Why do Headphones Break So Easily?

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It has been some little time since you purchased a pair of headphones, but you can notice that they are getting broken easily? What an annoying situation to be in, as I feel you in many ways. Well, everybody has experienced this, and it has happened to me too.

Well, with a little help from my friends, I was able to understand some of the reasons and the ways how can I protect my headphones from breaking. Now, let me be that friend that will help you guys!

In this article, I will try to be as understandable as ever because the breakage of headphones is a crucial topic, and basically, you want to know everything that may lead to this issue and the things that you can do in order to prevent it.

You will find a long list of reasons why headphones break so easily, so I wouldn’t want to lose your time from the beginning. Let me get this article started!

Why do Earbuds Break so Easily? Reasons and Solutions

Directly going to the main topic, in this section, I will tell you guys some of the most common reasons that your headphones can be broken easily. I will include some of the main factors related to the headphones as a device, and also, I will add some other things which you unnoticeably do to damage your headphones.

Cords in Wired Headphones

As you guys already know, there is wired headphones and wireless headphones based on the way that you should connect them. However, the first reason that headphones can get broken stand the cords that they may own, so I will be more concentrated on wired headphones.

Some wired headphones come with super-long cables which is a great feature in case you want to lay on the couch while leaving the device that they are connected to 10 feet away. However, a super long cord is difficult to be managed, it starts from folding them to leaving the headphone audio jack cable snaking around the room. There may have been days in which you have definitely stepped on the long cord of your headphones, and that is the main reason why they can get broken easily.

What you can do in this case is not to leave the cable of your headphones to dangle around the environment that you may be in. It is also important to find out the best way how to fold the long headphone jack cables because as I mentioned, folding it may cause breakage too. Basically, this issue is a matter of your responsibility!

Build Quality

Headphones, any type of them, come in different materials, and the most commonly used material in headphones stands plastic! It is known that plastic is one of the materials that is exposed to breakage mostly, and if you own plastic headphones you should know that you are “more in danger”.

The solution to this issue should always be thought about before you guys buy the headphones. So, if you ever owned headphones made of plastic and they got broken, you should know what the reason was, and in case you want to buy a new pair, make sure they are not plastic.

Traveling with Headphones

Another reason that causes breakage to your headphones is the fact of how you take care of them while you are traveling with them. Most headphones are portable, and I love that fact. Still, many people tend to just throw headphones on their suitcases or any traveling bags without caring what may happen.

To deal with this issue you guys should always have in mind purchasing a case for your headphones. On the market, you can find different cases, find the one that fits your headphones, ut them there, and you are ready to go on an adventure.

Sleeping with Headphones

I know that many people love to sleep with their headphones on their heads while listening to some binaural beats. However, it is completely wrong! While sleeping you guys have no control of your movements, and it is one of the main reasons why your headphones break easily.

Try to avoid using headphones while sleeping, even though I know that it is a quite nice thing to do, as headphones are known to help with insomnia. However, in this case, a solution can be considered wearing wireless earbuds, as they are smaller and fit better in your ears.

Exposure to Moisture

Headphones are known to be the best devices that can be used whenever you are running or just training at the gym, but they can be one of the factors that can damage your headphones. Now, whenever you are running, you guys basically sweat, and sweat on not-resistant headphones is considered one of the main reasons that break them totally.

Always check out an IP rating! Basically, if you want to use headphones in different workouts, you should wear headphones that can be exposed to splashes of water or sweat in a general form.

Leaving them Plugged In

I talk and talk, and yet again, I find myself telling about wired headphones. Well, that’s because you guys should know that these ones can be easily broken. Anyways, going again to the cable, whenever you leave it plugged in even if you don’t use the headphones the electronic power still moves along them and the device that you connected them to. That’s just because headphones are electronic devices.

What can I state as a solution besides the fact that you guys shouldn’t leave your headphones plugged in when you don’t use them!

Volume Percentage

Personally, I loved to listen to music at 100% of volume, of course until I found out that it was one of the reasons that I was buying headphones once in two months! You guys have no idea how the volume percentage that you listen to your music to can affect and bring the headphones to total breakage!

I know that high volume brings high adrenaline and I am feeling pretty bad to destroy that for you! Whenever using your headphones, you should have in mind to lower the volume by at least 60%, as it is known to protect both headphones and your ears.

While we are here, and I mentioned the 60% of volume, you guys can find out more about this in my article regarding the question “How long should you wear headphones a day?

Cheap Headphones

Some manufacturers do a great job at advertising their products, they make them look so good on paper but when they come it’s the complete opposite.

A pair of cheap earbuds have many things at fault from their weak construction to earphone jack problems, awful sound quality, and so on.

So make sure you avoid cheap headphones at any cost.

Final Words, Conclusion

Here we are at the end of the long list and the end of this article! You guys should always know that everything you do can affect the breakage of your headphones and basically you are the main factor that can lengthen or shorten the lifespan of the devices that you use.

Still, I really hope that this article will help and be a guide if you guys ever thought about the fact why headphones break so easily! There are many other factors that I left unmentioned, but still, the ones that I did are definitely the main ones and the main reasons that cause breakage and not only in headphones but in many other devices!

I don’t think that there is anything left to say! Have fun and take care of your headphones!

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