Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

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While using headphones for a long time or in a tight form, you may notice some hair on the headphones’ headband. The question that comes to your mind at this moment is probably “Can Wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss?” If you need a very simple answer to this question, then Yes! Wearing headphones especially for a long period of time can cause hair loss!

There is a medical term for this issue, called traction alopecia. It is a form of acquired hair loss that happens during a repetitive tension on your scalp, and fully damages the hair! Can headphones cause traction alopecia? Headphones can in fact cause traction alopecia! Even though most of the new headphones come with adjustable headbands, still, traction alopecia is likely to happen!

If you need to know or you need any advice on how to prevent this issue, there are some things that you should take into consideration!

We pretty much know that headphones cause hair loss, or at least contribute to it even worse they might cause traction alopecia.

So because of that, in this guide, you will find everything that covers hair loss while wearing headphones!

How to prevent hair loss when wearing headphones?

Not only headphones can contribute to hair loss but they also can cause headphone hair.

Below you will find more information on how you can prevent hair loss and similar things

Choose headphones that have an adjustable headband

As mentioned above, most of the headphones come with adjustable headbands. That is definitely a good thing in order to prevent hair loss. Adjusting the headband is a very easy procedure but still a very important one in this case. If your headphones tighten your head a lot, just lose it so that it is more comfortable to you, and there is no strength around your head.

Use lightweight headphones

After adjusting the headband, an important thing about hair loss, while wearing headphones, is the weight of the headphones! The heavier in weight, the more issues they can cause to you! Choose wisely when purchasing headphones, and be sure to choose the lighter ones!

Bulky headphones or let’s put them as heavyweight headphones, not only will put a strain on our head but they actually pull hairs a lot compared to the lighter headphones.

If you have an existing hair loss problem, you will find a lot of hair strands on your headband due to the excessive pulling, a heavy and silicone headband can cause.

In those situations try to find in ear headphones.

Place the headband at the back of your head

If you don’t own adjustable or lightweight headphones and you don’t think about buying new ones, another thing to do is place the headband! If you place the headband at the back of your head, then it doesn’t cause any pressure on the part where hair loss is most likely to happen!

Not placing your headphone band right can cause hair follicles to get irritated, that’s why you want to wear headphones in a proper way.

What’s more, it gets even worse if you have short hair. it is more easier to rub on shorter hair which can result in hair damage and even permanent hair loss, especially if it is already in your genes for your hair to fall.

To have healthy hair follicles I would recommend getting in ear headphones for obvious reasons, there’s no headband on them.

Clean your headphones

Imagine having long hair and headphones that are not clean, well it’s time for you to wash your hair again. On the other hand, washing your hair too frequently can result into hair fall due to not being enough grease for your hair to feast on and so on.

Even though it may sound a little bit weird, dirty headphones can cause hair loss too! Just like any other device that you use, headphones contain a lot of bacteria too! The best thing to do is to clean them regularly because it fully reduces the chances of hair loss among other things!

If you have in ear headphones indeed they can’t affect your hair but they sure can affect your ears so clean them too, no one likes dirty in ear earphones, right?

Final Words

All in all, this guide or this article shows that you should definitely take care of your hair health as it is an essential thing to do! Always keep in mind the things that I mentioned above, and if you do that you won’t notice any type of hair loss while wearing a headset!

I really hope that your hair growth cycle gets to its best condition, after reading this blog.

Still I’d like to add without sugarcoating, that sometimes it is in our genes for our hair to fall and it is not the headphones that are causing it, in contras there are a lot of other factors.

Such us iron deficiency, poor diet, stress levels and so on.

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