Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $50

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Thinking about Noise Canceling as a very advanced technology, the only thing that comes to mind is there are no budget headphones in any way, especially under 50$! Well, after researching for a quite amount of time, I found some of the best ones!

In this article, are added the top picks, regarding the best noise-canceling headphones under 50$! The headphones are mostly over-ear ones, but at the end are also listed some in-ear headphones that have amazing noise-canceling technology!

Check the reviews, before choosing one of the best noise-canceling headphones listed below!

Best Overall
Anker Soundcore Life Q20

Anker Soundcore Life Q20

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Best Runner-Up
Srhythm NC25

Srhythm NC25

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Best Wired


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Best For Calls
Toshiba RZE-BT1200H(PN)

Toshiba RZE-BT1200H(PN)

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Best In-Ear
SoundPEATS Mini

SoundPEATS Mini

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The 5 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Under $50:

5. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 – Best Overall

Anker in combination with Souncore launches the best headphones that you could ever think of! Life Q20 is an amazing version of headphones from this brand, and it is one of the best when it comes to the noise-canceling feature!

These active noise cancelling headphones headphones come in three different colors which are black, blue, and silver. Besides looking good, the headband owns an ergonomic build, being very comfortable, even if you use them all day long and the earcups are made of memory foam, for no irritation or bother at all! Both headbands and earcups are foldable so that they are also a travel companion for you! The weight is also a part that makes the headphones comfortable because they weigh only 9.3 ounces.

As per the audio quality of the Life Q20, they work with 40mm drivers, that have a frequency range going from 16Hz up to 40kHz. Overall, the sound comes to you very clearly and you will be able to distinguish each note and vocal of your favorite song!

Noise-canceling on these noise cancelling headphones is in its best way possible! It is a Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation that uses 4 built-in microphones of the headphones to clear the noise that may surround you and block it on up to 90% so that nothing can bother you! They also can be used to take or make phone calls with the help of microphones! On Life Q20 is also included the BassUp technology, used to analyze and to strengthen the bass, on up to 100%!

With Bluetooth version 5, these noise cancelling headphones can be connected fully wirelessly, and they are compatible with any device you may own! The wireless range that they can work at is 50ft (15m). Besides the wireless connection, they can also be connected via an AUX cable.

The battery life of these noise cancelling headphones depends on whether you use the ANC tech or not but still, it is amazing in bot usage. When you use them with the ANC on you will get 40 hours of playtime, and with the ANC turned off, you can use them for 60 hours, on just a single charge. They are charged with a Micro-USB cable, and when charged for 5 minutes, you can use them for 4 hours!

These wireless headphones are great at removing background noise and any ambient noise you might want to remove, and i’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of headphones with comfortable ear pads, good battery life and great active noise cancelling features.


  • Foldable Design
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
  • BassUp Technology
  • Battery Life


  • Sound Quality when used with the AUX cable
  • No Multiple Pairing

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4. Srhythm NC25 – Best Runner Up

Being the best runner-up means that these noise cancelling headphones are a very strong competitor to the Life Q20 headphones mentioned above! Srhythm NC25 are amazing noise cancelling headphones that don’t look like they own too many features, but hey do they love surprises!

Design-wise, at just a first sight you will notice that they are very comfortable! Even though made mostly of plastic on the inside, the headband is soft on its upper part and the earcups are made of memory foam for comfortability. The headband is adjustable to fit any head size, the earcups are flexible and rotatable, and the headphones are lightweight weighing only 6.35 ounces. They are portable-friendly in many ways deserving to be taken by you anywhere you go! They come in very pretty black, orange, and green color.

Srhythm NC25 features a dual 40mm audio driver that is an HD high-resolution one and as the frequency range goes, it works from 20Hz up to 20kHz. The sound quality is impressive! Any song or anything else that you may want to listen to, they are all crystal brought to you with a very precise audio level, plus the headphones also bring to you a very deep bass! Via the Digital Noise Cancelling Technology on these headphones, any sound that may bother you from the outside world will be blocked on 90%.

The noise-canceling works omnidirectional meaning at 360 degrees and clears the ambient noise based on it. There is also included the noise reduction ability and it is from 20 up to 25dB. You will also notice a built-in microphone that picks up your voice very clearly!

The Bluetooth version, since they are Bluetooth headphones, is on version 5.0 allowing compatibility with many devices with a range of 32ft (10m)! You can connect two devices at the same time, and it works perfectly! Also just as the Life Q20 mentioned above, the Srhythm NC25 can be used via an AUX cable.

The battery life promised by these noise cancelling headphones is more than 50 hours of playtime, and all that on just a single charge, and with a very fast charging time of 1-2 hours with a USB-C charging cable. When you charge the headphones for 10 minutes, it lasts 3 hours of playtime!


  • Very Comfortable
  • Sound Quality
  • Noise Cancelling + Noise Reduction
  • Multiple Pairing
  • Battery Life


  • Human Talking is not Eliminated
  • Microphone is used only in Bluetooth Mode

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3. Sony MDRZX110NC – Best Wired

Since the other headphones mentioned above are wireless and wired at the same time, let me introduce to you Sony MDRZX110NC as the best wired noise-canceling headphones. Even though they are wired headphones, they have an amazing noise-canceling technology that works in the best way possible!

Small-sized headphones combined with a very simple design that comes only on a black matte finish with shiny earcups! The headband and the earcups are comfortable and fit any size of the head, and they are foldable at the same time! They are also lightweight with a weight of only 5.29 ounces. It is more than great to find some lightweight and decent-looking headphones!

The neodymium driver that Sony MDRZX110NC owns is 30mm, and in general, the headphones have a frequency range from 10Hz up high to 20kHz. As per the sound quality, it is great but not perfect! These Sony headphones bring an accurate and normally balanced sound to you, combined with a noise-canceling built-in as well as their earcups are called noise-isolating! The noise cancellation or noise isolation on these noise cancelling headphones works great even though you may not expect that much! All background noise that may surround you are blocked so you won’t hear anything besides your favorite music!

As titled, these noise cancelling headphones’ connectivity is fully wired and the headphones include a cord in order to be connected! It is a 3.94ft (1m) long cord that can be put in on any device that you want or own!

Even though they are not wireless headphones, they are very portable and do a great job.


  • Lightweight and Good-Looking
  • Noise-Canceling and Noise Isolation Works Great


  • Sound Quality could be Better
  • Not Quite Good for Bass Lovers

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 2. Toshiba RZE-BT1200H(PN) – Best for Calls

Toshiba is a well-known name in the industry! These noise cancelling headphones that I chose, are Toshiba’s most famous one for their noise-canceling technology of course among other things that they include, plus they are!

With a weight of 8.7 ounces, these Toshiba headphones are definitely unnoticed while on your head, making them very comfortable even for long usage! They come in three colors such as black, blue, and rose gold. The headband and the earcups are adjustable for a better fit, and they include fluffier parts so that they don’t bother you.

The sound quality in general works perfectly and is brought to you clearly with no bothering from the outside world, the frequency range of the headphones is from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. With the help of the noise-canceling technology built-in, Toshiba headphones stand as one of the greatest, blocking the noise on up to 95%.

Besides noise-canceling, they also own a bass technology, which fully fills the needs of the bass lovers! The bass is very deep, accurate, and in the best way possible! They also own a built-in microphone, allowing you to have phone calls, and your voice is picked up very clearly.

These noise cancelling headphones work full wirelessly! They own a Bluetooth connection of version 5.0 that makes them compatible with your devices, and it works really great! The wireless range that they work with is 33 ft (10m), meaning that even if you move around, the connection stands sturdy and still without any interruption. However, they can also be used as wired!

As per the battery life, on the other hand, these noise cancelling headphones are capable of staying with you for more than 20 hours, and that is only on a single charge! For charging they come with a micro-USB cable! The charging time of the headphones in order to be full is 3 hours.


  • Great Design
  • 95% Noise Cancellation
  • Amazing Microphone
  • Wireless Range


  • Can’t be Used While Charging
  • No Noise Cancellation when Wired

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1. SoundPEATS Mini – Best In Ear

In-ear headphones aren’t very famous for their noise-canceling ability but still, after some research, I found the greatest ones that work perfectly and those are the SoundPeats Mini! On them are definitely added some great features!

These in-ear headphones are ultra-lightweight! They come with an ergonomic shape that means that they stay on your ears perfectly and you don’t have to be worried at all about them falling off, plus, they come in three sizes of ear tips, S, M, and L!

In general, they own a very smooth design that is noticed when firstly touched! The colors that these noise cancelling headphones come in are only black and white! Also, they come with a charging case(more on it below). The headphones are also durable with an IPX5 rating, resistant to sweat, and little splashes of water!

The sound is very enjoyable in many ways! Once you play the music in these headphones, you will immediately notice that the sound is crispy clear and it is balanced in many ways! The noise-canceling works perfectly fine and it stops the noises around you in order for you to have a better experience when using them! There is also found a built-in microphone that works along with the noise-canceling technology, it picks up your voice very clearly without any interference so that you can have amazing phone calls or conversations in general! The SoundPeats Mini headphones also allow you to use whether one of the earbuds or the two of them!

The connectivity of these in-ear headphones works via a Bluetooth connection of version 5.2 and they own a chip that makes the connectivity pretty stable and strong so that there doesn’t happen anything!

The battery life promised by these headphones, on just a single charge is 5 hours of playtime! Still, with the charging case that I already mentioned above, you can have an increment of the battery life, of more than 15 hours! 20 hours in total!


  • IPX5 Rating
  • Noise Cancellation+Clear Microphone
  • Charging Case Included


  • Battery Life Without the Charging Case

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noise Cancelling?

Noise Cancelling, is a very advanced technology found on headphones, that fully blocks the sound or more exactly the noises that may surround you and bother you when listening to anything! It is the most famous technology when it comes to headphones!

Noise-cancellation has a lot of uses. They can be very useful for people that do professional work and need to be distraction-free. Mostly, these headphones are used by video editors, musical artists and more.

I personally love wearing them while i travel on an airplane with my kids. It’s honestly a very different experience. If you too travel with your kids, i recommend you get a pair of toddler headphones for airplanes so both you and your children can have an easy flight.

Are 50$ headphones worth it?

50$ Headphones are more than worth it! Even though when thinking you cannot imagine that they can own the noise-canceling feature on them, this article fully changes your mind! They are definitely worth it!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, in this article are mentioned the best noise cancelling headphones under 50$. I hope the reviews are clear, and it helps you choose the best ones for you! They all have great features within, and most importantly they all own Noise Cancellation!

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