Sennheiser HD 800 S vs Focal Utopia: Which Is The Best?

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Sennheiser is a German brand that brings professional sound equipment to the whole world, it is a brand that is around the world for about 75 years, and they know what people need and deliver to them in the easiest way possible. When it comes to Focal headphones, it is also a super professional brand which is located in France, and it is working with sound equipment for about 40 years.

There are some headphones from these two brands, that are mostly used by people, and they are Sennheiser HD 800 S and Focal Utopia. What are these famous names? Which one of the headphones is better? What are the differences between them? 

In this article, you will be able to answer all the questions that I mentioned above and also, some important information regarding these two professional and amazing headphones. 

Without further ado, let us see who they are and what these headphones offer!

Introducing the Headphones

Sennheiser HD 800S

The Sennheiser HD 800S headphones are launched by the brand in 2016, and they are the most commonly used headphones by audiophiles that love great sound. They are open-back headphones, and they are used by many professionals in different studio recordings.

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Focal Utopia Headphone

Just like the Sennheiser headphones, Focal Utopia headphones are also headphones that were launched in 2016, and since then they have quickly become people’s favorite devices that basically were called their best friends. Focal Utopia headphones are also used by professionals in the world of sound and they also are open-back headphones.

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Sennheiser 800 S vs Focal Utopia

Being open back and being made with professionals in mind, these headphones have some other similarities, but also they have some differences, and basically, the differences are the reason that has brought you here. In this case, I would like to start comparing these two amazing headphones!

Design, Appearance

I already mentioned that both of the headphones that I am talking about are open-back headphones, so basically, they are the same at this point. Both of the headphones come in black color, but in Focal Utopia, we have a combination of silver, and indeed it makes it look very good.

The dimensions of the Sennheiser 800 S are 10.7 x 5.7 x 13.8 inches meanwhile the Focal Utopia measure 9.8 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches. As long as the weight is concerned, the Sennheiser headphones weigh around 11.64 ounces, and the Focal Utopia headphones weigh 5.95 pounds.

Who is the winner?
When it comes to the looks, both of the headphones look good enough and they have a normal open-back design but still, if we check the size and the weight, being lighter in weight, the Sennheiser headphones are more portable and a better travel companion.

Comfort and Build Quality

When it comes to comfort and durability, it is important to mention the materials that the headphones are made of.

Sennheiser used stainless steel and cushion in order to make the headband and the earcups of the Sennheiser 800 S making it quite the comfortable headphone.

Moreover this is a material that is used in the aerospace industry. When we move on to Focal Utopia, we have them made out of carbon fiber and leather, and the earcups on the inner part include a very soft material.

Who is the winner?
All in all, both headphones are very comfortable, and considering the fact that they are made of strong materials, they are durable enough to not be broken and stay with you for long periods of time.

Connectivity, Compatibility

The Sennheiser 800 S and Focal Utopia are both wired types of headphones, and that’s more than normal because we are used to professional headphones being wired.

Anyways, the Sennheiser 800 S uses 6.3mm stereo speakers plus which is ¼ inch, and a cable with a 4.4mm pentagon plug in order to get connected. When we move on to Focal Utopia, we deal with the famous 3.5mm plug, and yet again, a thread of ¼ inches.

As long as compatibility is concerned, both of these professional headphones are compatible and can work with many different devices. Of course, as long as they accept and have the ports for the cables that these ones own.

Who is the winner?
No winner in this category either! We can notice that both of them are wired and both of them work connected with devices as long as they accept them.

Sound Quality, Performance

Sennheiser 800 S are the headphones that are known for the natural way that they sound and I, personally love this fact! Considering the fact that they are super professional headphones and are mostly used in production studios, the sound comes just as it should be, clear, and very accurate. The frequency response of the sound that comes out of the Sennheiser 800 S headphones is 4 Hz to 51,000 Hz, meanwhile, the sound pressure level is 103 dB.

Moving on to Focal Utopia, the frequency response works from 5 Hz to 50 Hz and the sound quality, in general, is similar to the one that Sennheiser headphones deliver. It is clear enough to even help you produce sound without any other help from any other device. When it comes to the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) on these headphones it is 104 dB. An important fact that should be mentioned in Focal Utopia headphones is that they are known for the amazing dynamic bass that they provide us with. The bass is super well-balanced, and it comes super dynamic, just as it should be!

Who is the winner?
As mentioned above, both headphones, Sennheiser 800 S and Focal Utopia sound perfect in the general form of sound. Anyways, if you are a bass lover, then you should consider the Focal Utopia because they can definitely be considered a “beast” in this category.

Price, Expense

Professional headphones, just as these two that I am talking about, always come in super high price tags. They tend to be used by professionals in their studios, and based on that and on the other features that they include such as the amazing sound quality, you should know that good sound quality should be paid for in a way.

However, since we need to compare them, I would like to mention that the Sennheiser 800 S headphones come at a lower price than Focal Utopia.

Who is the winner?
I wouldn’t like to say that there is a winner in this part, but I would like to mention that you should be ready to spend some money in case you think of purchasing these two types of headphones. Both of them are high end headphones.

Final Words

Here we came at the end! Sennheiser 800 S and Focal Utopia are both spectacular types of headphones that include more similarities than differences. However, choosing the best out of them both is kind of up to you and your basic preferences.

I mentioned some of the main features that they include and based on that I chose who the winner is in each category. I did that so you can understand everything better and of course easier.

What I hope here is that this article is your biggest helper in case you doubt or want to choose between Sennheiser 800 S and Focal Utopia.

Have fun!

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