Can Headphones Electrocute You?

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There are many sayings and many myths that people keep mentioning about headphones in general, and the main topic in this article is the answer to the question “Can Headphones Electrocute You?”

Even though it may be weird for some people, I have noticed that many others are concerned about this fact, and the worries are becoming bigger, by the time. Anyways, you guys always know that I am here for you.

In this article, as previously mentioned, I will tell you if headphones can electrocute you. I will try to keep things as simple as possible but I would like to mention that I do not have the intention of scaring you in any way!

Now, without further ado, let us get through this article and let us get directly to the topic!

Are Headphones Dangerous?

We all know that headphones are the device of the century and whenever I have to tell you guys anything about them I am more than concerned about what type of information you want from me. 

When it comes to danger, in a general way, headphones are not dangerous in any way, even though there are some disadvantages that are mentioned, of course, if you use them for prolonged hours. I would like to mention some of them. 

  • ear infections
  • hearing loss (small percentage)
  • lack of focus

Anyways, it doesn’t mean that the things that I mentioned above are caused 100%. They are something that might happen. 

Read below if electrocution is a part of this list.

Can Headphones Electrocute You?

Headphones are devices that work with voltage, and basically, they are known as electronic devices in general. Defining electrocution means that people are killed by electricity in general. 

In headphones there is no such power that can kill a person, so headphones cannot electrocute you in any way; meaning they cannot cause death. However, if we ask the question can headphones cause an electric shock that is somehow related to electrocution, there is a high chance that it can be caused. 

Note: Repeated electric shock can lead to electrocution.

Causes or Factors of Electrocution While Wearing Headphones

Electrocution cannot happen only because you wear headphones, there are some important factors that deal with it and may cause it. Here are they:

Static Energy

In a definition, static energy is the imbalance of electric charges which is caused by the rubbing of two insulating materials. Without going into Physics (at which I am not very good), I would like to give to you the simplest example of static energy. 

Static energy or otherwise known as static electricity can be noticed in case you ever rub a balloon on your hair. 

While wearing headphones, the reason that static energy may be caused is that the wire of the headphones is in direct contact with the material of your clothes especially if they are made of nylon. When they are rubbed with one another for a pretty long time, you will feel what is called a zap. 

Can I prevent it?
In order to prevent static energy or static electricity, you can wear clothes that are made of cotton mostly, without allowing your headphones to be rubbed with nylon.

Alternating Current (AC Power)

Alternating current, mostly written as AC, is the type of electrical current that we have in our houses; meaning that it is the most commonly used type of electric source.

Considering the fact that everybody uses this type of current it doesn’t mean that it is dangerous, but when it comes to electronic devices, such as headphones, they can damage or cause some problems to it.

What I mentioned above is completely related to the device that you use connected or paired with your headphones. A more basic example could be a smartphone or a laptop.

When you have your phone or laptop on a charge and use the headphones at the same time while the device is charging, electrocution or an electric shock is more likely to happen, because of the power that the headphones need to be charged.

Can I prevent it?
The most basic prevention or the most basic thing that one can do in order to prevent electrocution or electric shock by AC power is not to use their devices while in charge with headphones.

Headphone Wires

When I mention wires I don’t mean any kind of wire that headphones may own. My concern is mostly related to exposed wires that headphones may have. Whenever you are using headphones with a broken wire, or completely exposed wires, you will be feeling electric shocks more than you can ever imagine.

Can I prevent it?
In order to prevent this matter of fact, the best thing to do is to use wireless headphones. By the way, while we are here, I would like to advise you to check out my article regarding Wired vs. Wireless Headphones.


Electric shock or electrocution can also occur based on the environment and the weather in which you use your headphones.

For example, if it is raining or there is a high degree of humidity electric shocks can happen faster and they can be caused easily. When there is high humidity the air tends to enter through wires or through the earbuds (which mostly happens with them) and it can cause electrocution.

Can I prevent it?
Prevention for this part would be to not use your headphones for a prolonged time whenever it is raining or there is humidity. By the way, it can happen even if your headphones own an IP rating.

 Final Words, Conclusion

Coming here at the end, I understand that this topic requires more detail and more information. However, as I stated at the beginning, I tried to write this article in a simpler form and include the most important things that should be mentioned.

If we need a simpler answer to the question that is asked it would be somehow it can happen. Anyways, I really hope that it never happens to anyone!

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