6 Tips To Stop Earbuds from Falling Out

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I love earbuds especially true wireless earbuds, but I hate it when they fall out! Have you ever said these words? Well, I say that as well, and I definitely hate it!

What I mean by the first sentence that I mentioned is to tell you guys the main topic that I will be talking about in today’s article! Here you will find some things that cause earbuds to fall out of your ears, and most importantly, you will find ways how to stop this irritating thing from happening! I will be dividing this article into some main questions that are being asked, and I will answer them specifically. It may look like a frequently asked questions article, but still, the important thing is to decipher the ways how to stop earbuds from falling out and be free enough to wear your earbuds without any worry!

Right now, without losing your time, let’s start this article as soon as possible!

Why do my earbuds fall out?

There are probably many things that may come to your mind right now as some reasons why earbuds fall out of your ears, but still, I would like to mention some of the most common ones and the ones that people deal with mostly, and talk about them in total anger and irritation.

It is a fact that we, human beings, don’t have the same ear size, and everyone’s ears are different, but when it comes to devices, they are all made the same and made to fit a standard type of ear. Anyways, earbuds are meant to be fully inserted into your ear in order to stay and not move in any way. What I would like to add here is that the fitting part of the earbuds is also related to the way that they will bring the sound to you.

Besides the type of ear, there are the types of earbud tips that come in different sizes, but not every type of earbud will come with this feature, and this is another reason that you may be facing issues with earbuds falling out.

If we make a combination of the above-mentioned reasons with the movements that you may do while doing any activity, sweat, temperature, dirtiness, and many other things that are caused in a way by you, the earbuds cannot help but fall out as quickly as they can!

How to Stop Earbuds from Falling Out?

Find the right way of wearing them

There are different earbuds on the market, and there are different ways of wearing them. The way that you can wear earbuds might even come to you in a written form as a manual, but still, without you finding the right way it will definitely be a mess. There are different forms of ear earbuds, as some of them come with tilted nozzles made to fit your ear canal, and some come with an over-the-ear design that is meant to be used just as their name supplies, put them above your ears, as they include some kinds of cables. Once you use them as they should be worn, you won’t be claiming about anything.

For the best possible fit on your ear canal, earbuds with ear hooks also exist, they have a great hold on your outer ear thanks to the unique hook they come with.

Do your adjustments

Even though it may sound a bit weird, there is a way on how you guys can adjust the ears, in order to make the earbuds fit good enough, to not fall out. Many people around the world say that to put the earbuds in your ears you should stretch the earlobe with one hand in order to open it, meanwhile, using the other hand, you should put the earbud in your ear.

Try different ear tips

As I previously mentioned, some earbuds come with different ear tips, and most of them include small, medium, and large sizes. You probably know the size of your ear, but if you notice that they won’t fit, you can try all of them, and why not purchase some other that you can find on the market. Once you see that there is no movement of any kind, you are more than ready to go.

Choose the right material for the ear tips

Just as the forms and the sizes, earbuds also come made of different materials which include silicone, memory foam, plastic, and many others. What I would advise you to do is choose the memory foam ear tips, as memory foam is one of the most recommended materials for the ear tips in general and it can be easily adjustable, and most importantly it doesn’t move around.

Another thing to know is when the ears are overly sharp, or at least more so than we’d like to think, ear cartilage deficiency syndrome develops, which typically occurs when the ears are too pointy.

If your ear tip doesn’t fit comfortably, they’re either too small for you (especially if it’s only one side) or are being worn incorrectly, which might cause them to fall out.

You can wear headbands

We all know that there are different over-ear headphones on the market that you guys can choose and use, but I am not talking about that headband! Whenever it is cold, and you want to listen to music, using a headband for warmth would be the best way to not let your earbuds fall out, and I think that it is a kind of DIY.

Not only that but you can also wear ear warmers, or known as ear protectors to keep your earbuds in place, and not only that they will also keep you warm during the winter season.

Clean your ears

In the beginning, as a reason that earbuds fall out, I mentioned the dirtiness, and it is definitely a super-common reason. However, in order to not let your earbuds fall from your ears, you should always keep your ears and your earbuds clean. Whenever there is sweat and earwax, the earbuds can slip easily.

A fact that should be mentioned here is that you guys shouldn’t use cotton swabs which are known as Q-tips to clean your ear canals! They tend to push the earwax and gather it on the eardrum. This is also a reason that earbuds won’t stay in your ears because there is no place!

During exercises we all know that we will be sweaty and all that, which makes it even harder wearing earbuds since they will fall easier, so to prevent this make sure you use waterproof earbuds that are resistant to sweat.

Final Words

Here we are here at the end of this article, which I really hope will help you guys find out the ways how to stop earbuds from falling out.

It is an issue that many people have dealt with and they steal deal with. Anyways, it isn’t too hard of choosing in ear headphones that fit in and stay there in the best way possible, of course, if you consider some of the things that I mentioned above!

Have fun!

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