Beats Studio3 vs Solo Pro: Which Is Better?

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When the name “Beats” is mentioned, doubts disappear. As you are indecisive about picking either Beats Studio 3 or Bears Solo Pro, it seems like you have knocked on the right door.

The price ranges are tested positive or, let’s say, high-end. Finally, when we decide to make it rain for a pair of headphones, we want to get the most out of it. My intention is not to tire you with useless features but instead to provide you briefly, so you can clearly understand which one is better.  

Key Takeaways

  • For high-quality audio and accuracy, I can confidently say to pick Beats Solo Pro.
  • Tight in Budget? No worries, Beats Studio 3 comes to the rescue.
  • Transparency Mode that lets you hear the environment for safe use is applied only in Beats Solo Pro.
  • Almost 70% of features are available in both models, so which one to pick depends on your preference.
  • The bass is present and emphasized in both models
  • For gaming purposes, Beats Studio 3 is a better performer.

Beats Solo Pro VS. Beats Studio 4: Physical Appearance & Durability

The Stylish Sleek Look

As the first step, I will start with appearance. The simplicity rules both of the models, and it seems like there’s no winner construction-wise. Offering various color options to pick and suit your personal style.  


Undoubtedly both models offer flexibility in the headband and ear cushions for an all-day comfort zone. The ergonomic design is ideal for casual use as well as for gym and running. 

The winner in this section is Beats Studio 3, which seems 30% lighter than the rival Beats Solo Pro. Well, that doesn’t make a huge difference, but still, the intention needs to be clear. Remember, weight only is vital if you plan to use the headphones longer than normal hours. I’ll talk more about it in the battery life section. 

Audio Quality

Both of the headphones sound amazing, can’t lie, a big praise to the Apple W1 chip inserted in the device. Beats Solo Pro puts more emphasis on the low ends whereas the audio performance in the Beats Studio 3 is the right choice for everyday use.

There is a slight difference in the accuracy of the headphones when producing neutral sound. Neutral sound creates the balance between bass, mids, trebles and distortion for more critical listening. You can simply avoid the critical listening if you’re not a musician or producer.

Beats is known as a favorite headphone type for bass heads, which can’t stand the music without booming bass reproduction.

As for the audio quality, I declare the Beats Solo Pro a winner. Why?

Beats Solo Pro

  • Has extra bass reproduction
  • Better neutral sound accuracy
  • It has better Noise Cancellation feature.
  • Better mid accuracy (frequency response).

Except for Beats Studio 3 headphones

  • Are over-ear headphones that are considered safe to use by many experts?
  • More ergonomic

Quick Tip:

  • This is the key ingredient to knowing the audio quality of any headphones. Just play low-frequency sounds, and if it’s audible and pleasant to the ear, the headphone has successfully passed the quality test.

Built-in Features

Both Beats Studio 3 and Beats Solo Pro offer wired and wireless forms of use. My favorite feature is the “Find My” tool that helps you find the exact place of the headphones, just in case they are stolen, or you forgot where you left them.

The Active Noise Cancellation feature is found in both headphones. But it seems like Solo Pro is a little bit better than Studio 3. This affects the sound profile as well. 

Transparency Mode, another useful feature in terms of safety is a huge miss in Beats Studio 3, because the manufacturer didn’t include this element in the list.I don’t know why they would miss such a basic feature that most low-quality headphones do possess. 

Again the winner in this section is Beats Solo Pro

Battery Life

The battery life is reliable in both headphones. Solo Pro and Studio 3 have a maximum of 40 hours of battery life without a noise cancellation feature. Of course, the battery life drops drastically to 22 hours when ANC or transparency mode (only in Beats Solo Pro) is used. So, in the battery aspect, we don’t have a winner. They fulfill the manufacturer’s claims in the advertisements.   

Beats Solo Pro VS. Beats Studio 4 Comparison

What Do They Have in Common?

I can confidently say that both headphones have a bass-concentrated sound profile. I can’t blame it because this is what Beats do the best.

Solo Pro and Studio 3 have an almost identical look, which can be confusing from far away. The only change is the Solo Pro’s blue color. On the other hand, the microphones show equal performance during calls, and there’s no visible change in that part.

The 40 hours of incredible battery life is available in both headphones. It passed the test positively and ranked the professional grade in this aspect.

I love the Beat’s quick charge system, together with the Apple H1 Chip appliance. It would be a shame to question the quality, sure thing it fulfills the advertisement claims. Another similarity is, of course, the virtual assistant “Siri” is available for hands-free use. 

Where They Differ?

I mentioned the versatile use of both models, and it seems like Beats Studio 3 performed amazingly during gaming. The FPS (First Person Shot) and fast-action times have noticeably better quality. 

Sadly, in the Beats Studio 3, the Transparency Mode isn’t available. I am just letting you know if that will affect your decision.

The price range of Beats Solo pro is visibly higher than Studio 3, that’s because it offers the same features with more advanced technology. Plus, Studio 3 lacks some basic features.

Lastly, Studio 3 uses over-ear headphones, while Beats Solo pro uses an on-ear type.

Picking the winner

I feel like my side has been already known, if you read it until here, of course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better: Beats Solo Pro or Beats Studio 3?

Beats Solo Pro offers better audio quality and has more built-in features. The noise cancellation feature works one step ahead of Studio 3. The price may be higher, but it’s definitely worth giving a shot.

Is Bass Good in Beats Studio 3 and Betas Solon Pro?

Absolutely, as the name presents itself, Beats is mainly focused on the beat and successfully fulfills the expectations of the bass heads.

Are Beats Studio 3 & Beats Solo Pro Waterproof/Sweat Resistant?

Sadly, neither Solo pro nor Studio 3 is waterproof and sweatproof. 

A Brief Summary

To sum up, I know I didn’t go through extreme details, but simplicity is more understandable.

I picked my side, and that’s Betas Solo Pro. Well, they better be because the high-end price needs to pay off. 

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