Best JLab Earbuds Of 2023 (Top Picks For Any Use!)

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JLab as a company has been in constant improvement since wireless earbuds became a thing. I love how they address all types of audiences keeping the budget unexpectedly low. JLab identifies itself as a sustainable company that delivers a little bit of everything in the market.

Founded in 2005, JLab seems to never amaze the audience, and it makes it harder for us as a customer to decide which ones are better. As a result, I made a list of the best ones so that you can have a clear thought about each chosen product. 

A Quick Look at My Favorite JLAB Earbuds

The Best Overall


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JLAB's signature


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Your Sport Buddy


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Best For AudiophilesThe Non-Racist Earbuds


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Custom Fit


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Key Takeaways

  • The JLab tends to balance affordability and reliability at the same time.
  • Noise isolation is above average because of the in-ear form factor.
  • JLab wireless headphones are ideal for sports activities for near-perfect fit and casual use.

Top 5 Best JLab Earbuds

5. JLab JBuds Air Icon – The Best Overall

Air Icon true wireless earbuds screams “go bold or go home” type, whereas the matte premium looks with the logo embedded in the middle is slightly distracting. The bulkiness overtakes the entire design of the earbuds. The gold detail in the appearance is a big turn-off, as I would prefer them to be covered in black entirely.

There are three different silicon sizes for a secure fit without the risk of falling off your ears. The earbuds’ rating is IP55, where the sweatproof, waterproof, and dustproof capabilities are all present. That makes it great for everyday physical activities. The touch sensors allow you to take and receive phone calls, control the music and get in touch with the virtual assistant.

The sound profile isn’t surprising because we are used to the heavy bass reproduction in their products. Simply put, the punchy bass is the unwritten rule of the JLab, but it’s not disturbing to interfere between the vocals and other instruments in the song. Even though the aim is bass, I’ve played some songs to test them out on Beyonce’s “Love on Top” music. These true wireless earbuds clearly identified the vocals and other instruments as well as in Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day” song.

 The battery life seems average, giving 6 hours of playtime on a single charge. You can expect 24 hours of music time from the charging case.

Why Should You Buy It?

JLab Air Icon’s true wireless earbuds aims more for customers who love bass and are engaged in everyday physical activities.

IPX RatingIP55
Playtime Hours24+ Total (6 Hours in Earbuds)


  • True wireless earbuds
  • Dust, water, and sweat resistant
  • Decent battery life
  • Great value for the price


  • Poor microphone quality
  • Bulky design

4. Jlab Audio GO AIR – Best Budget

The exact appearance of the Air Icon is visible in Go Air too. It seems like JLab cannot give up on the look and isn’t ready to make massive changes besides making 20% slimmer and smaller. The designs are identical to that point where it seems nearly impossible to tell the difference from far away. At least, this time, Jlab was generous in color options. Other than black, you can pick between green, navy, red, white, and teal.

Lower your high expectations because the budget price is reflected in the sound quality this time. The bass production is so loud that it distracts the entire music, especially in the midrange. It lacks vocal clarity, but bass representation is visible there. The bright side is the low ends which were pleasurable to hear.  

JLab Go Air features the auto-connect feature and is sweat and water-resistant. The IP44 rating means that the earbuds can handle only splashes of water, dust, and moisture at a certain level. It’s great for long walks in harsh weather conditions and can be the best travel buddy for those on a budget. The battery life, on the other hand, is impressive. It lasted precisely as the manufacturer advertised and extra 15 hours from the charging case.   

Why Should You Buy It?

The smaller and compact design makes a good travel buddy. The affordability is in the fancy coffee price range, so I think it deserves a chance for the sake of bass quality.

IPX RatingIP44
Playtime Hours15+ Total (5 Hours in Earbuds)


  • Dirt-cheap price
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable
  •  Compact
  • Water/dust resistant


  • Bass overpowers the vocals
  • The sound quality could have been better

3. Jlab Audio JBUDS AIR SPORT – Your Sport Buddy

Again the design fetish hasn’t changed in the Air Sport series too. The bulky design is still visible, but this time the ear hooks provide absolute security while in use. JLab primarily highlighted the earbuds for sports, and I totally agree with that. Starting from bass lovers, challenging sports such as rock climbing, cycling, and marathon running can’t knock the Air Sport out.

Even though the ear hooks give discomfort signs, they are surprisingly comfortable for all-day use. The proper security not only lets them fall during movements but also eliminates external noises. With the sturdy connection along with easy touch sensors, you can have clear conversations anytime, anywhere. Plus, the IP66 sweat and water resistance, along with the Be Aware Mode application, are very thoughtful. You can exercise on rainy days and be aware of what is happening around you.

The dramatic bass production is also present because JLab focuses on booming bass rather than vocals. You can miss some instruments due to bass emphasis, but in my world, the bass is heaven, so it didn’t disturb me at all. JLab Air Sport will reach your expectations if you want to enjoy music without the lyrics. To be honest, it felt like the battery life never ended. You get 6 hours in a single charge, and the charging case, on the other hand, gives extra 34 hours of playtime.

Why Should You Buy It?

Suppose you get sick and tired of constant charging and look for earbuds that will provide complete security. Alternately, the strong bass effect is definitely worth giving the earbuds a shot.

Connectivity Bluetooth
IPX RatingIP66
Playtime Hours34+ Total (6 Hours in Earbuds)


  • Clear microphone
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Good isolation
  • Be aware mode


  • Bass overpowers the vocals

2. Jlab Audio GO AIR TONES – The Non-Racist Earbuds

Thank goodness, this time, JLab changed the game with that seven-shade drop. I can clearly call them non-racist because it covers the spectrum of different skin tones. The durability and not leaving the fingerprints in a single touch is a well-thought idea.

The GO Air Tones produce good sound quality and let’s leave it at that. Again the sound quality is highly emphasized in the bass production. The vocals and instruments in the songs were decent and pleasant, especially in the mid ranges. I was curious about how the podcasts will sound, and they exceeded my expectations. The voices weren’t audible and clear even at higher volume levels.

For sports addicts, the appropriate amount of sweat and water resistance is present at IPX4. That means you don’t have to care for weather conditions or a sweaty body; the Go Air Tone will perfectly handle these small problems.

Plus, the dual connect, automatic connect, and easy touch sensors are super helpful. In the concrete, the amount of battery life is interestingly good. The 32 hours of playtime may be average, but they come at higher price tags

Why Should You Buy It?

If you wear earbuds to impress, the aesthetic part with neutral tones kills it.  They are compact for everyday use, have decent sound quality, and the touch sensors are easy to control.

IPX RatingIPX4
Playtime Hours32+ Total (8 Hours in Earbuds)


  • Good bass production
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Durable
  • Beautiful neutral colors
  • Excellent battery run time


  • Podcasts aren’t audible and clear

1. Jlab Audio JBUDS PRO – Custom Fit

Let’s give a round of applause to JBuds Pro for trying to do a lot at a minimal price point. Don’t let the cord fool you because the earbuds work wirelessly. The wire enables more security to not fall off your ears and avoid losing. The beauty of colors lets you show off your personal style by offering pink, purple, teal, and black options.

The refined high performance is the result of drivers, and it provides high-quality sounds with exceptional clarity. The deep bass signature is very well balanced between the vocals and instruments, so no disturbance is allowed to enter the song. Mainly, the bass focus is pleasant to hear in rap, hip hop, and electronic dance music genres. The drums are the peak point of the performance, and the JBuds Pro delivers that unexpectedly well.

The JBuds Pro allows you easy and full control over the earbuds. In C3 technology, you can choose between the three noise control modes. Apart from that, noise reduction or isolation seems the best a company has ever launched so far. Besides the three soft silicone gel tips, the two extra cush fins ensure the noise blockage at a maximum. Plus, the sweat-resistant and water-resistant feature rated at IP55 guarantees that dirt, dust, and water won’t get in your way.

 The battery life, on the other side, gives 6 hours of full joy music listening. It seems average, but the charging time is 1.5 hours is all right considering the offering price tag. 

Why Should You Buy It?

It offers terrific noise isolation to put you in the mood of music entirely. If you intend to get great sound quality at a reasonable price, you can go for Jbuds Pro.

IPX RatingIP55
Playtime Hours6+ Total


  • Great sound quality
  • Perfect fit
  • Affordable price tag
  • Tight noise isolation
  • Sweat and water-resistant


  • Average battery run time
  • Microphone quality could be better

Considerations before Purchasing a JLab Earbuds

Perfect Fit and Comfort

Leave the price and other features aside because, without comfort, nothing matters. Earbuds are very prone to cause discomfort because they go inside the ear canal. After long hours of use, you will most likely encounter pain or the urge to push them back in the ear. Thankfully, JLab offers many silicone tips for a perfect fit. Besides, if the fit isn’t perfect, it affects the sound quality too. I’ve seen the customers overreact to sound quality, but it was all about the wrong silicone tips.

Your Motive

Find out what is your purpose behind purchasing earbuds in the first place. Are you looking for a gym buddy? Do you need excellent sound quality, or do you want quiet time? Each of the products I put on the list serves a specific purpose. Read the reviews briefly and then decide which one suits you the best. Happy hunting initiate.

Noise Cancellation or Noise Isolation Feature

Before explaining, allow us to clarify that noise cancellation and isolation are not the same things. Active noise canceling is the most significant investment in the audio industry. The included microphones pick up the noises around you and block entirely inside, leaving you peaceful listening times. On the other hand, the noise isolation eliminates background noises to a certain point, allowing you to hear ambient sounds without disturbing the music. Besides, the microphones let you make and receive phone calls instantly.

Waterproof and Sweatproof Rating

In most of the products, JLab emphasizes the waterproof and sweatproof rating. It is usually written as IPX4 and more and is a handy feature to prevent accidental water spills. Additionally, resistance is all you need if you are an athlete or go to the gym regularly. Be mindful that the higher the number after IPX is, the more durable against water the earbuds will be.

There are ratings tested underwater for 30 minutes straight and can guarantee waterproofness. However, water-resistant means the earbuds can withstand water splashes, such as on rainy days or touching with wet hands. Waterproof means more durable against water and can handle more water exposure without damage.

Battery Capacity

Solid battery life is essential. Keep in mind that the larger the battery capacity is, the longer hours the earbuds will last. The unwritten rule in the battery life stands between 6-40 hours. Always expect less battery lifespan when seeing the advertisements because sometimes things look good only on paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JLab a Good Manufacturer?

Yes, but at a certain point. They intend to elicit the best performance at affordable price tags. They offer super comfortable earbuds, which tend to be practical for everyday use. The sound profile is emphasized mostly on deep bass and less on vocals and instruments in the song. 

Are JLab Earbuds Make Clear Phone Calls?

Partially, because in most cases, you can hear the person on the other side without interruption. However, they have difficulty detecting what you are saying; even the voices come with an interruption at times.

Why the Battery Life in JLab Dies too quickly?

The main reason for fast battery dying is not allowing the earbuds and the case to charge fully. Sometimes the quick 5-minute charge seems appealing to the ear, but it kills the battery’s lifespan over time.

A Brief Summary

Each day, JLab as a company moves a step forward. I adore their thoughtfulness on wanting everybody to get a pair of earbuds without spending too much money on them. They certainly reached at some point, but the sound profile needs more improvement. So, to pick the right earbud, I strongly recommend you choose the fit carefully. Afterwards, pay attention to audio quality, features, and battery life.

If you ask my personal choice, I would pick the JBuds Pro because the sound isn’t only emphasized in the bass production, rather everything is put together in order. As for comfortability (I’m sure you have noticed by now I pay attention to comfort and durability), my personal pick would be Jlab Audio Go Air Tones.

Further Reading

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Whether you’re looking for information on audio equipment, looking to learn more about how things work in the music field, or looking for reviews of products, we got you covered!



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