How to Make Headphones Louder (Tips & Tricks)

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Nowadays, being in 2022, everybody worldwide uses headphones, and they have become the most necessary devices that one can purchase. Who wouldn’t want to listen to music in some of the coolest headphones that were ever launched? Well, I definitely would! Who wouldn’t want to listen to their favorite music in the highest volume setting? Well, again, definitely I would!

Anyways, there are some times in which music lovers and high volume lovers complain about some things, and the primary one is the loudness and the volume increment of the headphones that they are using. Even though you have turned the volume on, on its highest percentage, headphones sound quiet, and that’s something that most people hate and get angry about.

If you are using different PCs, Mac, iPhones, or any other device, you definitely want louder headphones but you are in doubt about how to do so? Well, welcome to AudioViser, I am definitely here for you!

In this article, you will find out how to make headphones louder on different devices and the ways that you can try to make them louder.

So let’s remove that volume limit, right now, without further ado, let’s get straight to the topic!

Why Are Your Headphones So Quiet?

Before starting the journey on how to make headphones louder, a thing that should be known is definitely the answer to the question of why your headphones are quiet, right? Well, there are some reasons why your headphones don’t provide you with the loudness that you may want to listen to! Those things include:

  1. Dirt in Headphones or Ears
  2. Device Settings
  3. Lack of Connection (wired or wireless)
  4. Volume Limits
  5. Battery 

How to Make Headphones Louder?

Now that we know the reasons that headphones can become quieter, let’s find out how to deal with the issues that I mentioned above and make headphones louder!

Clean Your Headphones and Ears

Whenever using any type of device, keeping them clean is the best thing that anyone can do. That is related to headphones as well. As you know, headphones come in different types and the ones that are more at risk of bringing you quiet headphones are the in-ear ones since they are in contact with your ear canal which is found in ear wax.

When the dirt, especially ear wax, is attached to your headphones, the headphones can sound quieter than ever. That’s why the best thing to do when you use headphones is to clean them and before using them you should clean your ears as well.

Volume Limit and Volume Boosting Apps

Thank’s to modern technology we have the chance to remove the volume limit on our headphones without hurting the sound quality. There is a bunch of volume booster sound equalizer that takes our headphones further than what they are capable of. It’s pretty much like using an external headphone amp.

Just do some research online and find the right volume booster apps for you..

Adjust The Settings On The Device That You Are Using

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article you may be using different devices and we all know that the most famous ones are Android, Apple, and Windows. The quietness of the headphones is related in many ways to the device settings and here you will find how to adjust them.


In case you use an Android device there are some steps that should be followed in order to have the best settings and to make your headphones sound louder:

  1. Go to Audio Settings
  2. Tap Sound
  3. Volume

When you will be there, on your device will appear volume settings of any kind and you can adjust them however you want.


Moving on to Apple devices, if you use one you should do as follows:

  1. Go to Settings Menu
  2. Go to Sounds & Haptics
  3. Headphones Safety

On this setting, you will find the Reduce Loud Sound, if it is turned on, what you should do is turn it off.


Windows are those systems that require more jobs to be done. Still, I will try to explain it as easier as I can. Here it goes:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Go to Volume Mixer Options

These steps are quite easy, but still, the options that you will find there may confuse you. Whenever you use these steps you should have your headphones on or in your ears so that you can listen to what you are doing.

Check Out The Connectivity

Just as headphones come in many types, headphones can work with two types of connectivities. Some of them come wired meanwhile some others (modern ones) come wirelessly, known as Bluetooth headphones. Not only that but there are only different design types such us in ear headphones, over ear headphones and so on

In case you use wired headphones, and they are not loud enough, you should check their wire, and also you should check the port of the device that you are using them with. If the cable is damaged, do not expect anything but a quiet sound.

Wireless headphones mostly use Bluetooth as the primary connectivity technology and whenever it is not paired in the best way possible your headphones sound super quiet and even the sound doesn’t come clearly. What should be done here is to check out the connection deeper, and if they still don’t work properly the best thing to do is to disconnect and connect them again.

Check the Percentage of Battery

The battery percentage is present in both headphones and the device that you use them connected with, let it be a PC or just a simple phone. Whenever the battery percentage on your devices is super low, there is where the headphones sound quiet and the volume increment cannot be possible.

Charge your headphones and charge your device, then you will notice that your headphones will sound louder than when the battery is low.

Final Words, Conclusion

Coming to the end of this article/blog, I really hope that I’ve covered everything that you wanted to know regarding the question “How to make headphones louder?”.

As you noticed, firstly I mentioned the things that make headphones lose the loudness that they are supposed to bring, and then I told you how to deal with those issues.

The main thing to be known is that making headphones louder is not very difficult and everyone can do so, of course, if you follow the steps that I mentioned above!

Now, it is definitely the end, and I hope that you enjoy your music or whatever you will be listening to with your headphones, in the loudest way possible!

Have fun!

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