Best 8-Inch Studio Monitors in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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Home studio monitors have been a great addition to everyone’s home theater and audio equipment and that’s not by coincidence. These home monitors present a true and honest picture of the music they produce and with no doubt, they enhance the music experience of everyone who has these home studio monitors at their home. They just can take any performance or mix and they reveal the most subtle details in your songs, and that is why it is obvious that no sound system is complete without the home studio monitors.

The accuracy of studio monitors is the single most critical feature. Good studio monitors should faithfully represent the content they’re playing, allowing you to make key decisions that you know will be carried over to all of the systems on which your work will eventually be played.

And the fact that you are reading this article, makes me think that you have convinced yourself to level up the way you listen to music, therefore you have decided to purchase a new home studio monitor, but I see that you are not sure of the brand you want to purchase. Well, you are lucky because you have me, and you know that! In this article, I’m going to present to you 5 of the best studio monitors out there and they are certainly my favorites, as well.

You must know that in order for a speaker to be called a great studio monitor, it has to be flat, have a full range, and not color the sound by any chance, and with that said, now we can proceed to the top 5 best 8-inch studio monitors. So, can someone press record, you know, the red dot! Okay, now we can start!

Best Overall 
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Unmatched Sound Quality
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Unrivaled Accuracy 
KRK RP8 Rokit 8 G4
KRK RP8 Rokit 8 G4
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Unrivaled Punch 
Kali Audio IN-8
Kali Audio IN-8
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Unmatched clarity 
Mackie MR824
Mackie MR824
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Top 5 Best 8 Inch Studio Monitors

JBL 308PMKII – Best Overall 

These studio monitors represent a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range that enhances the mix capabilities of any modern workspace and offers stunning detail, and precise imaging.

These studio monitors offer outstanding performance and an enjoyable mix experience, and all that at the most reasonable price. Not to mention the sleek, modern design that provides a visual upgrade to any studio, and its outstanding accuracy in any working space.

You know how they say, your mic is only as good as your monitors. The same thing applies to this amazing studio monitor. What characterizes these studio monitors is greater low-frequency linearity and lower harmonic distortion courtesy of an enhanced woofer design.

JBL 308P MKII is the definition of an unmatched peak handling, stunning dynamics, and neutral frequency response that’s unbeatable in its class.

What makes the difference between these studio monitors and the studio monitors of other companies is the fact that JBL builds speakers that squeeze every ounce of performance from each component to deliver efficient, accurate sound reproduction, while other manufacturers use off-the-shelf components and make subjective decisions about the sound of.

The sound quality itself is out of this world. Definitely top notch.

Key specifications of JBL 308P MKII: 

  • LF Driver: 203mm (8″)
  • HF driver size: 25mm (1″)
  • HF driver type: Soft dome
  • Input sensitivity (-10dBV INPUT): 92dB / 1m
  • Frequency Response (±3 dB): 45Hz – 20kHz
  • Frequency Range (-10dB): 37Hz – 24kHz
  • Maximum Continuous SPL: 102dB
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 112dB
  • AC input voltage: 100 – 240VAC (±10%), 50 / 60Hz
  • Enclosure type: Ported
  • Enclosure: 15mm MDF
  • Net Weight (each): 8.1 kg (17.87 lbs)

Why Should You Buy It?
Even when the projects will push your gear to the limit, this studio monitor will continue delivering reliable performance and a constant excellent, unrivaled sound quality.

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YAMAHA HS8 – Unmatched Sound Quality

The sound quality with Yamaha HS8 is powerful and immersive, and that’s thanks to its high power output and amazing low-frequency response, you won’t need a subwoofer at all if you purchase Yamaha HS8.

I can say that Yamaha HS8 has no competitor because of is unbeatable in its price range. Is an excellent choice for professional sound studios, for sound mixing, but also for recordings.

The sound quality might be a bit overhyped in the high end and scooped in the lower mids, but that’s just a tiny problem with this amazing active studio monitor. A 2-way, bass-reflex, bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with an 8″ cone woofer and 1″ dome tweeter, will be just the right addition to any home theater.

These studio monitor speakers are the big brothers of Yamaha’s HS series and still defend their place at the top of the range in terms of size and power. It represents an ideal candidate for for medium to large spaces.

How does this speaker pave the way for professional quality music productions? Simple! It just doesn’t flatter the sound or seek to artificially differentiate themselves from the competition with exaggerated bass and treble responses.

Key specifications of of Yamaha HS8:

  • Speaker type: 2-way bi-amp powered studio monitor
  • Frequency range (-10dB): 38Hz – 30kHz
  • Components: LF- 8″ cone, HF-1″ dome
  • Crossover: 2kHz
  • Output power: 120W (LF:75W, HF:45W)
  • I/O connectors: XLR3-31 type (balanced)
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Shape: Bass-reflex type
  • Cabinet material: MDF
  • Width: 250mm (9.8″)
  • Height: 390mm (15.4″),
  • Depth: 334mm (13.1″)
  • Net weight: 10.2kg (22.5 lbs.)

Why Should You Buy It?
The reliable monitor of this studio monitor will impress you and convince you that it is the ideal choice not just for you but for anyone looking for affordable and reliable equipment.


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KRK RP8 Rokit 8 G4 – Unrivaled Accuracy 

It’s funny how the name of these studio monitor speakers made me think of Rokit science, and that’s just what this studio monitor is, a rokit science per se.

Actually not only KRK RP8 has left a good impression on anyone, but also the whole KRK ROKIT G4 line has been scientifically re-engineered from the ground up for the way modern artists work, in all genres and environments.

This studio monitor represents a greatly designed speaker enclosure and front-firing port which offers an exceptional low-end extension and accuracy, punch, and flexible room-positioning.

These studio monitor speakers will deliver to you exactly the quality you expect in a pair of professional monitors with a sleek new finish.

This one will help condition your acoustic environment while offering new levels of versatility in a home theater or anywhere you decide to place it because guess what, this professional studio monitor comes with flexible room-positioning.

You just need an audio interface, and you’re ready to go.

Key specifications of KRK RP8 Rokit 8 G4: 

  • 8″ Near-Field Studio Monitor
  • Frequency Response: 36Hz – 40KHz
  • Max SPL: 111 dB
  • Power Output: 203 Watts
  • Input Impedance: 5.12KΩ Balanced
  • Balanced TRS/XLR Combo Jacks
  • Height: 15.75″ / 400 mm
  • Width: 10.47″ / 266 mm
  • Depth: 12.17″ / 309 mm
  • Weight: 22.6 lb / 10.25 kg

Why Should You Buy It?
One thing is for sure, this professional monitor will take music and sound creativity to a whole new level. The excellent sound quality and fantastic clarity make these active monitors fully worth it.

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Kali Audio IN-8 – Unrivaled Punch 

Ladies and gents, I present to you the most innovative studio monitor ever made. The amazing features of this studio monitor must be heard in order to be believed. It combines the natural advantages of a 3-way design with hyper-realistic imaging of a co-axial mid-range and tweeter. The tweeter that offers more transparency, lower distortion, and an incredible soundstage.

Unlike anything you’ve ever heard, the woofer and the tweeter in this studio monitor do less work, resulting in better headroom and lower distortion across the frequency spectrum.

The hyper-realistic imaging in this studio monitor is as a result of the coaxial architecture of the midrange and tweeter.

The most amazing features of this studio monitor include a soft dome tweeter that makes sure to deliver to you smooth, effortless highs, a profile-optimized midrange driver that makes sure to deliver to you clear mids and excellent directivity all the way to the top of the frequency response, and a powerful woofer that makes sure to deliver to you clean, punchy bass that doesn’t disrupt the mids and highs.

Key specifications of Kali Audio IN-8: 

  • Powered: Yes
  • Amp Class: D
  • DSP Functions:  Loudspeaker Tuning, Limiter, Crossover, Boundary EQ Settings
  • Power Config: Tri-Amped
  • LF Power: 60 W
  • Mid-Range Power: 40 W
  • HF Power: 40 W
  • Total Power: 140 W
  • LF Driver: 8″ Paper
  • Mid-Range Driver: 4″ Optimized Profile Paper
  • HF Driver: 1-Inch Textile Dome
  • Freq. Response (-10 dB): 37 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Freq. Range (±3 dB): 45 Hz – 21 kHz
  • LF to Mid-Range Crossover: 280 Hz
  • Mid-Range to HF Crossover: 2800 Hz
  • Recommended Listening Distance: 0.5 – 4 Meters
  • Max SPL: 117 dB

Why Should You Buy It?
Extremely accurate and easy to mix on, to the extent that you’ll be able to work faster and with more confidence, and your mixes are going to translate to other systems with less work. So basically, with these studio monitors you will be working smarter and not harder.

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Mackie MR824 – Unmatched clarity 

You can be completely sure of one thing, if not about other things, and that is incredible accuracy and clarity of this studio monitor.

These studio monitors are built in such a way that guarantee you a ultra-wide listening sweet spot and enhanced stereo imaging, and that’s no matter if you are listening hip-hop, rock, or beyond, cause with this studio monitor you can listen anything with confidence knowing that your mix will sound great anywhere.

Every audiophile relies on his or her gear to express their creativity, but you can freely rely on these studio monitors especially, because these will bring you closer your music and your mix than ever before, so you can be sure that you will be to delivering professional results without breaking the bank. Definitely one of the best 8-inch studio monitors out there.

Key specifications Mackie MR824: 

  • Frequency Response: 38 Hz to 20 kHz, (-3 dB), 35 Hz to 20 kHz, (-10 dB)
  • SPL: 107 dB SPL @ 3.3′ / 1.0 m (+4 dBu into balanced input)
  • Maximum SPL: 113 dB SPL @ 3.3′ / 1.0 m (per pair)
  • Transducer: Low Frequency: 8.0″ / 203 mm (polypropylene-coated woofer)
  • High Frequency: 1.0″ / 25 mm (silk dome tweeter)
  • Power: 85 W
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.9 kHz
  • Controls and Processing: Power, Level, HF-boost/cut, Acoustic space control
  • AC Power: 100 to 120 VAC
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 10.9 x 13.2″ / 401 x 277 x 335 mm

Why Should You Buy It?
Enclosure: Rugged all-wood design, internal acoustic absorption material, minimum-diffraction molded baffle, custom-tuned zero-turbulence rear port, logarithmic waveguide, and textured finish

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Buying Guide: What should be considered when buying an 8-inch studio monitor?


You know what, let’s get real! The only purpose of studio monitors is to provide accurate representations of the recordings, and not to uplift the existing sound quality of the audio, I’m telling you that so you know exactly what a studio monitor does and to lower your expectations, so you don’t get disappointed afterward.

So, in this case, the accuracy point in your studio monitors is one of the integral components to look into, and pay attention to, and when I say attention, I mean full-on attention, get into it and understand it well, and after you understand it well, you will be able to know that the accuracy of your studio monitors reveals frequency issues, sound checks, and other nitty-gritty details, and that’s exactly why accuracy is quite important.


If you are looking for an 8-inch speaker then you should know that you are looking for a speaker that delivers high volume and that’s why you should not settle for less. And I’m saying that because the 8-inch studio monitors handle that volume more cleanly and provide less distortion at higher volumes, so basically that’s one of their main functions, so if you like your music loud you should find most 8-inch speakers will satisfy you, but you still have to double-check, I mean, double-checking never does any harm to anyone.

How do you do the double-check, though?! Well, Many 8-inch monitors give a similar output at full volume within 1 meter, and consistently listening to music at this level can lead to hearing damage so you better aim to not expose yourself to this range for long periods.


I think acoustics matter a lot when it comes to choosing the best 8 inch studio monitors for yourself. Do you know why? Well, if you do, good for you, and if you don’t, as always, I have the answer for you. So, before buying a certain studio monitor, you must know well the room acoustics where you are thinking to place the studio monitor, because believe it or not, audio can be heavily affected by the objects and size of the room, and that’s exactly why acoustics matter so much.

You might want to keep your monitors at a distance of 2.2m from the walls to balance the sound because there is a lot to consider about the placement of the monitors as well because the objects in your room can act as an obstruction.

Final Words

I think I have said it all, and actually, I’ve said more than I should, I tend to talk a lot sometimes, but I don’t regret it, as far as I provide you with the necessary pieces of information, I’m okay with being the one that talks a lot. I hope that you find this article helpful and that your favorite studio monitor is among the speakers that I have listed above because those are the best 8-inch speakers that are out there. So, don’t hate on me if I haven’t involved any information that you expected to be in this article. Next time, maybe! Just maybe! I hate promising stuff! 

Further Reading

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Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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