IPX4 Rating: Is It Enough For Taking A Shower?

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It is interesting enough how music can make us feel, even in the moments that we don’t think that music can help, it does. Listening to music is the best thing that one can do, especially while showering! It is basically a fact that people love to listen to music, as I personally do, showering definitely becomes even better when we listen to music, excluding the part in which music makes us stay in the shower for hours, and everybody at our home is yelling to us to get out!

Just as in literature we have a modernist period, we have a modernist period in headphones. Do you remember the times that we had to leave our phones and headphones out of the shower because they would get completely destroyed? I bet you do! Well, times change, renaissances happen, and modernism takes the whole world! Basically, the modernism in headphones is the IP rating, which is one of the greatest features that headphones can own.

Combining showering and IP ratings together, you guys probably want to know if you can shower with IP-rated headphones on. Well, you are definitely at the right place! In this article, I will write for you guys if you can use IP-rated headphones in the shower, more specifically, I will tell you if you can shower in IPX4-rated headphones!

Now, without further ado, let us get this article started!

Decoding IP Rating

Before telling anything else, let me start by mentioning a specific definition of the famous IP Rating, and some of the most common IP ratings that you can find in headphones!

The IP rating is a manner of measurement which tells the degree of the protection provided by a particular device, in this case, headphones. This special rating, most of the time, is found with the letters IP followed by two digits. The IP shows basically the name of this rating, meanwhile, the two numbers added after it shows how much can that device handle.

The first number shows the protection that the device has from solid objects or substances, for example, dust, meanwhile, the second digit/number shows the protection by liquids. If you ever notice that the IP is followed by an X and then a number, you should know that the device is not solid-resistant.

The IP ratings found in headphones include IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7, IPX8, IPX9, and IPX10.

What Does the IPX4 Rating Mean? – Why Is It Important?

Based on the things that I mentioned above, the IPX4 rating stands in the middle of every protection rating, of course when it comes to liquid, and water mostly. Basically, it is also the reason why I have chosen to tell you about the IPX4 specifically in this article as the main topic since it is one of the most commonly found ratings in headphones. It is also known as the “at least” rating to be owned by headphones.

The headphones that are rated IPX4 are considered water-resistant and not waterproof, so you may want to keep that in mind if you keep reading this article.

Where do we find the IPX4 Rating?

Headphones aren’t the only devices that we can find the IPX4 rating, it is as well one of the most commonly found ratings in Bluetooth speakers from different professional brands. As an example, I would like to mention JBL Bluetooth speakers, which own different IP ratings and high ones.

Can You Shower in IPX4 Rated Headphones?

As previously stated, IPX4 headphones are water-resistant, and especially I would like to mention that they are resistant to water splashes, water drops, water sprays, and sweat. Based on this definition you can conclude the fact that IPX4-rated headphones cannot be used in the shower unless your shower is broken!

Jokes aside, you guys should definitely avoid using IPX4-rated headphones in the shower.

Advantages of IPX4-Rated Headphones  What Else Can We Do With Them?

As I mentioned throughout this article, the IPX4 rating is one of the most commonly found resistance ratings in headphones and that makes them special enough for many people to search for them. There are some advantages that I would like to mention about them.

Headphones are devices that are used in different situations and different activities. The headphones that are IPX4-rated will be a perfect fit for those people that want to listen to music while they are running, working out, and also while walking in the rain just as many people love to. By the way, I can notice that many people use them while swimming, which you can do as well, but always keep in mind that they can resist and not be completely protective.

What IP-Rated Headphones Can Be Used in Shower?

As long as you guys understood that IPX4 isn’t suitable for showering, you guys are probably thinking: What can I use? Well, I am here to mention that too, as I know that you need a little bit of help.
As you can notice above, there are different IPX ratings that I mentioned, and the highest one is IPX10 which is indeed immersive in any kind of usage.

However, while in the shower, the headphones that use an IPX7 or above rating will be suitable for you in many ways, as they provide complete waterproofness, and can withstand hot or cold water coming from different directions.

You definitely can enjoy your shower and stay in there as much as you want as long as you wear headphones that own an IPX7 rating or above 7!

Final Words, Conclusion

Talk and talk, here we came at the end of this article, in which I tried to be as clear as possible for you guys that asked the question Can You Shower in IPX4 Rated Headphones! Well, you probably understood that you definitely cannot! However, I think that the IPX7 rating will do the job for you, but the IPX5 being a bit stronger, you can find out more about them if you check out my article regarding a similar question to this one: Is IPX5 Enough for Showering? Check it out!

There’s nothing left to say besides I hope you guys have fun!

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