KEF Q950 Review: Is it Worth The Price?

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Whenever people need any type of speaker KEF as a brand is the first one that pops up in our minds. That’s because KEF ios is a brand of speakers that deals with them for about 60 years, and 60 years of hard work definitely brings the best out of speakers!

KEF Q950 is one of the best speakers that one can purchase and it is known for the great features that it owns! KEF Q950 is definitely made to amuse everybody who buys it!

Anyways, we are not here to talk in general, but we are here to speak specifically for KEF Q950 and explain everything that this speaker owns! In this article, you will find detailed information regarding KEF Q950.

Without further ado, let us dive into everything that KEF Q950 owns!

KEF Q950

This floor standing speaker has a really nice design and will go in with any furniture in your room, thanks to its very sleek and elegant design. Additionally, it comes with excellent sound quality and a wealth of features.

KEF Q950 Review

Before starting to tell you about the details that KEF Q950 has and the things that should be definitely mentioned, firstly I would like to tell you that KEF Q950 was released in May 2017, so it can be considered as one of the newest products from the amazing KEF brand, even though it has brought to the world some others.

As long as this part is clear, let us see what KEF Q950 provides us with, and what this speaker is able to do!

Design, Appearance

What does KEF Q950 look like? Well, the KEF Q950 is one of the coolest and one of the most good-looking floor-standing speakers that anyone can own. It has a very sleek slim design that will make any environment shine with its presence.

Since I mentioned slim, it is important to know and mention the size of this speaker. KEF Q950 measures 30 x 17 x 14 inches while it weighs 30 pounds (13 kg). Based on the size and the weight of this speaker, it is not the greatest portable speaker that you can find, but still considering the fact that it is mostly used indoors, it can definitely be moved around some rooms.

There are three colors that this speaker comes at. The first one and the most commonly chosen by people is the black color, while it also comes in walnut color and white color. All the colors that it comes at would definitely look good and match the style of your room design.

On the front part of this speaker, you can use a grille in order to cover its parts. The parts that it owns are the 5.25 inches Uni-Q Driver Array, the 5.25 inches woofer, and two 5.25 inches ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator). You will find out more about what these parts do in the performance that I will be mentioning down below.

Ports and Connectivity

In different speakers, ports are mostly found in their back parts, and KEF Q950 is no exception! Whatever you need to connect this speaker with, you should use an auxiliary type of connection which basically means that you should use an aux. On the back of the speaker, you can also find banana plugs, which are used in order to connect this speaker with any type of receiver since receivers mostly use these types of plugs.

In case you want to use two KEF Q950 speakers connected to one another, you should know that the crossover frequency will work at 2.5kHz.

Performance, Sound Quality

Above, while explaining the design of this speaker, I mentioned its parts in which I included the UNI-Q Driver Array, the woofer, and the two ABR that this speaker owns. Well, here we came at the part in which they will be fully explained since their job is totally related to the sound quality that this floorstanding speaker brings to you!

The Uni-Q driver of this speaker is in charge of the high sound that comes out of this speaker, and it provides you with the best sound that you ever listened to. It is a kind of tweeter but differing from other tweeters that we are used to seeing, this one is a midrange one. Another job that the Uni-Q driver does is to reduce any unwanted resonance while bringing you a clear and detailed sound.

As we all know, the woofers in speakers are in charge of bringing you the low frequencies of sound, and in this speaker, the KEF Q950, its woofer is able to perform in the best way possible! The way that you can never imagine! This woofer also knows how to bring a great bass accuracy and the bass comes quite good.

While I mentioned the bass, there are also the ABRs that should be mentioned! As you read at the beginning, ABR means Auxiliary Bass Radiator, and on this speaker, we have two of them. These two radiators are able to perform in the best way possible, and the bass is controlled in many ways. It is able to amuse the bass lovers quite easily.

Important Things to Mention

I get that the most important things that should be mentioned are all mentioned above, but as you can notice there are some things that I didn’t mention and those are the frequency response, the impedance, and the sensitivity.

The frequency response of this speaker is 51 Hz to 28,000 Hz, the impedance is , and the sensitivity works at 86dB.

Is KEF Q950 Worth It?
Based on the things that I mentioned in this article, KEF Q950 is definitely one of those speakers that are worth it in many ways! It has a great design and an easy connection, and it brings an amazing sound quality.

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Final Words, Conclusion

Coming to the end of this article, I bet you already know what the important things of this speaker are and what it brings to the table! Just as mentioned, it is one of the greatest speakers that one can purchase and it does the job that it is supposed to do in the best way possible!

There is nothing left to say besides I hope you guys have fun while listening to the exceptional sound that KEF Q950 is able to bring to you!

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