Yamaha NW-SW050 Review

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Yamaha as a name or as a brand is a very famous one and it indeed has authority when it comes to launching many things and an amazing authority they own when it comes to speakers! The company has an amazing mastering of speakers!

In this article, we are more concentrated on its speakers, especially Yamaha NS-SW050 which is definitely as reviewed, an amazing one! Yamaha NS-SW050 is a very well-done floorstanding speaker that in fact doesn’t include many things within but those that are, are immersive. It has a great build quality and a great performance for the sound quality, plus, a specialty is that it comes with a very reasonable price tag, that under 200$!

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the Yamaha NS-SW050 review!

Yamaha NS-SW050BL

A subwoofer that has a very attractive design, a very affordable price, and doesn't forget to feature Flare Port and Advanced YST, which are accompanied by incredible bass accuracy.

Design, Built and Mounting

Since this speaker comes from Yamaha, it sure looks good at very first sight! It has a very simple design, yet there is so much more going on! The Yamaha NS-SW050 is a box speaker or a subwoofer that measures 13.4 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches and has a weight of about 18.7 pounds.

On the front side of the speaker, you will notice a deeply sculptured grille that gives the speaker a more “serious” look, while on the sides and the back of the speaker include a combination of materials, strong materials in general.

As per the mounting of this speaker, it is a floorstanding one that based on the design that it owns fits in anywhere that you want to put it! Users and makers of the Yamaha NS-SW050 say that it is the heartbeat of a home theater system!

All in all, Yamaha did a great job when it comes to the look of this subwoofer, making it a minimalist and fancy-looking one at the same time! It sure looks good anywhere you place it because it goes with any decoration and with any styling of your room!

Features, Sound Quality

At a first sight, based on the design mentioned above Yamaha NS-SW050 really looks empty in terms of features, but that is the thing that in a way surprises us! Nothing simple is simple on the inside!

On the side of this subwoofer, we can notice a Twisted Flare Port and it is a port that reduces air turbulence noise that makes this Yamaha subwoofer contribute and bring very clear and accurate frequencies of the sound in general. The frequency response range that it works in between is from 28 Hz to 200 Hz. The driver or the woofer of this speaker is 8 inches big, and it has the form of a cone. Yamaha surely added its most famous technology and it is the Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology.

This technology uses an Active Servo Processing amplifier circuit to achieve no impedance, that way the speaker owns a more linear motion.

The sound quality in general is something that Yamaha as a creator is really proud of! Based on the frequencies mentioned above, this speaker brings very accurate highs, mids, and lows at the same time! Without mentioning them all, the most special thing is the low frequencies of the sound!

With the Advanced Negative Impedance Converter added on this speaker, the lows come with an amazing accurate response! That means the bass is staggering, powerful, and very rich, of course depending on what type of music you are listening to! The bass is really superb and natural at the same time, making the bass lovers or fans easily fall in love with this speaker!

Based on the features and the sound quality mentioned above, seems that Yamaha NS-SW050 is made to fully fill the needs of those people that want to listen to powerful bass, but also, a very clear sound in many ways!

Connectivity, Controls, and Power (watt rating)

The connectivity part goes all in the back part of the speaker! On there we can notice the subwoofer’s cable that is more than ready to be plugged in!

There is also a power button, in order to turn it on or off and also there is found a sensor, that will give you a signal. If the subwoofer is turned on the signal shows a green color, whereas it is off there’s not seen a signal, and there’s nothing in the world that can make it work! That simple! On the back of the subwoofer is also placed the volume control, which allows you to fully adjust it however you want.

As watt rating is concerned and much needed, the Yamaha NS-SW050 is a 100 Watt Powered subwoofer. Since the watt rating means how loud a subwoofer is able to play, 100 watts is more than enough for this one!
As you can see, connecting or controlling this subwoofer is a very simple procedure, just plug it in, turn it on, and play your favorite music without doing any other thing! Based on the watt rating, on the other hand, it is more than great because it keeps it simple and perfect!

Pros and Cons


Reasonable Price Tag
Very Pleasing Desing
Amazing Bass Accuracy
Twisted Flare Port and Advanced YST included


No Tuneable Crossover (no division of the audio signal)
Plastic on the Side Parts

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Final Words, Wrap Up

This subwoofer in general is considered a small one that does big things! That’s the topic when we deal with the amazing bass that it brings and super clear sound quality!

Considering the fact that it also owns a very cool design, this speaker truly deserves a place in your room, and don’t worry at all because it fits everywhere you put it! It is an advanced speaker that doesn’t have or own too many features but the most important ones do not miss on it, such as Advanced YST and the Twisted Fare Port! All these things on a budget!

All the things mentioned in this article above about the Yamaha NS-SW050 say one thing: Small Box, Big Bass

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