Is TOZO a Good Brand?

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TOZO can be considered a newborn electronic device brand that took a few steps immediately in the industry and managed to create a reputation in such a short period of time.

The brand TOZO was founded back in Seattle, Washington, USA, in 2015. The brand put its hands on many electronic pieces of technology such as earbuds, smartwatches, power banks, chargers, cases, and screen protectors.

The target of TOZO is to grow and become more advanced each and every day by focusing on design, constant improvement, and the sale of smart accessories.

Recently e-commerce online selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress, TOZO accomplished global successful recognition.

The positive feedback that TOZO got from the customers, made the brand move forward in such a short time. People loved the quality, especially their budget prices which made electronic devices accessible to anyone.

It spread quickly across the world. Besides the US, they managed to infiltrate the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, and many more countries.

Now, let’s see what TOZO offers us and go through all of their electronic devices and see in detail. Let’s see if it’s worth giving a shot.

Background History of TOZO Electronics Devices

As I mentioned previously, TOZO was born in 2015 and is a newbie in this market. Their creative development and quality made customers want more and more and they moved into producing accessories.

Back in 2017, the brand officially launched its first earbuds named True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with Bluetooth Connectivity T8 Earbuds.

After one year, in October 2018, they released the T10 earbuds, and this time they caught up with the up-to-date technology features. This is how the TOZO T10 with IPX8 water-resistant feature was born. 

TOZO reinforced power and popularity in 2019 to be more precise in May. TOZO T6 became the higher-ranked selling earbuds on Amazon US. After that, the doors of success were opened for the brand and in the same year, TOZO became with various designs to please the eye aesthetics.

In March 2020, TOZO released another up-to-date and trendy feature called ANC which stands for Active Noise Cancelling feature. This time, was where TOZO spread across North America, Europe, and some Asian counties. 

Just two months later in May 2020, TOZO remained the trendy product on the online selling platform all around the globe. Now they decided to listen to customers’ feedback and went further in quality and design to satisfy them.

In September, they jumped into the production of smartwatches and named it S1 and the series continues to S2 (currently). They keep updating the app to match the users’ needs.

Lastly, in October 2020, the three-layer active noise reduction earbuds TOZO NC2 and NC7 came into life and they were awarded many patents. 

What is so Special about TOZO?

I think it isn’t a coincidence why TOZO created a challenge in the market and spread so fast in every online platform.

The offered quality and price range does not match. The price range stands between $16 to $80. The included features are Noise Canceling, waterproof, comfort fit and sleek design. They even produced earbuds specifically for gaming at budget price

A Little Bit About TOZO Electronics Devices


TOZO puts its focus on more in-ear earbuds design. They come in sleek and colorful options giving the customers chance to pick and show off their style. The ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your ear canal manages to block the sounds in to ensure you’re in peace. The silicones are designed in many sizes, so feel free to choose which one suits you.

Just because the noise-canceling feature can be dangerous at times, TOZO employed the Transparency Mode where you will still be able to hear your surrounding without the need to take the earbuds off of your ears. 

The sound quality is immersive and produces too much bass that some customers gave negative feedback because of the excessive bass production. Even though the TOZO presents the earbuds as a perfect balance of bass, midrange, and treble, this isn’t entirely true. In many models, the bass production is so punchy that vocals disappear. Bass lovers will surely appreciate it, but the others maybe won’t.

Almost zero latency because of Bluetooth 5.0 which supports HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP. Plus, there are specific gaming earbuds TOZO G1.

Provides in-call stereo sound with a built-in microphone. Other features like waterproof protection, touch, and easy control are the cherry on top. 

So my overall thought about TOZO earbuds, in general, is positive considering the offered price range, the earbuds are ranked high-quality products.


Smartwatches come in a square shape and many beautiful colors besides black, space gray, rose gold and mini versions are available in the market. The size is a standard smartwatch size which is between 40-44mm.

The features of smartwatches aren’t anything less than high-end brands. TOZO included the heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring, waterproof feature as well as Alexa virtual assistant. It is compatible with iPhone and Android OS.

Chargers + Other Devices

The fast-charging wireless pads in 10 colors are available. The sleek and good-looking design also comes at affordable prices, so it’s worth giving a shot. The most expensive models start from dirt-cheap prices. Other accessories include super-cool phone cases and strong screen protectors. 

The Bottom Line

We have reached the end of this article. According to my personal experience, TOZO seems to be a nice newborn brand that tries to produce quality products at affordable prices. However, as we all know the price ranges aren’t randomly there, but in case you need a nice pair of earbuds, a smartwatch, or any other electronic device, go for it. 

Overall, the features are very impressive for the price. Many TOZO earbuds have up-to-date features like high IPX waterproof, noise-canceling feature, stereo sound, built-in microphone even a virtual assistant Alexa.

Besides that, the ergonomic and colorful design is impressive. The fact that they fit perfectly is amazing, this is a rare occasion. The lightweight design fits so perfectly that head-shaking and jumping don’t affect it. TOZO needs a round of applause for design and comfort specifically.

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