How To Wear Headphones with Long Hair

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I bought a pair of headphones for smule, but I didn’t think that my hair would be a problem.

Having long hair may be a slight problem and a very uncomfortable issue while using headphones; even worse having wet hair.

Plus, some headphones may damage your hair in many ways and most importantly cause hair loss.

Taking into consideration that nobody wants their hair damaged or fully lost I have prepared some important tips on how to wear headphones with long hair!

Even though for some people it may sound funny, or it can be without any importance, for those that do care, here are the most important things you should know or do on how to wear headphones with long hair!

You can find some helpful advice about headphones and hair below, including an explanation of headphone hair and suggestions for how to get the optimum fit between your headphones and long hair.

Finding the Right Headphones For Long Hair: Guide

Choosing the right headphones is a challenge on its own! There are some things that you might consider when choosing the right headphones for long-haired people.

First is the adjustment of the headband which truly helps with the flexibility.

The headband should own sliders that can be expanded and will not be tightened to your head.

As the second important thing is the weight of the headphones because the heavier it is, the more problems can appear.

Headphones should be lightweight so that they don’t bring pressure on your head or hair. Last but not least is the material that the headphones are made of.

When the headphones are made of soft materials your hair cannot be tangled around them.

Headphone Hair

Before starting, I thought about stopping a bit and explaining this term that I bet you have heard a lot around. No headphone hair doesn’t imply that your headphone has hair it is completely something else.

But yeah pretty much is self-explanatory, headphone hair is just a bad hair day.

Jokes aside, the dent where your headphones’ headband was once positioned is referred to as headphone hair.

You can’t really prevent headphone hair, but don’t be afraid though, it’s just your hair that is dented and not your whole skull. Headphone hair should go on its own, just give it a few hours.

Headphone dents tend to get worse if you have wet hair, but also the water can make it go away faster, so yeah just take a shower and you will be dent free.

Dented hair not only will make you feel weird but it’s not a good sign to go out in public, I don’t know how to put it in words but it simply feels weird.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned headphone hair is nothing serious and it only occurs due to your type of hair or simply because the headphones have sat too long on your head.

When I think of it in another way, headphone hair can only cause hair loss in a different way though.

We tend to have our headphones on our heads for long periods of time right, hence why headphone hair occurs. The long time can cause discomfort and our head and we will keep moving our headphones to find the best comfort possible, and all that rubbing on the scalp might cause traction alopecia or hair loss.

In terms of other issues, I believe there isn’t any compelling evidence that it actually causes hair loss; it was just potential. I would simply advise avoiding greasy hair and hair headphones so that you don’t look horrible.

Tie your Hair Up or Use a Hat

So after explaining the headphone hair dent, it’s time for you to tie your hair.

Tying your hair up is the simplest thing that you can do! If your hair is long enough to be tied up, then you are freer to do so! Put them on a ponytail so that they don’t bother you while using the headphones.

You can also use a hat though. Since above I mentioned an adjustable headphone headband, wearing a hat wouldn’t be a problem at all! Wear any type of hat you want so that the headband of the headphones isn’t directly in contact with your hair.

By the way, you can check out the way to wear headphones over a beanie!

Move the Headband

To move your headphone headband is meant to drop it either on your neck or to the back of your head. When you move it, it means that the pressure on your head is fully taken off. Also, when putting on your headphones you can start by moving the headband towards your forehead so that you can push your hair all the way back.

A headphone band is something that really plays a role when it comes to the overall comfort of headphones.

Because of this, headphone manufacturers attempt to modify their headphone band each year for maximum comfort. Some of them provide lightweight headphones, various forms and sizes, and other features.

Not only headband but I think also the ear pads play a role when it comes to comfort. We know that ear pads come in different materials and different sizes and shapes, while the same can be said for our ears and hence we don’t get the best fit for our ears always. Try to find headphones that have ear pads that can sit comfortly over your ears.

Spray Them With Water

Before wearing headphones, you can start by spraying them with water.

This can be a great solution, for those people that have long frizzy hair! When spraying them with water, your hair will be fully attached to your head. That way, the headband or the cords of the headphones cannot be attached to your hair.

These were the most important things that you should consider about wearing headphones while having long hair. The things that are mentioned above are all very simple things, meaning that you can all do them and have a better experience when having headphones on your head!

Even said, the water wetting your hair may cause headphone hair more quickly, so take this part into account too.

Friendly Tips On Hair Loss

Although headphones won’t cause hair damage directly, it still somehow tends to play a role in it.

You should not move your headphones around too much, and make sure you avoid tight headphones and find a pair with an adjustable headband.

Silicone headband headphones will actually pull your hair, which results in hair strands, and that is a bit damaging to your hair.

Find something that won’t pull your hair that much and that you won’t have to adjust every time.

This will sound weird, but I will actually suggest it if you are not planning to go out or do something serious to keep your hair greasy since greasy hair is healthy hair. You can read about this on other topics since I am not the right person to talk about that.

Anyway, a hair dryer for example, and other factors, in my opinion, have a higher impact on losing hair than headphones, so don’t blame your headphones that much if you’re losing hair, blame your genetics instead.

Nevertheless, you should still try to avoid headphone hair since it is not a good sign, not only look-wise but also for your scalp. 

Final Words

Here we are at the end of this article! I hope that the tips that I mentioned will help you guys wear your headphones with long hair with any other issues caused!  

I’ll wrap up by saying that there are benefits and drawbacks to using headphones. However, phenomena like hair loss, headphone hair, and the like are not guaranteed to happen.

I believe that when you are genetically predisposed to hair loss, it doesn’t matter what factors are at play; once the hair starts falling out, it’s time to either go completely bald or just wear a hat; at least you won’t have headphone hair after that, ha.

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