9 Ways To Hide Earbuds at Work

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You’ve come to the perfect place if your boss is strict and won’t let you listen to your favorite music at work.

I’ll show you how to hide earbuds at work in today’s article.

I’m not sure why your manager wouldn’t let it happen in the first place for whatever reason, music can help people cope with anxiety, stay inspired, and stay productive.

Music has been demonstrated to increase both productivity and cognitive performance in addition to providing background noise.

Anyway, let’s get started and look at some of the strategies for disguising your earbuds during boring work hours.

Earbuds at Work: How to Hide Them

You may hide your earbuds in a variety of ways; I’ll attempt to highlight the most effective ones. Just remember to be sneaky about it; you don’t want to be fired because you were caught listening to music; that would be a pity.

Small Bluetooth Earbuds

First and foremost, you do not want to get a pair of headphones that are too large to conceal.

Instead, go for a pair of compact Bluetooth earphones that are unobtrusive and won’t draw attention to yourself.

Furthermore, because everything is wireless, you won’t have to hide all the cords.

Color Choice

Even if earbuds are small and fit comfortably in your ears, they can still be bulky and reveal their colors.

Make sure the color you choose is subtle, not showy or flashy.

Light and pink colors should be avoided at all costs.

Long Hair

Well, people with long hair will have things easier, I am sorry if you are a male with short hair you can skip this part.

Long-haired people can hide their earbuds by arranging their hair to fall over their ears.

Hair is a fantastic choice for covering earphones because no one will touch it to see your ears.

You Can Wear a Wig

If you don’t have long hair, there is a remedy, which is to wear a wig.

It will not only give you a fashionable style, but it will also allow you to conceal your headphones.

Make sure your wig covers your ears so no one will think you’re listening to music at work.

Also, to avoid looking out of place, wear a wig that matches your clothing.

You Can Wear a Hat

Another option for not having long hair is to wear a hat, which is the easiest way.

Even if you have long hair, you can wear a hat to provide extra protection while covering your headphones.

Just make sure your workplace allows hats because some workplaces won’t allow them and you will have to take them off.

You can Wear Earmuffs

You can use the cold weather to your advantage.

Thanks to modern technology there are earmuffs now that come with music streaming capabilities.

While they would make you look funny on the work, they will provide you with music and that’s what matters.

Don’t worry about what your colleagues have to say, or they won’t be heard anyway since you will be jamming to the music.

You can Wear Headbands

Just like hats, headbands will be another solution, when I think it is the best one so far, it will be impossible to tell if there are earphones underneath your headband.

However this comes with a price, chances are high that you will feel a lot of heat and discomfort around your ears.

Smart Glasses

Yet again, thanks to modern technology now even glasses are capable of streaming music.

There are bone conduction glasses that stream music to your ear canal through the bone, this might be a great solution. Moreover, you will also look smart and serious with them on.

No one will know that the glasses are providing you with music.

Wired Earbuds

If you are limited to wired earbuds and can’t get your hands on a pair of wireless headphones, you will have to struggle a bit with the cords.

You can try hiding the wires under your shirt and tucking everything into the shirt so nothing stands out.

Earbuds at Work: How to Not Get Caught

To avoid getting caught while you are listening to your favorite tracks during work hours, make sure you read through below.

Low Volumes

The most important thing is to keep the volume as low as possible. There are many powerful earbuds that can provide loud levels of volume, don’t let their small size lie to you.

Not only that but your ears will also thank you for listening at low volumes.

Avoid Co-workers

But hey he is my friend I trust him, well you don’t want to do that.

Who knows he might be jealous of you jamming to your favorite tracks while he can’t do the same.

Just be discreet and don’t share that with your colleagues they might give you away.

(darn those snitches)


It’s important to stay aware of your surroundings when wearing earbuds. This requires being aware of who is in your near area and what they are doing.

You may give away that you’re wearing earbuds if you’re not paying attention.

Remain Still

Staying still is one of the easiest ways to hide headphones. This implies you shouldn’t fidget or move them around too much.

People will be less likely to notice you wearing headphones if you are motionless.

Final Words

If wearing headphones is forbidden in your place of work, I would refrain from doing so.

You must follow the rules of your workplace. You did, after all, agree on them. There’s no need for additional conflict or, worse yet, being fired from your work. You can still listen to your tracks when you get home.

If you think you can get away with it, feel free to follow the steps above. I am sure you will find something that will help you with hiding your headphones.

Before I let you go, one more thing, don’t be forgetful and accidentally hum to your tune, or you’ll be done.


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