Sony SSCS3 Review: Is It Worth It?

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It is said that Sony as a brand has made the best and the greatest audio products of all time, and not just audio products, it has everything that you may need, cameras, headphones, speakers, and some of you may remember Sony’s phones, right?

When it comes to audio, in fact, Sony has lots of headphones and speakers at the same time. They are very well-known products and in this case, since this review is dedicated to a Sony speaker, here goes Sony SSCS3 as one of the best speakers from Sony!

In this article, you will find a detailed review of the Sony SSCS3, which is an amazing tower speaker, and also it includes many features built-in! It really looks good in any room, and besides that, it also brings high-quality audio that will fill your room or your whole house in general!

Let’s take your music to the next level, and let’s dive into deeper details about Sony SSCS3!

Design, Build

The Sony SSCS3 is a three-way speaker that includes a 5.12 inches deep woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, and a super tweeter which is ¾ inches.

As per this speaker’s design, I would like to say that it is a very good-looking one that could fit anywhere in any place around your house. Being a tower speaker as mentioned above, this speaker is a tall one, measuring 14.2 x 11.6 x 40.2 inches and weighing around 10 pounds which is, in this case, lightweight. Being lightweight, the speaker can be very easily moved around on any part of your room, or your house in general. It comes with a very sleek and modern look which is eye-catching in many ways!
The cabinets of the speaker are made of super sturdy wood that helps with a better and more natural resonance. At the bottom or at the base of the speakers are included rubber parts that provide a grip on a slippery floor and they also isolate the Sony SSCS3 from the vibrations that may occur!

All in all, my opinion about this speaker’s design, is that it is really very pretty! If you need a speaker that would go with your minimalist designed room then Sony SSCS3 is one of the best choices, or better to say the best choice among them all! Besides that, it is made of very good materials, everything that is needed in order to make a good speaker!

Sound Quality, Features, and Input Power

Starting from the most important parts, that are related to the sound quality which are the woofer, the tweeter, and the super tweeter that are mentioned above! The woofer of this speaker is responsible or deals with the low-frequency sounds, the tweeter has to do with the high frequency of the sound, and the super tweeter, in this case, has to do and works with the ultra-high frequencies of the sounds in general.

Not only a three-way speaker but also a four-driver system! That is also the power of this speaker! They are responsible for the amazing vibrations while you are listening to your favorite song. As mentioned, there are four drivers that work in combination with each other and bring to you an amazing accuracy of the sound in general.

Sony SSCS3 sounds great all in all, it brings a very clear sound and a stable deep bass, as well as a very detailed mid-range sound! All of the things mentioned work with a frequency response from 45 Hz up to 50,000 Hz and a sensitivity level of 88 dB.
The Input Power of this speaker works at 145 Watts maximum while its impedance on the other hand has a rating of 6 ohms. Impedance represents the difficulty of the speaker to be powered and in this case, it is a normal accurate number because the impedance in between 6 and 8 ohm is more than normal.

Besides looking good (as mentioned above), seems that this speaker brings also amazing things to the table! It will fully fill your room with high-quality sound, warm and detailed audio, as well as perfect bass accuracy! Think about this too turn the music on, and turn the world off, you will see and notice the Sony SSCS3’s performance!


  • Good-Looking
  • Solid Build
  • Easy to be Moved Around (Lightweight)
  • Sound Quality
  • Bass Accuracy


  • Not Magnetically Shielded
  • A Bit Pricey

What are the most important things you should know about the placement of Sony SSCS3?

  • Don’t install Sony SSCS3 at an angle or an inclined position
  • Don’t place the Sony SSCS3 in these locations: cold or hot places, humid places, dusty or dirty places, near magnetic cards, near televisions, on direct sunlight, subject to vibrations

Also, an important thing that you should know is that you must not put or place any liquid on the speakers, let it be a glass of water or something else because once it will be dropped on the speaker, it is very difficult to be used again!

Final Thoughts, Wrap Up

Summarizing an overall opinion about the Sony SSCS3 is more than easy! What can I say besides Great Sound! We all know that Sony knows to do its job very well, but this speaker is so good that goes far beyond any expectations! Based on what I have mentioned above in the article, Sony SSCS3 is an amazing speaker that can be the best thing that you can purchase! It has a great design, is greatly built, and most importantly it sounds perfect!

I know that there are many different speakers that could bring to you more things, but an important thing about Sony SSCS3 is that it can be easily connected with many other different speakers. You can achieve a perfect setup for Dolby Atmos, which is a surround sound technology that adds height channels and allows the sound to be interpreted as a three-dimensional object!

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