Can Headphones Cause Vertigo? Yes, But You Can Prevent It

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When using headphones, there will always be good and bad things to expect. Luckily enough, you will mostly find the good ones, but yet again, there is no good thing without the “bad” in them.

The bad thing anybody has noticed while wearing headphones is vertigo, which is also probably the reason you’re reading this article! Let me tell you whether headphones can cause vertigo, and if so, the manners on how you can prevent them! Let’s start!

Wearing headphones and listening to music for more than two hours a day can cause vertigo. Apart from that, most people also suffer from partial hearing also due to using headphones for several hours with the max volume on. To avoid such things, it is recommended to listen to music at 60% volume.

Key Takeaways

  • Headphones do cause vertigo, but it doesn’t happen just so! There are some reasons.
  • The high music volume can easily cause vertigo and other damage to your ears.
  • The noise-canceling technology is another common reason that headphones users have vertigo.
  • Controlling the volume percentage and being aware of the time you use headphones would be the main prevention.

Can Headphones Cause Vertigo? – Main Reasons

When you have your headphones in your ears or over your ears, and you listen to music for prolonged hours, especially during one day, you will feel a little bit of dizziness, concluding that headphones can cause vertigo! However, some main reasons headphones cause vertigo, and I would like to mention them all!

Prolonged Sessions of Using Headphones

As mentioned above, when you use headphones for a very long period, you can notice some vertigo or, as it is known, most commonly, dizziness. I know that many people love to wear headphones for some hours during the day, but it is essential to know that it is not normal to use them all day.

Vertigo won’t be noticed while you use headphones; it will come out the minute you leave the headphones somewhere and get up to continue with another activity.

High Volume of Music

Another super common reason for headphones causing vertigo is the super high volume that everybody loves. When you listen to high-volume music in your headphones, the volume causes pressure in your ear’s canal, and all the pressure there causes different kinds of dizziness.

Ear Infections from Headphones

You probably know headphones tend to infect your ears somehow, mainly if you use in-ear headphones most of the time. In-ear headphones go directly into your ears and are in strange contact with the nerves out there.

Whenever you turn up the volume, those nerves move a lot; basically, the higher the volume, the more movement of nerves. If you know, when you have something in your ears, let it be an infection or whatever, the first symptom is dizziness, and that concludes on the part that in-ear headphones can cause ear infections and ear infections bring vertigo.

Moving Around with Headphones On

Movement is always something vertigo loves. When you have headphones on, staying seated is better than moving around, even though you may want to dance. However, it is not a rule that you should stay in one place, but it is preferable if you don’t want to spin around like a toy.

Noise-Cancelling Technology

I am pretty sure that everybody loves to be alone with their favorite music and own a pair of headphones that will help you do so while fully canceling the background noise that may occur. You know those headphones are noise-canceling, and they are the most favorite type of headphones that many people love.

The noise canceling technology isn’t something our ears are used to; whenever there is something new, ears tend to tell us that something is going wrong, which is when vertigo happens.

Things to Do: How to Prevent Vertigo from Headphones?

Now that you know how headphones can cause vertigo, it is essential to know the prevention; it is the most important thing you should check out. How to prevent vertigo that comes from headphones? Let me tell you!

Use of Headphones

There is always a time and a manner on how someone should do something, and in headphones, there is a manner, and it is related to the prolonged period of usage that I mentioned as one of the main reasons for vertigo.

Many specialists regarding vertigo say that you should wear headphones for one to two hours per day and no more! It is, in fact, something that is noted by WHO (World Health Organization), so if you don’t believe them, there is nothing I can say!

Jokes aside, make sure not to use your headphones all day long, as they can also cause partial hearing loss!

Control the Volume

As I mentioned above, everybody loves to listen to their favorite music at the highest volume possible, but it is essential to know that you should fully control this part. As I mentioned above, regarding the exact time that WHO tells us for headphone usage, I would like to include another fact from WHO that says that you should listen to music at 60% most of the time and not go above, meanwhile below is healthy.

Professionals Know It Better

I am well aware of the fact that the preventions I mentioned above are easy to do, but it is not sure whether they will help you or not! It is important to know that vertigo doesn’t only happen from headphones, but they do play a role in this “play.” If you do the prevention and take care of your ears while wearing headphones, I feel bad to say that you should go to a professional or specialist regarding vertigo, as there is something else besides how you use headphones.

Final Words

So, here we are at the end of this critical and somehow sensitive article because I mentioned something terrible that can happen when you use headphones! If you love using headphones, you should always keep in mind that you can cause some damage to yourself if you overdo it with the usage and volume levels! I hope this article was clear enough to help you find out whether headphones cause vertigo and how you can prevent it. Have fun!

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