The 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Hardstyle (Reviewed & Compared)

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Hardstyle, huh?

Excellent choice from your side, there’s no other music that can pump up your blood, and adrenaline like Hardstyle does.

Whether you listen to it just for sheer pleasure or to pop off on the gym, just be careful; you might damage your muscles from all that adrenaline.

Jokes aside, in this article, I’ll be introducing what I think are the best Bluetooth speakers for Hardstyle.

For those who randomly stumbled on my article, without being aware of what Hardstyle is, let me explain.

Hardstyle is a subgenre of EDM defined by the use of heavy bass and the distortion of the sound. It combines different elements from various genres of electronic music like house, techno, and trance.

Hardstyle is produced around 150 BMP ( beats per minute). It is a mix of overdriven and hard-sounding drums that are often accompanied by reverse bass.

The genre gained huge success and acceptance back in the 2010s, with hardstyle artists performing worldwide and in the most significant stages of EDM. But, surprisingly enough, Hardstyle is getting another boost of success now in 2022, thanks to the gym icon Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, better known by his legion of online fans as Zyzz.

Most Durable
Bugani M83

Bugani M83

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Best Budget
Anker Soundcore Flare 2

Anker Soundcore Flare 2

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Best Portable
Sony SRS-XB13

Sony SRS-XB13

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The Loudest


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Best Overall
JBL Boombox 2

JBL Boombox 2

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The Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Hardstyle

5. Bugani M83 – Most Durable

Starting things with one tough “boy,” the Bugani M83. Its robust design is not just for show; It actually packs some power and can produce some nice loud music that will benefit hardstyle lovers a lot.

The first thing you will notice concerning the Bugani M83 Bluetooth speaker is how large it is. This bulkiness leads to greater weight, making it an awkward Bluetooth speaker to carry around. However, it comes with a carrying handle to make the transport process more manageable.

It can function as both an outdoor and indoor Bluetooth sound system. Its robustness ensures it will withstand an accident or two and get away without a scratch.

It houses 40 watts of power on its two drivers and is among the loudest outdoor Bluetooth speakers. The hardstyle part is taken for granted; it will produce sounds with punchy bass great mids, pretty much it covers all frequencies you will be needing. It’s also a great speaker for EDM.

Battery life is another “beast” aspect of this Bluetooth speaker; it clocks to a whole of 40 hours, some competitors even struggle to get half of it.


  • Really durable and well designed
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Insane Battery Life


  • Quite big and bulky
  • Heavyweight, limits its portability a bit

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4. Anker Soundcore Flare 2 – Best Budget

In the past couple of years, Soundcore offered us exciting and sturdy portable speakers. This time Soundcore “gift us” the perfect mix of performance and style; what’s more, it does all that at a wallet-friendly price.

The Soundcore Flare is one of the most stunning options available in the market. However, the major selling point must be due to its vibrant LEDs.

It is available in black with multi-colored LED light strips that line the sides and the speaker’s top. The cylindrical exterior is covered with cloth speaker grilles that cover the 20-watt drivers and two passive bass radiators. In contrast, the base is covered with rubber to prevent it from moving because of the vibrations.

The SoundCore Flare 2 has an IPX7 rating that means it can withstand water pressure or be submerged by up to one meter; therefore, it can withstand the rain or splashes from the pool. Just make sure that the USB-C charging port’s cover is tightly closed.
It has a 360-degree array that provides sound in a 3D aspect. It offers a balanced sound across all the spectrum of frequencies. Tonally the Flare 2 is a little warm, making it comfortable to listen to with a low or moderate volume, at the same time it can get extremely loud, to benefit hardstyle. But note the louder the speaker becomes, the more sound quality suffers.

As for battery life, Anker promises us up to 12 hours of longevity.


  • Great Led Show
  • IPX7 rating
  • Overall good sound quality


  • EQ cannot be customised
  • Sound might distort at high volumes
  • No 3.5mm audio jack

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3. Sony SRS-XB13 – Best Portable

After the success of the XB12, who rewarded us with great portability on a budget price, without forgetting the extra bass feature and the sound quality, it’s time for it to step down from the throne and crown its successor as the new king of portability, the Sony SRS-XB13.

Although the Sony SRS-XB13’s pricing is appealing, the majority of people opt for Sony’s smaller models due to their lightweight and compact form factor that makes it easy to transport around. In addition, this time, Sony also included an IP67 rating which ensures waterproofness and dustproofness.

Basically, It looks like an open soda can. It’s somewhat long, comprehensive, and round. It can easily fit into the cup holder of your vehicle. Also, thanks to the strap, you can hang it in your backpack.

On the uppermost part of the speakers, you’ll find an enclosure that protects the regular 1.5-inch driver, while on the lower side is an in-built radiator that provides a better bass response.

In terms of sound quality, the SRS-XB13 is a lot more balanced than its brother. The focus is on the mid-range, allowing vocals to be easily heard and providing a good amount of bass from a device this size. Its excellence on mid-range makes it great for hardstyle songs that have vocals in them.

Sony estimates that battery life will be around 16 hours, but the results you get will be different according to the volume you use.


  • Really loud for the size
  • Good looking and Robust


  • Can distort sound at high volumes
  • Bass vibrations will cause the speaker to be on flat surfaces

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2. SOUNDBOKS 2 – The Loudest

No matter what the weather is Soundbooks 2 promises to throw a party with its loud music; it will blast music as long as you and your friends stay awake.

The first impression of Soundboks 2 is how massive it is, measuring more than two feet tall and weighing 33 pounds. It’s heavy and oversized enough, that the manufacturer offers an additional bag attachment to help you carry the speaker around.
The speaker’s case is strict and has a powder-coated aluminum frame coated with Birch plywood. Bright aluminum balls shield the speakers’ corners, the grill is massive, and comes in metal material also there’s the two 10-inch woofers and one-inch tweeter that can be seen. The side panel is surrounded by two knobs for control and one knob that controls the volume, it can even be set up to 11.

The Soundbox 2 isn’t only designed to be durable and appear intimidating also the volume knob that is set to 11 isn’t only to show off. This speaker can deliver powerful bass, bright treble, and an insane volume. It also has an outdoor mode that uses an extra bit of low-end bass and can boost the audio output to 122 decibels.

Fun fact: According to the Hearing Health Foundation, an average rock concert can reach around 110 decibels and that is extremely loud. So just you know to be careful when you pomp out some hardstyle with this bad boy.


  • Really well made and durable
  • Really Loud


  • A bit heavy
  • Really Loud

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1. JBL Boombox 2 – Best Overall

Back in the good old days, a boombox was what made people dance in the streets and host barbecues or campsites in backyards.

JBL is trying to bring the old days back with its modern and feature-packed Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Boombox 2 which is the successor of the Boombox 1. By the way, you can find out a comparison between them!

Boombox 2 isn’t the kind of portable speaker you can throw in a bag. It’s heavy and bulky but also mobile thanks to its handle that makes it easier to transport it around.

This speaker’s IPX7 certification implies that it is able to be submerged as deep as 3.3 feet and for 30 to 60 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend this though, as Bluetooth isn’t a good choice for underwater use however the idea is that it can be submerged in water and function just perfectly.

Sound quality exceeds my expectations, it’s difficult for me to express the pleasure I have had from the performance of this speaker.

What this product excels at, is creating an incredible bass that is felt regardless of the location you place it. With that being said, the speaker is very loud, too. If can handle the loudness, the JBL Boombox 2 will get it done with more efficiency than the majority of speakers from the competition. If it can produce good quality Hardstyle tunes, should not even be questioned – it will fill the whole room or gym.


  • Loud, yet distortion-free
  • Durable
  • Great Battery life


  • Quite expensive
  • No Bluetooth codecs

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Final Thoughts:

Before I let you go please let me remind you to take care of your ears.

Although I enjoy hardstyle as much as you do, it still remains a loud music.

Listening to hardstyle at high volumes for long periods of time will damage your ears. Obviously, a Bluetooth speaker can barely produce a sound of 85 dB or beyond that, but still, headphones or festivals can do that.

I hope you liked this article and you managed to pull something out of it, besides writing the best Bluetooth speakers for hardstyle, I also wrote the best headphones for hardstyle so make sure to take a look.

Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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