How to Wear Headphones with Glasses

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When two things can’t go well together they are dissonant and fully lack harmony! This saying can be related to headphones and glasses too! Glasses and headphones are in a way in a battle with each other!

If you already own glasses and want to buy headphones, or otherwise you own headphones but need to wear glasses, here is a guide on how to wear headphones with glasses! If you still haven’t bought headphones yet, i recommend you buy a pair of headphones made for people that wear glasses. If not, follow the tips below!

You will find different things mentioned, and each one of them is related to the main topic! Give this guide a look! (This guide includes information on how to wear over-ear and on-ear headphones with glasses)

Choose Headphones with Adjustable Headbands and Fluffy Earcups

If you already own glasses and want to purchase some over-ear on on-ear headphones, what you should do is to choose the best ones! Most of the headphones nowadays come with adjustable headbands and that is what you need!

If the headband is adjustable it allows you to make them stay in the best way possible, so that the headphones don’t bring pressure on your head and ears. The looser the headband becomes, the better it is for your glasses.

Another thing that you should choose is the fluffy earcups! Since using earcups that press hard on your ears appears a problem with the glasses’ frames, choose fluffier ones to not feel any pressure on them!

Over-ear headphones are the best for people with glasses, so i recommend you look at our roundup of the top over-ear headphones under $100 and grab yourself a pair.

Wear Glasses with Thinner, Narrower Frames

This headline is related to those people that already own headphones, are extreme fans of headphones, and are on their road to buy their glasses! You may already know that thicker frames of glasses cause more pressure even if you don’t use them with headphones! That is why when choosing them, you should go for the frames that are thinner so that the pressure that may happen will fully be unnoticed, nor existent!

Lift Up Your Glasses

If you don’t care about looking bad, but badly want to use headphones while having your glasses on, just lift the frames of your glasses upward so that they are not directly in contact with the headphones’ headband or earcups. But, always keep in mind that you can do this only if it doesn’t affect your vision!

Put a Tissue between the Frames and the Headband

An unconventional or unusual thing that you can do is to put a tissue, in between the headband and the frames of your glasses! If there is too much pressure, even with a loose headband put a tissue or a soft material between them and you are ready! Also, another thing that you can do with tissues, is put them on the frames, directly in the place where they bother you!

The things mentioned above don’t mean that they are scientific in any way! They are the simplest things that you can do to wear headphones and glasses at the same time. Of course, try them only when both headphones and glasses bring pressure to you! I have tried them all and their function is unbelievable. I hope this article/guide helps!

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