever! But have you ever thought why do they do that?

Let me first say that recordings always happen in a recording studio. A studio, of course, if it is professional, owns all the things or equipment that you may own and that’s the category where headphones fall in! They are the best thing that a musician should do or use while recording!

They do help with many things and those things will be mentioned down below!

Let’s start with the most important things!

Isolation of Unwanted Sounds

Every musician or singer, in general, wants to be fully concentrated on the song that they are about to record! That is directly related to the sound isolation of the headphones because headphones include an amazing sound isolation feature and are the first thing that comes to mind when we have to deal with sound isolation. But, what types of headphones isolate the sound?

A good pair of headphones for sound isolation would be headphones that own noise canceling.

There are two modes of noise canceling. Active and Passive. Active sound isolation or noise cancelation is included on headphones that have noise-canceling as a built-in technology while passive sound isolation would be headphones that naturally block the outside noise, without using a particular technology.

Communication with the Producer

When recording a song you are not in the studio all alone! That means that recording always happens with the help of a producer! The producer always controls in a way the recording that you are doing and he stands in the control room! Trying to connect with him normally is not the best choice for you because you are not in the same place, but, headphones, especially the microphone that they own, will help you be in touch with him/her during the whole performance.

Sound Bleed

Bleeding is in a way an incident while recording. It means that all the things are mixed and you cannot distinguish anything in between them! Since recording, in general, requires every instrument and every detail to be recorded one by one it is most likely to use headphones. You may be in the same room with all the instruments that are needed for the music, but when using headphones you will notice that they fully block the “bleed”, and keep the recordings clear in the most perfect way possible.

There is a saying by musicians:

Listening to your voice through the skull is a very different sound than listening to it through the air around you

And that concludes it all! As an overall affirmation, musicians wear headphones to be fully alone with the music that they are about to record. Without any disruption from the place that may surround them!

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