Should You Wear Headphones Over Or Under Beanie?

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Listening to music doesn’t require any season, and people listen to music wherever and whenever they want. However, there are some specific occasions or cases in which people get somehow confused about how to wear the headphones, as there are different types of them.

With how to wear, I have a specific question that has caught my attention and made me realize that people need an article! Headphones over or under a beanie? This is the main question that I encountered many times on the world wide web, and I decided to write about it and give you guys an answer! I will try to mention the most important things that you should know regarding wearing a beanie and wanting to use headphones!

Right now, let us see how should you wear headphones! Over or under a beanie?

Headphones Over or Under Beanie?

The main question of this article is a little bit weird and I get it because it seems weird to me too, but still, it is a question that many people ask, and that makes it important. Now, you might say that you can wear it however you want, but I will say that it totally depends! On what does it depend? Well, considering the fact that there are different types of headphones, it all goes based on them. Over-ear, in-ear, bone-conduction! Everything is related to this! Now let’s see and divide this part based on the headphone types that you may be using!

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones are the types of headphones that require more adjustments when it comes to the part of wearing a beanie and it is essential to know how to use them.

When you are using over-ear headphones and a beanie, you should have in mind that the headphones should be worn over the beanie. You might have seen a lot of people do so, and that’s because if you use the headphones under your beanie, the sound quality is kind of destroyed, as the sound will come to you muffled. If you are an audiophile, then I would say that you guys won’t be happy if you use the headphones over your beanie. There are also people that wear them under a hat, but that goes whenever you are wearing other hats and not a beanie specifically.

Now, if you are a person who takes care of the way you look, and wearing headphones over a beanie makes you look bad, I would like to say that not at all! Many people ar them like that and it looks super normal.

In-Ear Headphones

Some other super-used types of headphones are the in-ear ones which come both wired and wireless. However, wearing in-ear headphones with a beanie already shows the way how to use them and how to wear them. In-ear headphones are always worn under the beanie without any matter whether they are wired or wireless. Hence their name, in-ear, headphones should be directly in contact with your ears so it is definitely impossible to wear them under your beanie.

Bone-Conduction Headphones

You should know that these types of headphones have a totally different form when it comes to wearing them, and in order to find out the best way, it is said that you should experiment a little bit. However, in order to wear them with a beanie, many people say that these headphones are the best fit when wearing a beanie. You can easily move the band that goes on the back part of your head and do the arrangements based on that. Wearing a loose beanie would be better, but still, the bone conduction headphones should definitely be the first choice for people who love to wear beanies.

Things to Know

Headphones have become super important devices for many people, and as I mentioned, different types require different arrangements and adjustments. Anyways, there is always a way of wearing them in case you really want. Still, there are some things that I would like to add to this part as they are quite important.

Headphones work with batteries mostly, and whenever there is a cold-weather (considering the beanie), you guys should know that there will be a faster battery draining, as cold is known to kind of destroy batteries of any type. You may want to be attentive to this part, whenever trying to choose to wear the headphones over the beanie. If you use them under, then this problem may disappear as the beanie besides keeping you warm will protect the headphones as well.

If you already own the headphones but are in search of a beanie, then you should basically choose based on your preferences and on the way that you want to wear the headphones. You will find different types of hats as they are different types of headphones. What you might consider is also if you want a tight beanie, or a loos one, as it plays also a role in the wearing headphones part. Still, everything is based on you and your own preferences.

Final Words, Conclusion

Here we are at the end of this article! I tried to write as simply as possible so you guys can understand it better and decide how to wear headphones, over or under a beanie.

If you think about my own opinion, I personally use in-ear headphones, and I don’t have the same problem as you guys, but still, you can notice that there are two main ways of wearing headphones with a beanie and they are under or over. Anyways, it is important to know that wearing them ver your beanie will have a lot of effect on the sound quality.

What I would like to mention again is for those people that worry about looking good, always remember that headphones are cool and you are cool as well however you wear them.

If your problem is completely related to something else, and you are a person who has glasses, I would like to mention that you can also check my article regarding wearing headphones with glasses!

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