Bookshelf Speakers Vs. Soundbar: Which Is Better?

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Bookshelf speakers and soundbars are amongst the most popular audio devices, especially for those who are considered audiophiles. They are always excellent options for your home theatre. Which one do you like the most? It all depends on your demands. Both of them will provide immersive sound quality, though.

Since you are here reading this article, you are most likely about to make a decision but you’re confused. In this article today, I’ve tried making a comparison between bookshelf speakers vs soundbars. In the end, I hope you can understand better the differences and similarities that they own. Let the party begin.

Key Takeaways

  • Soundbars and bookshelf speakers are audio devices we use most of the time to increase audio quality.
  • Bookshelf speakers will provide better sound quality but are difficult to set up.
  • Soundbars are among the most popular audio devices that provide excellent results and aesthetic appearance.
  • Bookshelf speakers are way more expensive when compared to soundbars.

Representing the Audio Devices

I guess most of you are familiar with bookshelf speakers and soundbars, but considering that there may be some people who are not into audio devices that much, I would like to summarize what they represent and for what purpose we are using them. Then continue to the main part of this article, where I will compare the audio devices.

What Does a Bookshelf Speaker Represent?

Bookshelf speakers are the main characters of home theatres. A bookshelf speaker is a great option to enrich your home theater. If you want to get a better and more powerful sound, you will need a bookshelf speaker. The two main parts of a bookshelf speaker are the woofers and tweeters.

These small speakers generally stand alone, without a subwoofer, so this is why they are preferred for home theatres. You can place them near your television, computer, or wherever you want. By using bookshelf speakers, you will be able to experience the most immersive sound quality

What Does a Soundbar Represent?

Soundbars are gaining so much popularity in the last few years, and there are many reasons for that. A soundbar contains one driver and various tweeters. It is a kind of speaker but in a different shape and size.

Besides the fact that it will provide fantastic sound, a soundbar also has an aesthetic design. So, you won’t mind placing a soundbar in your living room. If you want to experience a better sound performance but don’t have a lot of space in your house, then a soundbar is all you need since it will suit all your demands.

Now it is time to move on to something important. Bookshelf speakers and Soundbars are both remarkable pieces that tend to provide excellence. This comparison between these two excellent audio devices will be very challenging. Let’s see who has more to offer and who will win this tough game. Take your seats and watch.

How Do They Look – Design

First and foremost, I will discuss the appearance of these audio devices. Bookshelf speakers have a sturdy build, and their cabinet is made of high-grade materials to withstand harsh conditions. The Built quality also has an impact on the sound quality. Bookshelf speakers have an identic appearance as other speakers, but they are smaller in size; this is why they are named bookshelf speakers. They are equipped with woofers and tweeters. According to your demands, there are many types of bookshelf speakers available. So, you can purchase one that will suit your living area the most.

Soundbars are smaller audio devices when compared to bookshelf speakers. They have a flat and thin appearance and are very compact. Soundbars have a very aesthetic and stylish appearance which makes them easier to blend in any house interior. There are many size variations available, so you can purchase according to your taste.

How Do They Connect With Other Devices

Regarding connectivity, bookshelf speakers do a great job in this case. They are compatible devices, so you can connect them to any device you want. There are speakers that you can connect wirelessly. They generally support Bluetooth connection, so combining them with your smart TV, phone, or any other device is a breeze.

Soundbars are a few steps behind bookshelf speakers in this category since they are made specifically to connect them to TVs. No worries, it doesn’t mean you can only connect the soundbars to your TV. Soundbars come with many connection options, such as HDMI, RCA connectors, and optical out, which is pretty good.

Where to Place Them

Where you place the bookshelf speakers, or soundbars has much to do with the sound you will get. It would be best to put the bookshelf speakers close to the wall to get the most immersive sound possible. By doing so, you will be able to get the optimum sound, which most of you would like to hear. Don’t get me wrong; this is not a must; you can also place them wherever you want, but the sound quality will differ.

The best place where you could put your soundbar is under your TV; placing the soundbar will give the best sound possible. Otherwise, if you set the soundbar next to your TV or behind it, the sound quality of the soundbar will decrease immediately. So, as you can see, where you place your soundbar is very important. Make sure you follow my written statements to get the most significant results possible. 

How Do They Perform – Sound Quality

Both of these devices will increase the audio quality and provide a better and more dynamic sound, but let’s see which one will perform better.

Bookshelf speakers will provide better sound quality due to some reasons. Bookshelf speakers are equipped with larger drivers, so the sound you will get from a bookshelf speaker will be more powerful and of high quality.

A soundbar will also increase the sound quality, but when compared with a bookshelf speaker, a soundbar will fall some steps backward. A soundbar will be a great solution if you want a device that is easy to set up and performs well.

Final Words & Conclusion

Here is the end of this fantastic article. As you can see, they both have so much to offer. Bookshelf speakers provide better sound quality but are way more challenging to set up and more expensive than soundbars.

Soundbars will also increase the audio quality, and you can easily set up a soundbar. So, the last decision is yours, and it should be made according to your needs.

I hope this article will help you decide which one to choose.

Have a nice day!

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