USB Vs. 3.5 mm Headset: Which Is Better?

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There is no doubt that headsets have a built-in microphone and a great connection. What do I mean by that? If you are a headset user, you may know that they come with USB and 3.5mm connections.

The two names mentioned above tell why you are here and why I am writing this article. I will compare USB vs. 3.5mm headsets with the main intention of finding a winner! Let’s start!

Key Takeaways

  • USB and 3.5 mm headsets are quite different besides the connection they offer.
  • If you are working in a call center, it would be better to use USB headsets.
  • If you are a gamer, you should remember that the 3.5m headsets are indeed the best.
  • The USB headsets are one step further regarding the sound quality as they have a better frequency range.
  • 3.5mm headsets are compatible with most other devices that you may own.

USB vs. 3.5mm Headset – How do they differ?

USB and 3.5mm connections are two of the most commonly used wired types of connections in headsets. However, they are entirely different, and there is no such thing as calling them the same. It is always essential to know how USB and 3.5mm connections differ.

I will divide this section into some main features that everybody should know, including the usage, whether they require soundcards, the microphones in there, the way of picking up the voice, what they are compatible with, and the price range they come at. So now, let’s start the battle of USB vs. 3.5mm headsets!


Headsets are devices used by people who need to talk to an “audience” because headsets own a microphone that needs to be used for different purposes. In general, headsets are used by people that work in call centers, gamers, and video makers.

Connection-wise, I would like to mention that USB headsets are in call centers as people need to communicate with others.

The 3.5mm headsets, on the other hand, are mainly used by gamers, providing them with impressive connectivity. It allows gamers to be more flexible while playing, and there is no interference.


As some of you may know, a soundcard is a device that is put in a slot to enable the input processes, and by them, it helps deliver the sound. Some headsets do own their own soundcards; meanwhile, some others have it built-in.

USB headsets are the ones that work with the soundcards that are found in your computer or wherever you may connect them, and they basically do an independent job. A USB headset doesn’t need a sound as it fully relates to your device.

When it comes to the 3.5mm headsets, you will find them completely different, as they need a soundcard in order to perform in the best way possible. That’s because the 3.5mm connector is known as an input type.

Voice Pick-Up and Noise Cancellation

Knowing headsets have microphones, an important fact to consider is the voice pick-up regarding USB and 3.5mm headsets. There isn’t much to say, as both of them can pick up the voice in an outstanding manner, but still, the USB headsets are primarily known in this case because the microphones added in a USB headset are known to be high-quality.

There is another specialty that USB headsets have, and it is the feature of avoiding unwanted noise. As they have higher-quality microphones, USB headsets come with audio signals that clear the noise that may surround you when needing to speak to someone.

Sound Quality

Now that you know how the headsets, USB and 3.55m ones, pick the voice and whether they offer cancelation of sound, the overall sound quality will tell you whether you will sound better with a USB headset or a 3.5mm one.

USB headsets, being more advanced and “more modern,” deliver a better sound in general. You will be heard completely fine, and it will send out every tone of your voice in a clear and crispy way.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a 3.5mm headset thinking that they are not good enough regarding the sound quality. 3.5mm headsets are perfect for gaming and will help you sound fine enough with your team member while playing any game.

Overall Connectivity and Compatibility

Since this article refers to connectivity types of headsets, you should think wisely about the connection range and whether the connectivity is steady enough with the USB or the 3.5mm. Both USB and 3.5mm headsets offer super strong and stable connectivity, and you shouldn’t worry about any kind of interference.

When it comes to the compatibility part, there are a few things that I would like to mention. As you know, USB ports aren’t found in every kind of device, so you cannot connect your USB headset to anything you want. There is a limitation of compatibility in these headsets.

The 3.5mm port is even found in phones, more precisely in some phones and many other devices. That concludes that 3.5mm headsets are compatible with more devices, and you can work with them however you want.

Price Range

Another comparison worth mentioning in USB and 3.5mm headsets is the price range they come at. USB headsets are the ones that come at higher prices, especially when compared to the 3.5mm ones. When buying a headset, you should be completely aware of this fact.

Final Words

Here we are at the concluding part of this article, in which I think that there were two winners in different forms.

USB and 3.5mm headsets are two of the most potent headsets anyone can use, and I wouldn’t say there is a winner between them. As I mentioned above, you will be more than thrilled to use them, of course, as long as you keep in mind what they are better for.

Anyway, I hope this article is understandable, and you know now the differences between USB vs. 3.5mm headsets!

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