5 Easy Methods To Prevent Hearing Loss From Headphones

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Do I really have to write a whole article regarding, how to prevent hearing loss from headphones?
Just turn the volume down!
Honestly, it is that easy. What do you expect if you jam your songs constantly at maximum volume?

Oh, I will tell you what to expect, hearing loss it is.

Jokes aside, in this article I will give you guys a few tips on how to prevent hearing loss from headphones and loud sounds

While headphones have their benefits on providing us with quality music whether it is home, work, gym, etc. It also has the risks of “providing” us hear loss, hearing damage, or ear problems like tinnitus.

The Human Hearing Range:

A person with normal hearing, when it comes to pitching its hearing range starts low at 20 Hz and with the highest possible frequency being 20,000Hz.

As for the itensity, a human can hear sound waves from 0 dB (decibels) up to 140 dB (decibels).

While we can hear more than 140 decibels, it is too painful for our ears, if you expose yourself to such loud noises you are at high risk of permanent damage to your hearing.

For example, the 140+ dB occurs and even exceeds further, on wars from gunshots, grenades, and even fireworks can reach higher than 140 dB.

A perfect example, of how the decibel (dB) works.

5 Tips on How To Prevent Hearing Loss From Headphones:

Use Noise-Isolation Headphones

We use headphones to drown out other sounds, so sometimes things get loud and you increase the volume of the headphones, and we noted that high volumes are the enemy of ears.

So isolating the ambient noise or say the background noise is a great way to hit it off as an hearing aids.

To combat the volume increase and avoid damaging your ears, try getting a pair of Noise-canceling headphones. There’s passive and active noise isolation.

  • Passive – They work via the closed-back design that limits outside sounds.
  • Active – They are called ANC headphones and they work by picking up the environment noise via the built-in microphones and eliminating it.

Lower and limit the Volume

Fortunately, in the modern age, headphones are feature-packed and advanced. Most of the wireless headphones come along with a software/app that is made especially from them, from the manufacturer it comes from, and there you can limit/use fixed volume levels.

Avoid and Protect yourself during loud activities

If your work includes loud noise exposure or you happen to be a night owl who enjoys nightclub life or sports events. Try to move away from the source of the loud noise, go outside or take a break for at least 10 minutes and give your hearing about 18 hours to recover from the loud noise before going again.

Take a break

If you see yourself struggling with hearing, or you start having constat ringing, take a break. The longer you listen to loud music, the higher the chances are for you to damage your ears.

To be super safe try listening at 60% volume for about 1 hour or so, take a break then repeat.
If you feel like something is wrong with your ears, or you losing hearing, get your ears checked as soon as possible. The earlier hearing loss is picked, the earlier it can be cured.

Over The Ear Headphones Vs In Ear Headphones

In spite of the fact that each of these types of headphones operate in slightly different ways, they both carry the same potential dangers for hearing loss.

Since they don’t fit directly in your ear canal, over-the-ear headphones are my top choice if I had to pick just one. By contrast, ear headphones deliver sound straight into your ear canal.

Choose the right headphones

Though both the earbuds and headphones are referred to as “headphones” in general, there’s a huge difference between them.

Earbuds are the small silicone or plastic devices that we put inside our ears.

Headphones are devices that sit over our ears, and they cover the entire ear.

The distance from the sound to the eardrum is the thing you should pay most attention to.

Further Reading

Giving advice is the best thing that I know how to do, and since I mentioned above choosing the right headphones I’d recommend you get a pair of Koss headphones since they are easy on your ears and are very comfortable. On the other hand, if you are already suffering from ear health problems such as tinnitus, I recommend you take a look at our article on the best headphones for tinnitus.

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Have fun!

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