Why Does My Subwoofer Make a Popping Noise?

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Usually, when listening to music, people like to listen in an interrupted way, with no side noises and other distractions, only the music and the clear lyrics of the songs. But sometimes the devices through which we listen to music, watch movies, or do any other activity, might start malfunctioning and there are many reasons behind their non-functional abilities. Sometimes that might happen because we usually are not too careful with them, hence we damage them, and the other important reason is their internal system.

As sound devices subwoofers are most commonly used in cars, home theaters, and gaming sound systems, and they’re speakers that reproduce and enhance low frequencies. The regular speakers can enhance the same low frequencies that a subwoofer does, but a subwoofer allows the listener to feel the vibrations produced by powerful bass sounds.

Taking into consideration the fact that subwoofers are these complex sound devices, we can freely assume that many problems might arise while using them, for any reason that might be. As an essential part of a home theater system, subwoofers are quite essential when it comes to enjoying music around the house, in the car or where ever you might be. For some people, it can be impossible to imagine watching movies without the amazing explosions and rumbles created by subwoofers, and those same people hate it when subwoofers start malfunctioning and creating popping noise.

There are many reasons why a subwoofer might start creating popping noises, but there are also solutions that you can perform to fix those noises, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in this article. Firstly, I’ll go through a few reasons why a subwoofer might start making strange noises, and then I’ll offer a few tips and ways that you can perform to fix the problem, even though I have to warn you that sometimes might not be resolvable, because of the complex technology of the subwoofers, so please keep that in mind, as well, but don’t lose hope though, most of the times there is a solution. So, let’s get started!

What Might Be The Reason Behind My Subwoofer’s Popping Noise?

Well, I can’t specifically point at a problem and say that’s the culprit behind the popping noise. There are a bunch of reasons that drive your subwoofer to popping noises.

Subwoofer’s Physical Structure

Almost every sound device is built to vibrate, but subwoofers are specially designed for that. This means that is crucial to be sure that all the pieces in a subwoofer are well-connected and properly put together. Why I’m mentioning this? Well, because every loose or broken component in the physical structure of the subwoofer will cause unwanted noises, including here popping noise and that will annoy one’s ear and will result in damage to the outer structure of the subwoofer.

Issues With The Audio Signal/Input

We can say that this is the most common reason affecting the proper functionality of subwoofers, especially those which are used for home theater. So, if the subwoofer’s audio input connection is poor, you will get interferences in sound that will result in poor sound quality at best, and the worst-case scenario, no sound at all. When it comes to a bad connection, most of the subwoofers are not connected properly because of their outer pieces, and by that, I mean the RCA cables. The RCA cables might be poorly connected to the subwoofer or they can be damaged in some way.

And somehow that might cause a popping noise.

Signals With Clipped Tones

After you have checked everything about the outer characteristics of your subwoofer, and you have come to a conclusion that there is nothing wrong with the physical look of the subwoofer, but somehow you are still hearing popping noises and tones, then the problem should be internal, and that internal problem might be as simple as you hear the music too loud. Yes, you read that correctly, even hearing music with an extremely high volume, might be the cause that the subwoofer is making a popping noise.

Think about it! I’m pretty sure that in any of my articles I have mentioned that overpowered amplifiers can cause a subwoofer to blow out and that will lead to popping sounds, so that’s the same case with songs with squared waves that clip. Clipping or the signals with clipped tones can cause any sound system to crack and pop, and that can happen because of three main reasons and those are sound quality, poor production, or very low fidelity, so what I’m saying is that don’t make your subwoofer work more than it should.

Incompatibility Of The Amplifiers

Amplifiers can be a source of a problem every time, keep that in mind because I’m talking from experience. As you might know, there are two types of amplifiers, an internal and an external one. The internal amplifier in your subwoofer can give you trouble now and even a popping sound, but the real deal here is the external amplifier. The incompatible external amplifier will cause cracking and popping sounds. So, if you have checked everything else and everything else seems just well-connected, then the only thing you have to worry about is the mismatch between the subwoofer and the amplifier. 

Defect On The Power Supply

Power-supply issues are the most common issues with every device! I mean, you can’t tell me that you haven’t bought an adapter for one of your devices more than once! See, I told you! Defective material or bad grounding might be the two causes of bad power supply. The ground loop can cause interferences with any device and subwoofers are no exception.

What Can You Do To Fix The Problem?

Remove the subwoofer’s surround and analyze every component carefully. Check the RCA cables and if needed replace them with new ones. Avoid listening to music too loud and ensure your music collection is as high-quality as possible, and when it comes to the power supply issues, you may have to call a professional. 

Final Words

In order not to come to the point where you will be annoyed by the popping noise of your subwoofer, make sure you keep it clean and dry.

Play well EQ-ed songs on your subwoofer and don’t keep the volume way too loud, if you want to avoid repairing your subwoofer or even worse, replacing it with a new one. 

Hopefully, after reading this blog your popping sound will go away.

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