How To Get Water Out Of Speakers (Tips & Tricks)

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Bad sound, muffled sound, and a buzzing sound, are the worst things that a speaker can deliver to anyone. However, there is something super important that may cause all the things that I mentioned, and that is water.

Considering the fact that speakers are electronic devices, they are not really good friends with water because it may damage it in any way.

I bet that many people are here to know how to get the water out of phone speaker grills, and basically, that is the reason why I am here and why I am writing this article. Here you can find some ways, or tricky ways, how to get water out of speakers.

I would like to mention that this article is dedicated to how to get water out of a mobile speaker when it comes to phone speakers in general, because as we know, portable speakers all have an IP rating that makes them water-resistant or waterproof, meanwhile, normal speakers are tend to be used in houses.

Welcome to AudioViser, and let us see the ways how to get water out of speakers!

Prior Things to Know

Everybody once in a lifetime has been hurt because water has damaged every speaker on every device that they may have owned. That’s because we don’t live in an amazing world where water cannot get into speakers in general.

Anyways, I know that you feel super dumb for getting your speakers wet, but still, while searching through the world wide web, you will find out that you are not dumb, instead you are a human that does mistakes that shouldn’t be done.

As an example, I will mention something all based on my experience. Walking in the rain and holding my phone in my hand was a quite cool thing to do until I found out that the rain was all in my phone speaker.

What did I do? I tried firstly some things that I know should be done. What those things are? Let me tell you!

What to do?

Turn Off Your Phone

Once the water has entered the phone speaker, the best thing to do is to turn it all off. That’s because the water directly goes to the inner part in which are added many different things. Phones are working non-stop on their inner part, so while turning them off, you will be ending the whole process, and there is no movement of the water.

Clean Your Phone

Using a microfiber cloth in order to clean your speakers would be the best thing that one can do. A microfiber cloth combined with rubbing alcohol would be the greatest combination and again, the best thing to do. Put some alcohol on the cloth, and directly start cleaning your phone speaker in many ways but keep in mind that you should do it without any pressure. When you clean the part of the speaker you can use Q-tips or a super small brush.

Remove Everything

By removing everything I am not saying that you should delete everything that you may have on your phone! Keep that in mind!

Remove the parts of the speaker that are removable such as the battery (if it can), the SIM card, and the SD card if your phone works with one.

By the way, take out the phone case primarily because panic can make you forget that you even have a phone case.

Wipe The Phone

The last thing to be done is to take a super dry cloth and to dry every part of your phone. I mentioned microfiber above with rubbing alcohol, but here you can use whatever cloth you want of course if it is dry.

What not to do?

  • Don’t put anything on the phone speaker ports
  • Don’t shake the phone
  • Don’t try to charge the phone
  • Don’t press any button
  • Don’t use a hair dyer

How to get water out of speakers?

If the things that should be done first are done as they should, but still, the speakers don’t function normally and still nothing is done, there are a few tips that you can do in order to get water out of the speakers! Let me show you those tips:

Check Out the Speaker Cleaner

Some modern phones have a setting which is called a speaker cleaner. If your phone has one, then you are more than free to use it. For those that own it, this setting blows the air out of it and every blockage on the speakers can be freed.

Look for Different Applications

Yes there are apps that can eject water out of iPhone speakers, not only on iPhone speakers but most smartphones, just make sure you find the right eject water software.

If your phone doesn’t own the speaker cleaner feature that I mentioned above, go to the store application and find other applications that may help you clean it. If you cannot find one, then there is the FixMySpeakers “app” which can be searched on the internet and it would help.

Look for Sounds

Another thing that can be done, which is similar to the one mentioned above, is to look for different sounds. There are many soundwaves that you can find and bringing different sounds and sound waves to your speakers may help a lot!

Set the phone volume to maximum and play this video, I know it might sound funny for some people but it really help with the water eject, just as water ejection apps would, it will feel like your phone is blowing air.

Here is an example:


Well, well, well! Here we came at the part that no one believes but everybody does it whenever they have water in every device that one may own! You definitely have heard about the rice that is used in order to clean phones when they are full of water, right? Well, I am glad to say that it is not a trick or a myth but it really helps! Rice is known for the ability to absorb water in many ways and leaving your phone in rice for about five hours would be a good thing to do.

Some people say that leaving the phone in rice for 24 hours has been the saver of their phone!

Final Words

Coming in the end, I only hope that this article will help you get the water out of your speakers if any accident has just occurred.

Anyways, I hope your phone will never be under these circumstances!

Have fun!

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