Beats Keep Disconnecting? Here’s How to Fix!

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If you are an owner of Beats headphones, you probably know how good they are and how excellent the sound quality is. However, as far as the connection goes, you may have some problems, and since you are here reading this article, you have probably encountered some connection issues.

I am glad to say that you will find out why beats keep disconnecting and what you can do to solve it! Let’s start!

Key Takeaways

  • Beats headphones are indeed amazing, but you may find some issues with the connectivity part.
  • Interestingly enough, the battery percentage plays a huge role in the connection and disconnection of Beats headphones.
  • You should always consider resetting the headphones if they disconnect a lot.
  • The connection range in many Beats wireless headphones will be 10 feet.

Why do Beats Keep Disconnecting? – Main Reasons

Every problem has a reason, and Beats headphones don’t disconnect just like that! A few things cause the disconnection of Beats headphones, whether you just bought them or have been using them for some time.

Wires and Range

Depending on what Beats headphones you are using, wired or wireless, the main reason that causes disconnectivity is what those headphones use for the connection. I know it sounds weird when I say it like that, but let me explain myself.

When you use wired Beats headphones, you should consider the cable or the headphone jack. Meanwhile, you will always find a Bluetooth connection if you use wireless ones. You should check the range of connection and whether you are entirely free of movement. On the other hand, if they are wired headphones, cleaning the port where you plug them or twisting the cable to see if that’s what causes the problem might do the trick.

Battery Percentage

Again, if you are using wireless Beats headphones, you should remember that they work with a battery that can be charged and recharged. So, another reason that your Beats keep disconnecting is the battery percentage that they have. If the percentage is under 10%, you should expect issues on the connection part.

Minding Interferences

You are surely aware that we use many wireless devices, starting from phones, computers, laptops, and headphones.

If you ever had your Beats headphones connected to your phone, it pairs and saves the name. Still, when you want to connect them to any other device, such as a laptop, the phone will be there, with its Bluetooth on, interfering with the whole connection part, and the Beats headphones you are trying to connect will struggle to connect to the new device since it’s already acquainted with your primary device. Once connected with any of them, Beats headphones don’t stay securely and steadily.


I mentioned above that many different wireless devices offer connections to the Beats headphones that you may use. Based on that fact, you should keep in mind whether Beats headphones are compatible with the device you want to use or not. The compatibility part is an issue that you should always check before choosing the Beats headphones you want to buy because if you’re purchasing wired beats and their primary connecting method is an audio jack, you won’t be able to connect it to your iPhone per se.


Every old thing tends to not feel good and doesn’t have the same relation as when it was new. What I mean by that is the fact that Beats headphones can grow old as well! If years have passed and Beats have been connected to many different devices, you should always be aware that the connection won’t be the same as when you first bought them.

Beats Keep Disconnecting? – Fixes and Solutions

Right now, you already know why your Beats headphones keep disconnecting, and the time has come to tell you and help you with some solutions, all based on the reasons I mentioned above. If you relate to one of the reasons mentioned above, check out these solutions:

Reset the Headphones

Even though it is one of the most important things you can do and the first thing that comes to your mind probably, resetting a pair of Beats headphones is one of the easiest actions you can take to fix the issue.

Once you see that the connection of the headphones isn’t going well, make sure to delete the headphones’ name from the device that you are trying to connect them with, or they are connected. Once you do so, turn off your device and turn it back on. It will help to reset the Bluetooth pairings that it has registered.

Now, you should turn to the headphones and hold power and volume (-) buttons for about eight to ten seconds. The LED light/indicator that the headphones own will flash, meaning that everything is going well.

After the headphones are on again, they are reset and ready to get connected with any device that they are compatible with. 

Update Beats Headphones

Every pair of headphones has its software and works with one of them. As Apple acquired Beats, you can be more than sure that when you connect them to an Apple device, the update will start immediately.

If you use any other brand of devices, then you should do it yourself. Beats can be updated when you connect them to a specific device, and it automatically shows a new update. Just tap on it, and they are ready to go.

Check the Wires and the Range

As I mentioned above the wired headphones, you should always check and be aware of the condition of the cables. You might want to check whether they are damaged anywhere, and you can use something to tighten them if they are loose. Also, you should check I f the jack at the end is in good condition.

On the other hand, you can fix the range only by going closer to the device to which you want to connect the Beats headphones. The range of a Bluetooth device will tell you how far away from the device you should be, and most of them include a wireless range of 10 feet/32 meters.

Final Words

Beats headphones are some of the greatest and most used devices that many people worldwide own and are in love with. They are known for their exceptional quality, but as said at the beginning, the connection may be loose sometimes, and they can disconnect from any device they are paired with.

If you check all the reasons and solutions I mentioned in this article, I am sure you will have impressive connectivity, and Beats won’t keep disconnecting anymore! I hope this article was understandable, and I hope it will be your biggest helper regarding the issue of “Beats keep disconnecting.” Good luck!

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